Yevon is the crazy hedgehog god of Insanity.


Yevon is about 5 foot 8 and wears clothes that resemble a jesters'. His appearance changes greatly depending on which of his 4 forms he uses.

In normal form, he dresses up like a jester and has a psychotic feel to him.

In super form, his normally red clothes turn yellow and his face becomes more sinister-looking.

In ultima form, he becomes almost fully robotic, with 4 legs coming out of his back and still having 2 arms in front of him along with 2 legs he stands on. (Think of Doc Oct from Spider-Man)

In his final form, he becomes a gigantic hedgehog-robot-spider-dragon combination and has red and yellow mettalic scales going down his back.


Yevon can be considered psychotic, murderous, insane, and quite bipolar. He can go from dancing to stabbing someone in the neck in about a second or 2.

His personality doesn't seem to change at all. Regardless of where he is or who he's with.


Yevon was a sick child that made a bargain with a demon. The demon gave Yevon power in return for his sanity. Yevon used this power to slowely achieve domination over all lands. It wasn't until Rudy and his friends finally defeated him at the final battle of Mobius Chronicles where he finally was stopped.

Since then, Yevon has been ressurected to appear in other games like Mobian Kombat, Sonic Smash Bros 2, and even in Nickolas Riders as a secret boss fight.


Yevon has command over planatary forces, like gravity, weather, climate, which allowed him to conquer the worlds easily. He is also known for being able to teleport and trap opponents in crystals.

Yevon is also skilled in magic. Skilled enough to almost equal Xia in magic.

Yevon also has a regeneration factor, as seen in Mobius Chronicles after the phase 2 fight where he calls the Ultima Weapon to fight you while he regenerates his strength back before fusing with the robotic spider.


Yevon's biggest weakness (and strength) is his insanity.

Yevon is MAD powerful yes, but he is also MAD stupid.

"With great power comes great responsibility"- Peter Parker


1.In case you couldn't tell, Yevon was based off of Kefka from Final Fantasy 6.

2.Yevon's name itself was taken from the final boss of Final Fantasy 10, Yu Yevon.