She is a beautiful woman who appears younger than she really is.


Vanessa is a 35 year old Female Angel that is in the shape of an Hedgehog that has white eyes and stands at 5'4 and weights 98 pounds.

Vanessa's fur is purple and she has a white dress she wears all the time and she also has a green line in her white dress.


Vanessa will help when she can, and will do everything she can to help a friend in need. She also is very emotional.

She never loses hope for her team, and tries to do her best in any situation. Vanessa will do anything to keep her friends and allies safe, even if it means putting her life in danger. Vanessa is a hard worker who always tries to put all her effort into things.

Vanessa is a curious and thoughtful woman. She likes to think about all the possibilities to the situation. She is quite fond of sharing her knowledge with others.


Vanessa has a stave called Spirit-Caller, she got it from her father when she was born. The stave helps her channel her magic and has magical powers.

Vanessa also has a bow called Tranquility (thanks for the spelling Dio!) that she got from God when she became a Guardian Angel. It is Vanessa's most strong weapon!


Vanessa can use photokinesis, umbrakinesis, green magic, and red magic. (Her stave is how she does those)

Vanessa also can fly and teleport.



Super- times 5

Darkspine- times 20

Angel- times 30

Demon- times 30 (I'll talk about it in her backstory!)

God's Savior- times 50 (She also becomes a god in this one!)


Base Form

"Don't you go easy on me darling!"

- to Ricky in Mobian Fighters


- when Vanessa uses her ultimate attack in Mobian Fighters

Darkspine Form

"You need to work out more, maybe then you'll be something!"

- to Zak in Mobian Adventure

"You need a better life, you chase after the same person." "Who by the way, SUCKS!"

- to Riana in Mobian Adventure