This is for Ty, the Legendary Warrior Slayer.


Ty stands at roughly 5'11, making him quite tall compared to the other sonic characters. He weighs in at about 156 pounds, making him a heavyweight in the world of sonic characters.(since Sonic himself weighs only 77 pounds)

Ty is a grey color and has neon yellow shoes. His sword is 12 feet long. (handle and blade)


Ty is the quiet kind, he usually fights only if he has to. He does fear his physical strength, with it, can slice tanks in half! After the apocalypse, he becomes the silent wanderer, who travels the world looking for survivors.



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Being a warrior, Ty wears armor.

He has a helmet, a suit of armor, 2 gauntlets, leggings, a pair of boots, and a shield.

He also carries more than a sword for a weapon. He has a spear, axe, bow, and even a scythe.

His helmet gives him the ability to breath underwater. He can use it indefinetly, there's no real limit.

His armor and leggings make him more resistant to magic. Allowing him to tank fireballs, and even meteors.

His gauntlets give him even more strength.(Enough to pick up a mountain) (In which a mountain generally weighs around 120,000 tons) (By the way, that's a smaller mountain's weight) Ty lifted a big mountain(smaller than Everest but still big) It was approximated to weigh in at 500,000 tons!(Half of Vuxo's strength in base form)

His boots increase his speed to the point of Sonic's.

His shield has the ability to reflect magic.

He can throw his spear with enough force to impale a cow fully to a wall. He uses it to put some distance between himself and his opponent.

He can use his bow to snipe people from about a mile away. He uses it if he needs to interupt an attack.

He can use his axe for faster, more violent strikes in case he needs an opening.

His scythe is his weapon he brings if he runs outta options and only has it and his sword left. His scythe has the ability to absorb the victims soul with each landed attack, eventually killing them.



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Ty is a natural quick learner, able to master these weapons at the age of 12.

Ty has a high pain tolerance, able to be impaled through his chest and his heart, and still shrug it off. Even being impaled through his brain can't stop him.

Ty has the ability to see quite well in the dark, he has sight that can rival night vision! He basically is the ultimate weapon of war.

Ty is a natural leader. After he became reconized, his companions gained strength and hope just from his presense. He gave his allies strength, and his enemies nightmares.


Sword Abilities

Flame Slash-A slash of fire, pretty basic.

Electric Slash-A slash of electricity, pretty basic.

Watery Slash-A slash of gushing water, it's water pressure is what does the damage.

Icy Slash-A slash with an icy touch to it, it can freeze an opponent id they're at critical damage.

Windy Slash-A slash with a high amount of wind added with it, the wind speed is deadly to weaker opponents.

Earthly Slash-A slash with a rock-based aura around it. It can cause earthquakes if slammed on the ground hard enough.

Spear Abilities

Multi Impalation- This move lets Ty impale his opponents multiple times in various parts of their bodies.

Fafnir's Fang-A swing of the spear that can knock the breath outta enemies.

Axe Abilities

Warped Impulse-Ty uses his axe to rip a hole in reality and then uses otherworldly energy to blast his foes.

Flying Death-A throw of his axe(like a tomahawk) capable of decapitating opponents.(due to Ty's strength)

Life Hack-A wild swing capable of cutting opponents into pieces if it connects the right way.

Bow Abilities

Wild Falcon-A shot that flies as fast as a falcon. Which is about 200mph.(That's about as fast as a race car)

Multishot-A bunch of rapid-fire arrows that can obliterate people like a machine gun.

Lightning Arrow-An arrow of electricity, that can shock and even paralyze it's victims.

Gun Abilities

Double Cataclasm-Ty pulls out twin pistols and starts shooting the HELL outta his opponent.(About 10 shots from each, making it a 20 hit combo)

Sniper's Paradise-After a brutal shot to the gut with Ty's hand, he pulls out a sniper rifle and shoots his opponent in the legs, arms, and then stomach.(This is hard to survive, due to the stomach shot)

Super Moves

These are moves that do a LOT of damage to opponents and require a little bit of energy to be built up to use.(1 section of power meter)

Diablos Trigger-Ty pulls out a giant devilish gun and proceeds to unload a full clip of almost 500 bullets into his opponent.

Gigaflash-A flash of light, that stuns enemies for a few seconds. It is followed by the Death Cycle.

Death Cycle-A series of slashes that is aimed at the legs and arms in an effort to slow down and weaken opponents.

Demonic Chariot-A spinning technique that in which, Ty slashes his sword as he goes. Allowing him to cut down opponents very quickly.

Ultra Moves

These moves are even more powerful and require 2 sections of the power meter to use. They also do a little more damage than the level 1 attacks.

Soldier's Salute-After pounding the HELL outta his opponent with punches and kicks, Ty gives his opponent a salute, and then delivers a GIANT punch to the face, capable of killing if used with enough strength.

Final Shine-A bright slash made of light that works like the Stardust Breaker that Gogeta has. It literally DESTROYS those it touches.(They get vaporized by the extreme amount of light)

Reaper Styles

After becoming the apprentice of Death itself, Ty was taught multiple styles from the Reaper himself to grant him extra abilities and attacks.

Orthros Style

A style that focuses on weaker strikes, average defense & average energy control. But also grants high speed attacks and great combo potential.



Gladios Style

A style that focuses on weaker defenses, average combo potential, speed, and pure power. But this style grants a great mastery of energy control.



Frixos Style

A style that focuses on low speed and combo potential, average energy control and average defense. But this style also grants incredible power to overwhelm foes.



Typhos Style

A style based on pure skill alone, the experienced will find this style a challenge to defeat with it's nigh-perfect attacks. The inexperienced will find this style too overwhelming and would most likely flee from battle.



(There are other styles, but they are currently unnamed, I will add them once I name them)


1.Ty was based off of Cloud from final fantasy 7, however, his story is a lot different.

2.Ty is the physical manifestasion of the ultimate soldier. Something all people wish they could be.

3.Ty's nickname of the Grim Reaper was inspired by Ragna from BlazBlue.

4.Ty is also based off Ike from Fire Emblem, he has the same personality as Ike did.

5.Ty also has a resemblence to Guts, the main character from the anime Berserk.(Both have giant swords and have led armies)

6.Ty's super form was originally going to be called General form, but it was scrapped because I was kinda lazy and didn't want to write general instead of the far easier to write super.