Welcome to a top 10 list!

This list isn't based off of power of the said techniques, but power IS a factor to consider.

The factors to consider are:

  1. Power
  2. Speed
  3. Usefulness
  4. Originality

Now then, let's get into the list.

Number 10

Prizor's Power Ring Removal

Power Rings are generally used to contain power so that the user doesn't expend all of their power in a few seconds due to anger lashing out. In Prizor's case, they work, but can only stop him so much. While this technique does pose some risks to others, Prizor's soul gives him a loophole around the expending energy thing and makes this technique quite OP.

Regardless, the technique itself is a large power increase, speed increase, quite useful for a quick burst of energy to get Prizor back into a fight and it's originality isn't too bad either. However, it's not unheard of and it's OP nature makes me have to place it as Number 10.

Number 9

Vul's Copying Ability

Vul's ability to copy nearly any power to a perfect degree is quite powerful in it's own right. But along with the ability to copy skills, traits, and even weapons, this ability is very versatile/useful. While Vul can also copy speed with this technique, his lack of skill still poses a problem. However, my only problems with this technique is that it's quite OP and that it's not very original as a power.

Aside from those 2 problems, this technique isn't too bad.

Number 8

Yevon's Light of Judgement

Yevon is quite the maniacal bastard, as such, he has an instant death attack called Light of Judgement that can instantly kill just about anyone. This ability is indeed powerful and Yevon is quite fast in the casting time of the technique. But the originality suffers tremendously from the fact that it's identical to the move used by Kefka in Final Fantasy 6, which was also called "Light of Judgement".

And granted while it is useful, the ability is also very OP in the aspect that it can kill anyone in 1 hit unless they're a God or have instant death-resistant armor. (Both are quite hard to meet as a criteria)

Number 7

Squall's Dragon Shouts

Squall's Dragon Shouts are quite powerful since they often can change things such as Time or deal heavy damage, prevent damage, and to even unleash mighty storms and rip souls from bodies! While this is still OP, the biggest saving grace for these abilities are their multiple uses and the fact that they are balanced by a reload timer.

However, their originality is flawed by being directly related to Skyrim and they lose points in that category as a result. Regardless, these shouts are limited a bit by Squall being a hero too, as he would rather use Fire Breath or Ice Breath to deal damage than Soul Tear to instantly kill just about anyone he faces.

Number 6

Gold's Card Magic

Gold's form of magic is quite unorthodox, even by my standards. Using cards she is able to create and chain together spells like a second language. These cards vary in power and speed, but are quite original and useful for quick attacks to keep an opponent on their toes. It is also worth noting that Gold is a master at this form of magic and has a complete deck of 52 cards with 52 different effects.

With 52 possible attacks to come out at any time, Gold has quite a versatile skill set that could overwhelm most foes in a matter of minutes. This ability, unlike most of my character's unique abilities, isn't OP in any regard and that earns it some bonus points for being balanced.

Number 5: Bronze Medal

Maximus's Crystal Prison

Maximus's literal prison of crystals is very powerful and it has almost instantaneous speed! It has great use by being a prison deathtrap for Maximus's opponents and it's originality isn't too bad. This technique's main drawback of me putting it any higher is that it's SO DAMN OP! The prison is nearly unescapable and you only have like 2 minutes to find a way out before it crushes you.

Putting that aside, the technique is quite effective even if the opponent can escape. As it gives Maximus time to heal and regroup before striking back. And it should also be noted that Maximus himself is resistant to the crystalline structure and can phase right through the walls, making it harmless to him even if he gets trapped inside of it with his opponent.

Number 4: Silver Medal

Io's Gates of Hell Rune

To be honest, runes are underappreciated in the realm of magic. That's why I'm putting this so high on the list. While this rune in particular is very powerful, capable of sending a foe to Hell, the rune's drawing time is quite high, making it quite a balanced attack to use. It's high power and usefulness along with it's semi-original concept makes this rune a tough attack to counter.

The counterbalance to this powerful ability is it's casting/drawing time, it takes a while to perfectly draw, but few techniques are more worth the wait and time consumption.

Number 3: Gold Medal

Grief's Hatred Aura AND Adni's Healing Field

Grief's ability, is just so damn powerful when you think about it! It's in CONSTANT effect, drains energy from foes, heals Grief, and drains from any negative emotion like anger, hatred, disgust or even sadness! This power is quite original too, as it's unlike most powers I've seen before.

On the other hand, Adni's healing field heals anyone near her and drains her instead. It's the virtual opposite of Grief's but it still has the same sense of originality to it. Granted, I don't know how useful it is to Adni since it could kill her if it's used too much.

Number 2: Platinum Medal

Lunari's Spirit Form AND Xia's Divine Magic

Lunari's Spirit Form isn't very powerful, but it can be used really fast and has quite the amount of originality to it as well. It's useful for avoiding attacks, helping allies, and trying to influence the thoughts of others too. That makes it quite strong in the support regard rather than the fighting regard.

Xia's Divine Magic is a very specialized version of magic that houses the destructive powerhouses of the spells that inhabit Magic. This is where spells like the known Big Bang are from, and that one in particular can end dimensions in a blink of an eye. These spells are powerful, useful as last resort attack, and have original concepts that you'll see when I add them to Xia's page later.

The only complaint for Divine Magic is that most of them are just majorly OP and the few that aren't are still a bit OP by most standards.

Honorable Mentions

Moros's Void Magic

As much as I loved this magic's effects, it's drastic amount of OP just made me decide to give it Honorable Mention status rather than try to fully explain it. Even being as OP as it is, Void Magic is still quite the unique school of magic to use.

Ty's Reaper Skills

While these abilities are very strong, fast, and useful for beating the Hell out of opponents, they lack much originality and are generally very OP due to the fact that it's Ty who's using it and that his extreme strength makes it quite easy for him to destroy most opponents without even using these.

Number 1: Diamond Medal

Dawn's Time Zone

Ho... ly... shit.

This ability is so damn powerful, fast, useful, and has quite some originality in it too...

This ability allows Dawn to drag an opponent to her OWN DIMENSION that NO ONE ELSE can access. The only way in or out is by Dawn teleporting you there. Once trapped there, the opponents's powers are slowly weakened and eventually ERASED. This ability is OP in the fact that it's certain doom for any opponent outside of reality warping gods.

If you're trapped in the Time Zone with Dawn, it's basically committing suicide. Even if you survive, you'll NEVER be the same, trust me on that.

Let me know your opinions on the list, I like to hear opinions even if I don't agree with them or like them.

Until the next list, ciao!