Tiers of Energy Output


Tiers of Destructive Power

Tier 9

9-C Rock Level:

9-B House Level:

9-A City Block Level:

Tier 8

8-C City Level:

8-B Large City Level:

8-A County Level:

Tier 7

7-C Small Mountain Level:

7-B State Level:

7-A Average Mountain Level:

Tier 6

6-C Timezone Level:

6-B Country Level:

6-A Large Mountain Level:

Tier 5

5-C Continent Level:

5-B Multi-Continent Level:

5-A Giant Mountain Level:

Tier 4

4-C Hemisphere Level

4-B Moon Level:

4-A Dwarf Planet Level:

Tier 3

3-C Small Star Level:

3-B Planet Level:

3-A Medium Star Level:

Tier 2

2-C Large Star Level:

2-B Solar System Level:

2-A Galaxy Level:

Tier 1

1-C Dimension Level:

1-B Universe Level:

1-A Infinity Level: Future Vul, Supreme God Vuxo, Vul

Tiers of Overall Skill