The Irugask are a reptilian race that come in multiple colors and sizez. The smallest children are around 3'4 for the girls and 3'7 for the boys. As teens, the girls are typically around 5'2 and the boys are around 5'7. As adults, the girls reach around 5'9 with the tallest female being 6'1. The males grow to around 6'1 and the 2nd tallest is noted to be 6'6. (The tallest was their first ruler, Galazani, who stood at 7'8 and weighed over 400 pounds of pure muscle)



Known Traits

The Irugask are known for walking on 2 legs and possessing tails that have spikes going down the back. They also have very tough scales that swords and arrows cannot pierce without superhuman strength. They are known to be very reclusive, they don't like outsiders and are very harsh in dealing with them. Another trait they possess is the ability to breath both oxygen and water, as they can hunt on land and in water.

They also can feel the balance of the animals in their swamp. They also have the gift of being able to regenerate provived their injuries aren't too severe. (They can regenerate an entire limb at best, anymore will overtax the ability and limit the effectiveness) They also have the ability to see in the dark, as they are primarily nighttime hunters.


The Irugask are a Monarchy, they are ruled by a King and a Queen. The rule is hereditary, meaning it passes from Father to Eldest Son. The King also has small council of Generals and Priests that he can call on for advise on both Military and Civic matters. The King is supposed to be brave and full of honor and courage. Because of this, a King must accept duels from those who challenge his power. If the King accepts, a simple match to the death occurs, with the winner becoming King or staying King.

If the King refuses, he and his family could be overthrown from ruling and executed for being a coward in the eyes of his people.

Crime & Punishment

The Irugask harbor many rules that other civilizations do, such as murder, theft, and rape being looked down at and punishable. Here's a simple way to explain their C&P approach:

(Warning: The severe punishments can effect you if you're squemish)


Minor- The thief gives the stolen items back and is given a fine of $5 for each item stolen.

Severe- The thief losses a hand by getting it chopped off and burnt to where it won't regenerate for almost 10 years.

Property Damage

Minor- The cause of the damage pays for the damages. (Accidental damage only)

Moderate- The cause of the damages pays for the damages and is fined $200. (Intended damage only)

Severe- The cause of the damage is forced to rebuild what they damaged for no pay in addition to a $500 fine. (Extreme intended damage only)


Minor- The assaulter is given a $70 fine. (non-lethal assaults only)

Severe- The assaulter is given the choice of either a $100 fine or a public beatdown from the victim. (lethal assaults only)


Moderate- The rapist is imprisoned for 5 years. (This is for a rapist that was lied to by a minor about their age)

Severe- The rapist gets emasculated and is imprisoned for 20 years. (This applies for any case aside from the previously mentioned minor lying about their age)


Moderate- The murderer is imprisoned for 10 years. (This applies for only accidental cases)

Severe- The murderer is imprisoned for the remainder of their life and can be beaten up by fellow immates and guards with no fear of assault charges. (This applies for any non-accidental case)

Culture & Religion

The Irugask socialise with only with one another in most cases. They are monotheistic, believing in only 1 God known as Sallazar. They pray to Sallazar twice a day, once at dawn and once at dusk. They are known to be quite primitive, using mostly bows and simple spears as their weapons of choice. (Although they do possess swords, they are used mostly as ceremonial tools to carve names into graves) According to their legends, each Irugask is born under a sign from their God Sallazar.

These signs give the Irugask different abilities and effect how powerful, intelligent, sneaky, or great they become during their long lifespans.

The Irugask's Signs

The Three Archsigns

These 3 are the typical signs an Irugask fits into.

The Warrior

Those born under this sign gain battle prowess and are known to be exceptionally strong and gifted in the ways of war. These Irugask are rugged warriors capable of toppling empires if they unite and strike full force on that said empire. These Irugask are known to be the strongest frontline fighters.

The Mage

Those born under this sign gain wisdom and arcane prowess that makes them gifted in the realm of magic. These Irugask mainly use their magic for war, but some do have the ability to cast healing spells. These Irugask are naturally smart and gain wisdom and logic more easily than any other.

The Rogue

Those born under this sign gain stealth and become nearly silent as they become more skilled. These Irugask are natural assassins and are use their skills for assassinations and stealthy operations like intelligence and scouting work. They also can be good ranged support during a war with their bows.

Rare Signs

These are the uncommon signs an Irugask can fall under.