Majin Royalty(?)

A Majin not of Earth, but of some planet from South Galaxy.


Not exactly royalty, but Sesaka is one of the many majins that exist throughout the universe.

Like many majins as well, she didn't know what happened to her race. However she'd heard of some living on earth...

Personal Life-

However the race that Sesaka had been living with prior treated her like royalty, but she eventually grew bored with it and left.

So she ventured for Earth, eventually reaching the planet. On Earth time, it took her Nine Years.

Since then, she has quite a road ahead of her and a lot to learn.

Appearance and Personality


She knows very little about earth culture, so often times she might come off as a bit dim or rude.

By all means she's very sweet and has good intentions.


Sesaka is a red skinned majin, she wears loose clothing.

By loose clothing, I would mean that of baggy white pants fashioned with dark red linings, and a basic black tank top.

Forms and Abilities


Base - The normal form of all living beings


Flight - The ability to hover, the ability to move freely in the air.

Ki Manipulation - The ability to manipulate Ki energy in various ways, from beams to balls, etc.

Ki Sense - The ability to sense one's life energy

Stretchiness - All majins have the uncanny ability to stretch and manipulate their body to however they need it to be.


Sesaka has a fondness for chocolate, particularly dark chocolate.

She often acts before she thinks.

She considers other majins to be relatives, like sisters or brothers.