CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 at the registry location Thunder was waiting in line for his turn to signup. He looked around and eventually noticed some familiar faces near him. Shotobros - 11/20/2016 (i'd assume that Potata would be in front of Jino, but behind Thunder or something of that nature) Saren - 11/20/2016 Yeh.) CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 (However it should be.) Shotobros - 11/20/2016 (that totally fine?) Saren - 11/20/2016 (yeh) Apollo - 11/20/2016 Torunament Staff: Next please! CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 Thunder went up as he prepared to signup. Tournament Staff: Full Name Please. "Thundertonian "Puncher" Hatonoshein." Shotobros - 11/20/2016 "Excuse me, aren't you the salon gal?" Jino whispered to Potata, or who he assumed to be her in front of him in the line Apollo - 11/20/2016 Potata:'re the lover boy right? CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 As they ranted, Thunder got his tag and went to the lobby. Apollo - 11/20/2016 Staff: Uh, sir...the torunament isnt until tomarrow You forgot your pass to the Fighter's Village too CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 Thunder turned around and picked up the pass. "Heh, my mistake, plus I was gonna wait for some people."(edited) Shotobros - 11/20/2016 "I'd say i'm more of a young man than a boy, love " he replied then motioning for her to get her registration underway CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 Thunder then leaned against a wall and started talking to Yang. Apollo - 11/20/2016 Potata: -writing down her name, she proceeds to grab her pass and enters the Village- CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 Thunder in the seal "Well Yang, ya excited?! Yang: Well.....Sorta... Yang: But I doubt you'd be bored already. Thunder: Nah, I'm gonna try to enjoy it while I can. Thunder came back to reality and walked into the Fighter's Village. Shotobros - 11/20/2016 Jino moved up after Potata had finished, writing down his name and then grabbing his pass as he walked to the Fighter's Village, perhaps nothing could get worse for him (i wonder what Zav's up to.) CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 (He'll make his appearence.) Shotobros - 11/20/2016 (I'm just assuming he's on another planet, laying waste to the populace and subsequently feasting upon the remains of his large piles of victims) CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 (Omg stop XD) Saren - 11/20/2016 (Mehbeh~ .3.) CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 Thunder then headed down to the training grounds to prepare for the tournament tomorrow. Shotobros - 11/20/2016 "Wanna hear a joke, miss?" Apollo - 11/20/2016 "Oh sure!" CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 "Ok, gotta practice control over my Strength, my Light Element, and the link to Yang."(edited) Shotobros - 11/20/2016 "Ok so a preformer, a stylist, and a weird guy with nice clothes all walk into a village" Saren - 11/20/2016 (This ain't no nawuto XD) CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 (Shut up XD) Shotobros - 11/20/2016 "can you see where this goes?" CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 (I work hard to make differences! Yangs a WOLF!) (Not a FOX!) Saren - 11/20/2016 (NEVER! Also I play an awesome Madara uchiha in the vidya games.) CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 (Ok, side rant over XD) Shotobros - 11/20/2016 "If not, i can tell you something completely unrelated about a dragon being taught how to ride a ball" Jino simply grinned, as if to show he really needed a better sense of humor CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 Thunder overheard his joke to Potato. "That was so horrible." he thought. Saren - 11/20/2016 (Potatus) (Hue.) Shotobros - 11/20/2016 (Clearly Jino has the best humor ever.) Saren - 11/20/2016 (Boom headshot?$ Apollo - 11/20/2016 Potata sighs, but giggles. Shotobros - 11/20/2016 "hey i believe there's a training area, if you'd like i can accompany you there, my dear lady friend whose name i do not know" CajunCytex07 - 11/20/2016 Thunder: Well, I'd never expect to run into familiar faces. Thunder walked over to Potato and Jino. "I guess I should introduce myself." November 21, 2016 Shotobros - 11/21/2016 (guys its potata lmao) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Hey I'm not making fun of it!) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 (i know i'm just saying lol) Saren - 11/21/2016 (Hue.) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "I'm Jino, pleased to meet you" he said, ecstatic to Thunder(edited) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder shook his hand "My name is Thundertonian Hatonoshein, but people call me Puncher or just Thunder." Apollo - 11/21/2016 "Potata. Nice to meet you" CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder shakes Potato's hand. "So, you two are in the tournament as well?" Saren - 11/21/2016 (Do you have autocorrect on?)(edited) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (You talkin to me?) Saren - 11/21/2016 Yeh CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (I'm very good with typing.) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "Certainly, so can I ask why you both are here?" CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder suddenly had pain in his chest and fell. "Rrrrgghhh!" """ Apollo - 11/21/2016 " okay?" CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder got up. "Yeah.....It's....Yang..." Shotobros - 11/21/2016 in a moment of not exactly thinking, Jino instinctively put his arm in front of Potata, "who's Yang?" Saren - 11/21/2016 (Yang is my wang.) (Huehuehue.) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder took a deep breath. "Yang is a gigantic Nine-Tailed Wolf with the Light Element who was sealed inside of me when I was born. He's protected Earth for many years." Shotobros - 11/21/2016 It should also be noted of where Jino's hand is placed as well since he wasn't exactly paying attention, "Well... that's interesting, I mean I don't really know much of my own origin, i just know i love doing what i do" CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "There's always downsides to being the host of a giant wolf."(edited) Saren - 11/21/2016 -up in space, something was headed for earth. Something Spherical in shape.-(edited) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder looked up. "Huh?" "A meteor?" "!!!!" Saren - 11/21/2016 -it wouldn't exactly be visible since it hasn't breached the atmosphere yet.- -or entered earth's gravitational pull.- CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (sigh fine, I was gonna show one of Thunder's pre-state abilities as a Wolf Host.)(edited) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "honestly that's pretty cool though being the host to something like that and uh... huh?" He'd finally looked to see that his hand was on Potata's breast, though moreso still paying attention to Thunder

Potata began to tighen her fists CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder stops her. "I'll handle this." Apollo - 11/21/2016 "YOU CARLESS PEVERT!" CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Nvm wrong moment XD)(edited) Apollo - 11/21/2016 Careless* She with ll her might shot a normal Ki blast at Jiro's crotch "That's for thinking with your dick!" she shouted flipping him off Ztarhaven - 11/21/2016 (well Jiro probably doesn't have a car so it works out) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder just watched it all happen. "Ouch, that's definetly gotta hurt." Shotobros - 11/21/2016 in a rather meek and defeated tone, "i'...ll be fine... so incredibly... sorry" Jino proceeded to collapse CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yang: HE'S DEFINITELY DOWN! Saren - 11/21/2016 -now the object could be seen, having breached earth's atmosphere.- Shotobros - 11/21/2016 he tried to get back up though, but he was incredibly shaky at the moment and collapsed again CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder: Yang, show some respect. Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "ow..." Saren - 11/21/2016 -FWOOOOOSH!!- Apollo - 11/21/2016 Stomping she makes her way out to the hotel's coutyard where she saw someting in the sky CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder notices it too "!!!" Shotobros - 11/21/2016 Jino notices it as well, but is in quite a lot of pain to really care CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "Finally, hero time!" Thunder then gained Wolf Eyes and spawned a giant hand made of pure energy from his right arm to stop the falling object. (Sorry, Chakra Arm was my fav Version 1 ability. XD)(edited) Saren - 11/21/2016 -seeing as it was pure energy, the object would probably go straight through the hand. However a closer look would reveal it to be mechanical in nature.. A pod?- Apollo - 11/21/2016 Potata flew towards where the object landed. Seeing the shape of the pod she went cold. "......." CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder slowly brought his Energy Arm with the mysterious object down. Shotobros - 11/21/2016 Once more, Jino tried to get up. Slowly, it was a bit painful, but he managed anyways. Surprisingly his uniform bore little to no damage, if slightly more beaten up. He got a good look at the pod as well, "What the..." CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder was amazed at what it was. "A........pod?......" Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "I feel like I've seen that somewhere... I'm not sure where or when..." Saren - 11/21/2016 The pod let out a hiss as pressurized doors started to open, well, before a blast of grey ki sent the door flying off its hinges. Apollo - 11/21/2016 "Its a Space Pod...." she said to herself CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder watched as he noticed a figure of a human in the smoke "Someone's inside."(edited) "But who....or it?" Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "I'm not sure..." For whatever reason, Jino could just feel the coldest chill in his spine Saren - 11/21/2016 When the smoke cleared, they could see a male of 6'3" inches in height and rocking some serious muscle, with weird looking dark purple and grey armor with gold bands on his arms and legs. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder watched and stayed on guard Saren - 11/21/2016 Course the male had medium length spiky silver hair, brown eyes and a disoriented look on his face as he stepped out; covering his eyes from the sun as they adjusted. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang: Is that a......Sayian?..... Thunder: I don't know, Yang, but have some chakra ready in case he's not friendly. Yang: Way ahead of you, Thunder. Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "Hey! Spaceman, why are you here? Do you need a leader to be taken to?" Jino chimed in, not even sure why he's bothering to run his mouth CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "Jino shut up!" Saren - 11/21/2016 "......?" Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "What? What if he appreciates my joke? Come on, he can't be that evil or bad or whatever?" Though clearly he was optimistic, in the back of his mind he was moreso freaking out and wishing he was able to apologize to Potata a lot for the boob grab(edited) Saren - 11/21/2016 Whoever this was couldn't help but sweatdrop at the interaction between the two. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder then looked at the humanoid alien in a calm manner and asked him "Do you have a name?"(edited) Saren - 11/21/2016 "Zaveis, so who the 'ell are you three supposed to be?" Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "Uh... Jino's my name" Saren - 11/21/2016 "The 'ard Rangers or some shit?" CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder didn't care about Zaveis's joke. "My name Is Thundertonian, but just call me Thunder for short." Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "The floating(?) girl with the orange hair, whom i'm just now noticing, is Potata"(edited) Saren - 11/21/2016 "Ooookay...? Potata, got it; odd name, but definitely better than Thundertonian.." Zaveis mumbled to himself.

"This place earth..?" CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder still didn't give a fuck about Zaveis's opinion. Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "If we answer yes, what happens?" Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis shrugged. "Who knows..? Planetary extermination..?" Shotobros - 11/21/2016 "Please kindly get off the planet." Ztarhaven - 11/21/2016 (SOUND EFFECT) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 Jino's tone was nice and calm, but it was immediate that he was serious CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang: I don't like this alien. I just hope he dosen't sense me and have an idea. Saren - 11/21/2016 "Eh, don't feel like it." Zaveis shrugged, being quite lazy. Shotobros - 11/21/2016 (I feel like apollo may have just like died momentarily) Saren - 11/21/2016 He could sense yang, he just didn't give a flying fuckadoodle Doo. (Lol.) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Very funny lol) Saren - 11/21/2016 (Why thank you.) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 (i do apologize about that for apollo's sake too) Saren - 11/21/2016 (Not a big dealio XD) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "What are you actually here for, Zaveis?" "And tell the truth..." Saren - 11/21/2016 "Just stated why I was 'ere, you deaf or somethin?"(edited) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "Eh, maybe, maybe not." (Man, Thunder and Xaveis have a common trait. They both don't give a single fuck.) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 (and then it's just like suddenly roundabout happens. lmao) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Lol, they too much into not giving a shit, they'd just give death stares.) Ztarhaven - 11/21/2016 (hm... yeah, I think i'll won't join this series, perhaps not until later) (I may try to write a bit in place of actually joining it) Shotobros - 11/21/2016 (it's fine my man) Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis shrugged, lazily gathering some ki in his right hand. Shotobros - 11/21/2016 (I'm kinda getting a bit tired, guys, perhaps we'd be able to continue tomorrow maybe) Saren - 11/21/2016 "Well, I know I'm on the right planet... The higher ups reaaaally should've sent someone else for this grunt work.." Zaveis spoke.

(Same.)(edited) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Yeah, Apollo just went bye bye lol.) "Hmph, this is getting boring. I'm going to my hotel room. Let me know how it goes in the morning." Thunder started to walk away.(edited)

Part 2

Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis wasn't trying to blast him, in fact he didn't even see anyone behind him when he looked. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016

  • rewrite

Saren - 11/21/2016 Instead, he felt a fist bury itself into his gut. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "Ooof!" Then Thunder was hurled into a building. Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis chuckled, just standing where Thunder was just moments ago. "Awww, not a new record." CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 You thought he would yell in pain, but he was actually laughing like a mainiac "HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! THAT FELT GOOD!" Yang: Oh's his "Wild Side"! Then an Energy Arm appeared from the smoke, heading straight for Xaveis. Dub - 11/21/2016 (Mind if I join?) (I have a DBZ OC BTW) Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis jumped backwards, firing two consecutive blasts of grey ki at Thunder. (Go ahead.) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 The Energy Arm stopped the blasts and then grabbed Xaveis.(edited) Saren - 11/21/2016

  • Zaveis

Zaveis chuckled, trying to pry himself loose from the arm's grip. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 As he was trying to pry loose, Thunder flew at him "Whats UP? Going DOWN?" Then punched Xaveis in the face, causing him to be knocked back deep into the ground. Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis landed on his feet, chuckling slightly as he rubbed his jaw. "Huh, so you can throw a punch eh?" Apollo - 11/21/2016 ((I got too cold)) ((and knocked right out) Saren - 11/21/2016 "That's rare.." He snickered, gathering ki to form a bubble around him.

(Ah XD) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "That's not all!" Thunder then formed rods made of pure light and launched them at Xaveis. Apollo - 11/21/2016 ((so for now on when im not here, Shib can take over for me) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Problem: Shib's away rn XD) Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis flew towards thunder, dodging the thrown rods with a smirk. Dub - 11/21/2016 A Saiyan Watches the Fight, while surpressed. "Humph, I still wander where I am... What Universe is this... I have so many questions to ask.." CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 "HAHHAHAHAHA! COME ON! MORE PAIN!" Thunder yelled more psychotically. Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis rammed into thunder, grabbing his face with his right hand he gathered some ki as he applied pressure. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Thunder smirked as he formed a light orb at Zaveis's gut. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Meanwhile, Yang was tryna contact someone telepathically, which would be Potata.(edited) Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis fired first, blasting thunder at point blank range with a beam of grey ki right as he tossed Thunder at the ground. (Potata) CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Whoops XD now ik its Potata! Sorry Apollo!) Dub - 11/21/2016 "i must not get involved with this..." He said glaring at the fight. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang: Hello? Can you hear me? Apollo - 11/21/2016 Potata was watcing te fight until she could feel that someone was trying to talk to her. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang: Is your name Potata? Thunder smirked and threw the orb which went full speed at Zaveis. (Apollo) Apollo - 11/21/2016 (dont rush me) Saren - 11/21/2016 Zaveis then pulled the same dissapearing trick he used twice before to get behind Thunder before attempting to deliver a painful elbow to the kidneys that would launch Thunder back up and into the the grey Ki beam. CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 (Was confused sorry)(edited) Apollo - 11/21/2016 Potata: -rubbing one ear she looked around- Who's there? CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang: I'm speaking to you through telepathy. My name is Yang. Thunder knew he was tryna pull the same trick and threw an energy seeking light rod. "This'll find him, and let me taste his blood!" Apollo - 11/21/2016 Potata: I'd rather you not...especially since this guy came here to fight. I'd rather focus on that CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang got a little annoyed by her response "YOU LISTEN TO ME!" Saren - 11/21/2016 -given the speed Zaveis was going at, the rod would take a bit of time to fully chase him and allow Zaveis to pull off his attack.- -Kidney Chaser.- CajunCytex07 - 11/21/2016 Yang took a deep breath. "Thunder's gone wild, and I can't snap him out of it. Do me a favor, if he ends up killing that "Zaveis" guy, please try to calm him down."(edited)

"Who is this? Why are you in my head?"

Part 3

Apollo - 11/24/2016 She then created another whip to smack the Ki-SLice away Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "First time for everything, just gotta hope this works..." he thought to himself CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder: RRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Apollo - 11/24/2016 "I never thought I'd have to use my tail in a fight again..." she sighed. Saren - 11/24/2016 -instead of being smacked away like she expected, it sliced through the whip.- Apollo - 11/24/2016 "Shit!" she quickly cursed as she quickly moved out of the way, no tbefore getting scratched on her leg a bit. CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder was still trying to get up. "RRRRRRR!.....KILL.....KKKKIIIILLLLLL!!!!...." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "I'd better try a few more shots." Jino did as he thought was right, unloading shot after shot of ki at Thunder to keep him at bay Saren - 11/24/2016 Zaveis smirked, making another gesture with his hand as the ki slice dissipated. "Hmmm.." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (This would actually be the first time he's done such a thing, and only after observing everything else.) Saren - 11/24/2016 "A saiyan, how fun; didn't expect that one would be here but hey, makes my job a bit less boring." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder tried to get up once again. "RRRRR!....XAVEIS.....KILL...."(edited) Apollo - 11/24/2016 "Jiro or whatever your name is! You gotta smack him hard in the head!" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "RRRRRRRAAARRRGGGHHHHH!" Saren - 11/24/2016 While Potata was distracted, Zaveis pulled the same disappearing trick he used three times before. Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "Alright, will do." Jino broke into a sprint, running as fast as he could just to get to Thunder. Once he was close enough, Jino leaped toward Thunder, aiming at his head with a Dropkick of all things. "Let's goooo!" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" Saren - 11/24/2016 -of course, Potata might sense what feels like his energy coming from behind her.- CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder: !!! Apollo - 11/24/2016 Potata spun around to try to land a hit on Zaveis with a ki-energized punch CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder notices the trick but he can't do anything at his current state. Saren - 11/24/2016 -she would hit nothing but air.- Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (quick note, is this working out?) Apollo - 11/24/2016 As she spun around she fired the blast in the form of a beam when she turned back around Saren - 11/24/2016 -she seemed to hit nothing, but she might feel a devastating axe kick connect with her skull from straight above.- Apollo - 11/24/2016 "Gaaaaaaaah- ah...ahhhhhk....." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder: RRRRRR!......P-POTATA!..... Thunder was definitely enraged. "Jino.....clear the way...." Yang: !!! He's come to! Shotobros - 11/24/2016 Nodding, Jino got up and dusted himself off, he was clearly not happy either, making use of his time to clear himself away from Thunder's space Saren - 11/24/2016 Zaveis smirked, trailing blood from a few of his wounds. "I'll admit, you managed to hurt me girl... But in a fight, anything goes.. Especially tossing around your energy as a decoy." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder was charging a sphere in his fist. "RRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" Shotobros - 11/24/2016 His next action would be to catch Potata, should she be on a downward spiral Saren - 11/24/2016 "Now..." Grey Ki started to form a bubble around Zaveis. CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 The energy overload would end up increasing the imbued force in his punch. "Time to end this..." He flew at Xavek full speed. Saren - 11/24/2016 "Yes, let see you try.." Zaveis chuckled.

(Zaveis.) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (ok so like just to stay on the same page here, is she indeed on a downward spiral after the axe kick?) Saren - 11/24/2016 (I would assume so.) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (i just don't want to be that guy who goes about shit without knowing) Saren - 11/24/2016 He let out a roar as he flew towards Thunder, ignoring the pain he felt burning inside his lungs. That didn't matter right now, what mattered was an exhilarating fight. CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder put his fist in front. "Say goodbye to your life Xaveis..." Saren - 11/24/2016 "It'll take more than what you have to kill me!" Zaveis shouted, doing a full on charge it seemed. Apollo - 11/24/2016 Potata's eyes were dimmed, but she could still see what was going on as she fell. Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "I gotcha, I gotcha, everything's gonna be fine." Jino repeated to himself in a whisper as he proceeded to catch potata with a slide below her to cushion her impact(edited) Quickly noting a lead pipe near him as well, Jino also kicked that up at Zaveis while he was busy (I was given an idea) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder gave out a mighy wolf-like roar as he yelled "HEAVEN'S FIST!" Apollo - 11/24/2016 Potata started to come to as she ws caught. "Ugh....hhhh.." Saren - 11/24/2016 When it looked like Thunder and Zaveis were moments away from collision, Zaveis slightly raised his flight path while curling into a ball for an added spin, after the third rotation he unfurled himself to deliver a brutal axe kick aimed at thunder's skull. CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder got smart and avoided the attack. "Nice try, low-life...." Then his fist went straight into his gut. Saren - 11/24/2016 -considering flight speed and the fact that they were probably too close thunder wouldn't have been able to completely avoid the attack.- Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "hey, hey. You're in safe arms now, miss... You also have to seriously explain to me about yourself too..." Jino said with a soft tone as Potata was coming to. (I'm assuming the pipe missed Zaveis) Saren - 11/24/2016 -Zaveis would've taken a lead pipe to the back of his skull and the rib shattering punch.- (No.) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (oh nevermind) (lmao) Apollo - 11/24/2016 "THe Moon" "Is the moon out?" Saren - 11/24/2016 -the moon wasn't out.- CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder noticed Xaveis was still alive after his fist impaled him. Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "What?" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 " you have any last words, my alien friend?" Saren - 11/24/2016 -thunder would've been sent sprawling to the ground as well.- CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (You want to redo that?) Saren - 11/24/2016 (I was going for a sort of double knock out.) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (Oh I see.) Saren - 11/24/2016 Zaveis coughed up blood, his vision fading to black. CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (If only I knew that earlier lol) "How about I let you in on a secret Xaveis." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (See now there's a reason for the Lead Pipe. It was a dick move) Saren - 11/24/2016 (To be fair, he couldn't have simply avoided the attack when they were so bloody close to colliding with eachother Cajun XD) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (Good point XD) Apollo - 11/24/2016 (Zav is a sayian too right?) Saren - 11/24/2016 (Yeah.) Apollo - 11/24/2016 "Make sure...he doesnt look at the moon..." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (So's Jino, but like this isn't going to be known for quite a while. He's kind of lacking the tail as well) Saren - 11/24/2016 (The moon isn't out though, is it..?) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (nah) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder looked at Potata and nodded, then whispered into Xaveis's ear. "This is how I beat you..." He continued "I'm......not.......human......" Saren - 11/24/2016 "You.. Didn't beat me, rather... The flightless one did." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "Hmm.....True..."(edited) Saren - 11/24/2016 "I'll.. Strangle you... Bare hands..!" Apollo - 11/24/2016 Suddenly in the sky CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "I'm afraid that isn't possible..." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "just keep your eyes closed, I'm pretty sure we're done here..." Apollo - 11/24/2016 The Blimp From before flew overhed CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Once Thunder knew Potata and Jino were gone, he resumed his secret to Xaveis. Saren - 11/24/2016 (Wouldnt thunder be knocked out as well? I mean he took a beating earlier? Right.) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (He's about to reach that moment.) Thunder fell on the ground. "Heh heh heh, looks like I'm down for the count too." "So then, would you know who....I really am? I'm sure you're wondering how I'm such a wild animal on the inside...."(edited) Saren - 11/24/2016 "Actually.. I don't.. Give a.. Fuck." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "Good..." Apollo - 11/24/2016 "My head hurts too much to walk....ow...but....we cant keep him laying there...." Saren - 11/24/2016 With that, Zav stopped speaking CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder was panting "We......won.." Yang: Thunder....don't look at the moon... Saren - 11/24/2016 -the battleground was a fucking wreck, and his pod was fucked up beyond repair.- Shotobros - 11/24/2016 Jino simply got up with Potata in his arms, holding her in a eased manner, "So what are we gonna do now?" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder closed his eyes. The legendary Sayian Wolf Spirit....down.....heh heh heh, well, my life was hell anyway.... Apollo - 11/24/2016 Potata was too pased out to say anythign now Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "...Shit." Jino thought, as he realized he was practically the only one who made it out unscathed. Apollo - 11/24/2016 (So what now) (because our villian just came in) (with no motive) Saren - 11/24/2016 (He was literally just the henchman for the real villain.) (That's it, not even a particularly strong one lol.) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (How about we continue what happens after the fight.)) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 Seeing as he was practically the only able bodied one around, Jino not only carried Potata, but he also carried Thunder and Zav as well, showing a bit of strain from the weight of all three, but he carried them atleast to the nearest hospital area (because he's nice like that and what else are you going to do with an alien whose pod is destroyed?) Saren - 11/24/2016 (Zav is gonna be a pissed that he got beat by Jino.) (Leave the alien who tried to kill them to die?) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (Even though Thunder did that final blow, he still got beat by Jino XD) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (he got beat by a guy who doesn't know that he's not even remotely human.) Saren - 11/24/2016 (Yes, and he's not happy.) Apollo - 11/24/2016 ???: Zaveis. Zaveis do you copy! Your vitals are down the voice seemed to be coming from his armor CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder continued his thoughts as he went completely unconscious... Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "mm?" Jino thought to himself as he heard the voice Saren - 11/24/2016 'Zzzzzzzz..' Apollo - 11/24/2016 -meanwile on another planet in a far off galaxy- CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (Wait were they in the hospital recovering?) Apollo - 11/24/2016 A rather slim looking creature sitting on a throne legs crossed. Slim Creature: Mmmmm... the smell of wine after a long day of viewing various fights to the invurating. (I need someone to come in to inform him about Zav) Saren - 11/24/2016 A young bright eyed alien, stocky at that. Let's call him minion 47, rushed in. "Sir! I have grave news... Zaveis.. Has failed." Apollo - 11/24/2016 Slim: Mmmmmm that hot headed brute of a Sayian? I only sent him out to Galaxy 34 to find fighters worthy of competing here Oh well...I was meaning to break him off soon anyway Saren - 11/24/2016 "Armor feed shows otherwise.. Another saiyan... A... I wanna say schizofrenic furry... Yeah, schizofrenic furry and a.... Well a human managed to take him down."

Slim: Is that right? Saren - 11/24/2016 "Y-yes sir."

"Then arrange for a messager ship to pick them up. And when you do have them inhibitated." Saren - 11/24/2016 "Yes sir!" Apollo - 11/24/2016 Slim: And As for Zav.... Slim: Have his status removed. He'll have to earn his way back up here. -he said before petting a small cute eyed creature on his desk- And Number 47? Saren - 11/24/2016 "Yes sir?" Apollo - 11/24/2016 "Does your family tune into our network?" (Who here has played Ratchet Deadlocked) Saren - 11/24/2016 "Of course they do."

Apollo - 11/24/2016 " I wouldnt suppose......that guy cough isnt a friend of yours" Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "atleast step up your game, Stairmaster." Saren - 11/24/2016 "Huh? Oh wait, is that shortstop..?" Zaveis laughed. "What? Did the boss send you to pick up his favorite lipstick and you wind up here?" He mocked.

47 sighed. "... I'm tempted to let one of you go just to slug him." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "ooh me" "let me" "c'mon, you can trust me, i beat him" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder just kept his mouth shut. Apollo - 11/24/2016 "Ooo...let me...." she coughed. Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "I actually beat him, i'm not lying." Saren - 11/24/2016 "That was bullshit and you know it!!" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Cause his tail was moving and he was at risk of a revealed secret. Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "no it wasn't, it was totally legitimate." Saren - 11/24/2016 "One v one me bitch!" Apollo - 11/24/2016 (I dont think anyoen but 47 would notice the tail) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "you're tied, bitch!" Saren - 11/24/2016 "So are you faggot!" Apollo - 11/24/2016 "Please kill'd be doing our ears a favor" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "....." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "seriously though like untie me so i can knock him good" "I'm a very trustworthy person." His tone was sincere CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "You're acting like a child Jino." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (He has a plan.) Saren - 11/24/2016 "I wish I could, but the boss wants me to bring all of you back tied up qwq." Apollo - 11/24/2016 (TFS) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "just this once." Apollo - 11/24/2016 (Legacy of Goku II) (my dick is hard) Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "it wouldn't hurt. Trust me." Saren - 11/24/2016 "Can't." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "But think about all the times he's made fun of you and called you all sorts of nasty things." Saren - 11/24/2016 "I'm used to it..." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (He really has a plan. A very simple plan. That's not going to happen.) Saren - 11/24/2016 "Sides, I'm technically his boss now.." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder laughed a bit "Jeez Xaveis are you the big bully where you're from?" Apollo - 11/24/2016 Crew Memeber: 47? The master wont wait any longer... Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (The plan was to get untied and then kick 47 down the stairs) Saren - 11/24/2016 The look on Zaveis' face was priceless.

47 nodded. "Let's get them loaded up." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "Well isn't this a strange adventure. Starting to remind me of this story about these really buff guys" "they had weird powers and stuff, it was really cool." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder gave Jino a serious look. "We're being captured for most likely a battle to the death and you have to say that?" Saren - 11/24/2016 47 rolled their beds onto the ship, before wobbling his way to the co-pilots seat. Apollo - 11/24/2016 "This ought to be one crazy..noisy..bizarre.....thing" CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 "Please kill me..." Saren - 11/24/2016 "Set a course for the Ice World of Ximatos.." Shotobros - 11/24/2016 "Ximwhat" Saren - 11/24/2016 ".... Planet X." CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 Thunder just went back to sleep. "Wake me when it's over..." Saren - 11/24/2016 ".... So mean qwq" Shotobros - 11/24/2016 (Thunder, we can't wake you up inside) Apollo - 11/24/2016 (or save you) CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (Ok forget I said that) Saren - 11/24/2016 )never( CajunCytex07 - 11/24/2016 (Fuck) "Xaveis, any idea on how long this ride is?..." "Or where we're going?" (Hey can we resume this tomorrow? I gotta go to bed, and thanksgiving is tomorrow too.)

Part I lost COunt already

CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 Thunder: have some weird people here... Lunari - 01/09/2017 "Cute." Lunari snarked. Mee6BOT - 01/09/2017 Congrats @Lunari, you just advanced to the next level 6 ! Shotobros - 01/09/2017 Minion 22 dashed in valiantly, throwing in a bunch of different flashy but incredibly ineffective moves with no rhythm. He really didn't have an idea of what he was doing, but he was confident this would work in some odd plan of distraction ...despite the fact his partner was already dead CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 Thunder just looked at Minion 22 on the screen with a disgusted face. "Is this even a gladiator now? Shotobros - 01/09/2017 from another point in the world, Minion 47 watched. He felt embarrassed. "Goddammit." Saren - 01/09/2017 (Damn it dude.) (Minion 47 was technically mine XD) Lunari - 01/09/2017 Lunari was indeed confused by his actions, but made sure to steer clear while she charged some ki. Her first fight had made her look like a pure melee fighter, she thought it would be best for her to switch tactics for the moment. Shotobros - 01/09/2017 (go ahead and take the reins, i was waiting for you to do so) Saren - 01/09/2017 (Oh XD) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 As soon as 22 had gotten close enough, he pulled out a present. "It's not explosive, I swear." Saren - 01/09/2017 Minion 47 sighed. "No one ever falls for that... Except maybe Zaveis, but he won't die from it." Shotobros - 01/09/2017 His thoughts said otherwise "it is, she'll fall for this, right as rain" Lunari - 01/09/2017 "Let's test that." Lunari fired her ki in a very narrow blast, through the present and at him. Shotobros - 01/09/2017 The present, promptly enough, exploded. The explosion was enough to knock Lunari away... but it didn't have quite the same results for 22... Minion 22 had been blown to smithereens all that was left was a pile of ash and a couple of goofy looking eyeballs. And a helmet. CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 Thunder: Now THAT was funny! Lunari - 01/09/2017 Lunari skidded backwards, covering her face with her arms. (Complete no bullshit mode XD) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 One even had to wonder if Minion 22 was even the real opponent or just some random expendable nameless mook Lunari - 01/09/2017 (Please tell me he was the real opponent, I'm getting kinda tired here) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 turns out he was. Lunari - 01/09/2017 Woohooo Shotobros - 01/09/2017 (Admittedly I kinda just did this all on the spot because i didn't actually have something planned)(edited) Lunari - 01/09/2017 (It's fine, it was funny as hell and I loved it) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 (Improvising is a wonderful tool.) CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 (Beautiful.....just beautiful....)(edited) missymei - 01/09/2017 (If I'm honest, I sat this out so far because I've got no idea where to begin, I'm awful at this tbh) Lunari - 01/09/2017 (Gave me the energy to keep going for a while) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 (It's fine, we're all terrible in our own ways.) CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 (I think we lost some people...) Apollo - 01/09/2017 ( i have an idea) CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 (Oh nvm XD) (What's the idea Apollo?) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 (Do tell) CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 (hums) Apollo - 01/09/2017 I was talking with her about haveing her character be in another team or something to help but I guss we could have them join the main group if that's alright Shotobros - 01/09/2017 completely cool with it Lunari - 01/09/2017 Lunari then set 22's helmet upright, as if making some kind of memorial. "Sorry, friend..." She whispered. missymei - 01/09/2017 (How would I go about just joining the main group though? I'm so confused) Mee6BOT - 01/09/2017 Congrats @missymei, you just advanced to the next level 3 ! Shotobros - 01/09/2017 (as a suggestion for that, perhaps Cyro was feeling a bit full of himself, he found his star team to get him the most entertainment, so he adds another to the supposed "roster" this being Eni's character?) Apollo - 01/09/2017 (I was thinking that too) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 (Baller. We could make that work.) CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 (I like it) Shotobros - 01/09/2017 With Lunari the victor, she was allowed to leave the arena finally ...As for 22, he'll probably be replaced by some other random nameless mook who will inherit his number Apollo - 01/09/2017 Cyro: -appearing on the screen- Well that was one hell of a ininitation battle right ladies and gentlemen? Not only did Lunari fought to save her allies, but because she proved herself twice she gets another one to join her! Lunari - 01/09/2017 Lunari then did something quick, something subtle. She looked like she was just fiddling with her tendril hair, but she actually ripped off a piece of her Majin flesh and hid it in her suit. She then left as she was supposed to, dropping both ki blades int the ground as they dissipated into light. CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 Thunder: Looks like one of us is going out there.... Shotobros - 01/09/2017 "who knows. We can only hope for the best." (would it be right about here good for calling it a night maybe?) (I don't know?) CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 (I don't know whether or not I wanna call it a night.) Lunari - 01/09/2017 (Anything works for me) (Eh, I'll post again for kicks if anything) Saren - 01/09/2017 Lol (Yeah call it a night Lunari - 01/09/2017 As soon as Lunari got back to the containment suite, she went back to her little corner and collapsed, looking like she was going to take a nap. But, first it looked like she was shoving something into the corner, and then she just laid there, staring blankly upwards into the abyss. CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 Thunder: You alright, Lunari?... Lunari - 01/09/2017 Lunari sighed, letting her eyes shut. "I-I'm fine. Thanks." CajunCytex07 - 01/09/2017 Thunder nodded, and waited for who else they were gonna choose. Lunari - 01/09/2017 Lunari then drifted off to sleep, but it didn't seem like she slept all that well. She was tossing and turning pretty badly, nightmares of her planet's destruction filling her mind, her failed mission the only thing she could think about.(edited) January 10, 2017 Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 12:01 AM Looking over at Lunari, Jino seemed a bit worried for her, he felt bad for her loss as well. He'd also gone to find a place to sit and rest, presumably on a bench, reflecting on what's happened so far and what's yet to happen.

Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:24 PM "No, but I can do this." Lunari said, holding the piece in her hand, watching as the little worm-shaped piece started to wriggle around like it was alive. Creepy. Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:25 PM Potata: You're not going to asorb anyone with that are you? -she asked getting into the tub, towel off- Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 5:27 PM "I couldn't tell you which is more dangerous really, dude. But I'll nod along and smile." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:27 PM Lunari shook her head. "No. I'd need a much bigger piece than this for that." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:28 PM Potata: Well can you at least get in and join me while this water is warm? Talk a bit? Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:28 PM "A-Alright..." Lunari sighed, taking off her towel and gently getting into the tub. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:29 PM "Ey Jino, mind if I can ask you a question?" Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 5:29 PM "Sure, shoot." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:30 PM Potata: Doesnt that feel nice Bluuberry? CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:30 PM "Do you know what it's like to fall in love?....." it's pretty obvious he's an idiot when it comes to talking to girls. Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:30 PM Lunari nodded, relaxing a little bit. "Thanks." Mee6BOT - Last Tuesday at 5:30 PM Congrats @Lunari, you just advanced to the next level 7 ! Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:31 PM (Oh dear kami Thunder why) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:31 PM (Chill XD) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:31 PM (XD JK) Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 5:34 PM "Well... i mean i know of something. Something special that can do amazing things." Judging by Jino's tone, he knew what he was talking about, and who he was really talking about in terms of feeling, "But listen, it's not always just look a girl in the eyes and you immediately fall in love." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:35 PM Potata: Now....what can you tell us about this city? Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:36 PM "I don't know anything more than you... I had just gotten thrown in the cell a few hours before you guys arrived." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:37 PM Potata: I guess we better do some exploring before our next match or whatever... CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:39 PM "Then how do you know if she's the one?..." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:40 PM "I suppose." Lunari answered, blankly. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 5:41 PM "Not gonna lie, but like when you know she's the one is typically proven by what she does and how she goes about it... and if you know if you're right for her." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:42 PM (Brb) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:45 PM Thunder: Not on outside.....but what's inside.... Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:45 PM On the TV screen showed a symbol that looked like the emblem the Guards were wearing on thier armor which moved away to show what looked like an news office. Bufae (Buffet): -sitting in her reporter outfit she smiles- Good Evening Contestents, Viewers across the Galaxy and people of Planet Xim. To another Galatic Fighters Afterbattle Show CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:51 PM Thunder looked down on the ground "Inside.....not outside....a woman's soul shows true beauty...." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:51 PM As you saw moments ago our final team for the season was confirmed to live for until they ether fail enough challanges or die or whatever. Soon, two of them will be sent to one of our Emperor's many planets to find weapons and artificats as required for every season's first challange Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:54 PM Lunari listened intently, with a small sigh. Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:54 PM Potata: Artifacts? Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:54 PM "Greeat...." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:55 PM "Worlds?..." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM Xav: Idiot.... Cyro has many worlds in this Galaxy under his rule, didnt I tell you before? (Sorry Sar) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM

  • Zav

I think Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM (Zaveis.) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM Thunder just growled at him as he looked at the screen. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM (so yes, Zav.) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 5:57 PM "I nominate that little Zav shit..." Lunari mumbled under her breath. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 5:58 PM "What does he mean by Artifacts though?" Apollo - Last Tuesday at 5:59 PM Zav: I dont know but, for some time Cyro has been looking for certian gems or orbs or whatever for a long time. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:00 PM Thunder: What do these "Artifacts" have he sees as value?.....(edited) Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:02 PM Zav: He'll show us when we get picked tomarrow. Potata dries herself off and puts her clothes and underwear in the washer before wrapping a towel around her, and exiting the woman's bathroom- Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:13 PM "If anything, I'd not mind trying to help out in some form." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:13 PM Potata: What did I miss boy? CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:14 PM Thunder: Just a little guy talk. That's all. Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:15 PM Potata: -walking out into full view, legs thighs partly showing as she holds her towel up- Mee6BOT - Last Tuesday at 6:15 PM Congrats @Apollo, you just advanced to the next level 9 ! Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:15 PM -her tail manages to move out from behind her.- Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:17 PM Jino, out of personal respect looked away from Potata with a slight blush, "Oh just discussions about stuff." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:18 PM Lunari wasn't too far behind, and she followed what Potata did. She then walked out, also in a towel. She was covered better, as she was actually pretty petite for a Majin, but the little holes that a Majin usually had were visible, going from her neck halfway down her arms. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:19 PM Thunder isn't perverted, so he dosen't blush or have a nosebleed when he turned around. "I'm sure one of us is gonna be chosen as the second fighter at some point..." he then looks at the screen. Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:22 PM Lunari's long "hair" of tendrils then suddenly started to twist together, wrapping up on top of her head like a towel wrap. Neat, I guess. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:25 PM Thunder continued looking at the screen, then sat down on a bed. Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:29 PM Potata: I heard her said two furry.. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:29 PM "If I'm not mistaken though, Earth had a legend about some miracle granting objects. Nobody knows what they are or where they are. Some say they're as big as a baseball and orange, some say they're actually gemstones." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:29 PM Lunari perked up. "Earth?" It was almost like she'd never heard of it before. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:31 PM "Yes, Earth. It's actually a rather nice planet. Perhaps you could make it your home as well if we all survive long enough to make it back there." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:31 PM "..." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:31 PM Lunari turned away and shook her head no. Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:32 PM Potata: -sitting down, she crosses her legs- I heard about those things too....DragonBalls I think..... My adopted mom told me a story about a dragon who granted a wish to a lone warrior or something CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:33 PM Thunder: Grant wishes?.... "!!!" Yang: The dragon, huh? Thunder: You know something about this wish granting dragon, Yang?... Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:34 PM Lunari seemed rather sad, and lost in thought. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:35 PM Yang: I can't remember anything at the moment... Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:35 PM (I think it might be best) Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:35 PM "...did I say something wrong?" Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:35 PM (If they know little bout Shenron) (You know or if all of this is true) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:37 PM "Yes." Lunari snapped at Jino, harshly. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:37 PM "My bad." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:38 PM Lunari sighed. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:38 PM "Well, what do we do now while we wait? CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:39 PM "I don't know." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:39 PM Potata: -hears the ding for the washing mashine- Well we're free to explrore this Fighter's City right? Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:41 PM Lunari absently wandered off towards the mini kitchen. "Wonder if they put anything in the pantries..." She mumbled to herself.(edited) Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:41 PM Outside they would see the same city they saw before the first fight, with a dome over it. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:45 PM Thunder started rubbing his head slightly. Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:46 PM There were many fighter like characters everywhere roaming the streets, some even managed businesses CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:46 PM "Hmm....if they're out and about....I guess we most likely can...." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:47 PM (would the pantry be stocked or not Apollo, just curious) Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:48 PM (It would) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:48 PM (great) Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:49 PM (More time for development and world building) Potata: Wonderboy! Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:51 PM "Hm?" Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:52 PM Potata: -dressed- Why dont you and Thunderhead go out an explore and we try to make dinner with what we have Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:52 PM "Woohoo!" Lunari cheered from off in the kitchen. Probably the first display of positivity Lunari had shown since they met her. There was staples from pretty much every planetary cuisine. Though looking at the Majin stuff made her a little homesick already... Apollo - Last Tuesday at 6:53 PM Potata: Hey! No stuffing your face! -she shouted walking into the kitchen- CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:54 PM Thunder chuckled, at least he was showing lesser signs of a neutral personality.(edited) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 6:54 PM She wasn't, now she was just looking at the pantry with a distant look on her face. Memories. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:55 PM "Well, how 'bout it?" CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:55 PM "Heh...why not?"(edited) He looks at Zaveis "You wanna come with us?" Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:57 PM "he'll probably start a fight or two." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:58 PM "He can't....we're still being monitored..." Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 6:58 PM (would be neat if Saren were actually here) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 6:59 PM (Lets just assume he's either sleeping or not giving fucks) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM (claimed a bed and just conked out XD) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM (Lets go with that.) "Sleeping, eh?...O well. Let's go Jino!" Lunari - Last Tuesday at 7:01 PM (Also if I'm ever missing feel free to do this kind of stuff for Lunari) Apollo - Last Tuesday at 7:02 PM (and if im missing, ShotoDil can be my characters) (I do want to play some games right now though) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 7:03 PM (Sounds good) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 7:05 PM Lunari started digging through the pantry again, coming up with an idea and pulling out what she wanted to use.

Meanwhile, Thunder and Jino left the Suite and headed for Fighters' City.

Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 10:57 PM (I'd rather not be the one to control all the characters that aren't mine, y'know?) Apollo - Last Tuesday at 10:57 PM (true) Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 10:58 PM (if anything, probably best to be like "hey so this is going on and such, blah," you get the idea) Lunari - Last Tuesday at 11:00 PM Lunari then strolled off into the kitchen, getting out a smaller pot so she could make Chaya some more. She was glad the Jitana noodles were a hit, she honestly thought they'd be sickeningly sweet for someone who wasn't a Majin like her... Apollo - Last Tuesday at 11:03 PM Suddenly the news jingle played in the other room CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:05 PM "Hmm?" Lunari - Last Tuesday at 11:08 PM Lunari listened as she worked, this time knowing what she was doing. She boiled the noodles, drained a bit of the water, then added a brown sauce and cut up pieces of a wierd looking fruit. She then rummaged through the pantry, noticed something, and gasped. She smiled, taking out the mystery item. It looked like a little spice jar, with strange forest green flakes in it. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:10 PM "I wonder what has to be said now?" Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:13 PM Whatever had to be said on the news, it likely wasn't too good Apollo - Last Tuesday at 11:20 PM Bufet: Now for tonight's Challange. As we all know our new team for Galatic Fighterers were picked today, and for tonight's main event 2 of thier members will be fighting other duos to find two of these Sacred Orbs -she said flashing a picture of a orange ball with Seven Stars in it- Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:21 PM Jino, who'd gone to wash up momentarily, watched as well. "...Oh my god." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:21 PM Thunder noticed the orb and shot up. "Is that?!.... Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:22 PM "small like a baseball and orange. I don't believe it." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 11:23 PM Lunari seemed clueless, but curious. She had finished up her noodles in a matter of minutes, and she was exhausted. She went into the bathroom to get ready, before wandering into the bedroom and claiming a bed. She was out like a light. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:23 PM "No doubt about it Jino....thats a DRAGONBALL!" He noticed he was kinda loud "Whoops..." Lunari - Last Tuesday at 11:24 PM (g'night guys, if Lunari is needed I leave her in Cajun's care) Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:24 PM (alrighty then) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:24 PM (I'll try to keep her accurate to the story.) Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:27 PM "Well. So much for what i had planned... I feel It'd be best I was one of the two selected. If anything." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:30 PM "I'd rather be the one to be chosen, Jino..." Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:30 PM "Two members. Don't need to try to outshine me, man." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:30 PM "I wasn't..." "But I'm sure asshat over there would." he pointed to a sleeping Zaveis. He started having thoughts. Apollo - Last Tuesday at 11:32 PM Potata's Collar and Jino's Collar began to light up CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:33 PM Thunder just looked down and said "Well, I wish the best of luck to both of you tomorrow." Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:33 PM "Oh. I'm going either way." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:33 PM He swished his white wolf tail, knowing someone came in. (I'm gonna make it to where Lunari heard the conversation. Is that ok?) Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:35 PM (it's fine) CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:36 PM (Alright) Lunari slowly came in "W-what's going on?..." Apollo - Last Tuesday at 11:36 PM Potata: I guess we've been choosen... CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:37 PM Thunder looked behind to see Lunari. "These two are representing our group in the competition tomorrow." Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:38 PM Notably, Jino had looked a bit more cleaner than before, if anything. CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:38 PM Thunder suddenly felt he had to ask Jino something, and it's something he kept noticing. "Yo Jino, can I talk to you in private for a moment?" Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:39 PM "oh, sure, alright. Make it quick though." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:40 PM "Alright." They entered a different room, leaving only the girls in the living room.(edited) They were in a bedroom. "What I'm about to ask you might be unnecessary, but sparked when you were chosen alongside Potata." Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:41 PM " okay..." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:41 PM "Plus I've also been noticing it." He crossed his arms. Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:42 PM "C'mon. Don't be shy." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:43 PM "So this is where we say you like Potata and I like Lunari huh?" "Well...kinda slipped..." They weren't aware that Lunari has sneaked a tiny piece of her into the room to hear their conversation. "O-oh my goodness...." "Potata...." Shotobros - Last Tuesday at 11:47 PM "Just let things play out, that's my advice. But I believe she might feel the same way." CajunCytex07 - Last Tuesday at 11:47 PM "How do you know that?...."

Part ?

Saren - Last Friday at 11:44 PM (Nah, its Zaveis wanting to enjoy his peace and quiet without thunder's wangsty ass bothering him.) "Pretty sure you didn't." CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:44 PM "Pretty sure I did." Saren - Last Friday at 11:44 PM "Cause I sure as shit don't have a scar." CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:45 PM "You were dying right next to me" Lunari - Last Friday at 11:45 PM (And Lunari's wangsty ass, but that's also a girl's ass so that's different XD) Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:45 PM but even as Rudy had began his counter measures, he'd been interrupted by another. ???: "leave them. Find the remaining Dragon Balls." Apollo - Last Friday at 11:45 PM (Potata's gonna be very pissed a Lunari and Thunder) Saren - Last Friday at 11:45 PM "Fading into unconsciousness." CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:45 PM "Same thing..." missymei - Last Friday at 11:45 PM (So just to clarify, they're all in the suite, yeah?) Lunari - Last Friday at 11:46 PM (Thunder, Zaveis, and Lunari are) CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:46 PM "I'm gonna go back to my room. I don't even feel like bothering with your whiney little chimpanzee ass anymore."(edited) Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:46 PM (Jino and Potata are on another planet doing a challenge. Which is why there's a guy named Rudy that they're fighting.) Saren - Last Friday at 11:47 PM "Good, take your furfaggotry and yiff in hell while your at it shitboot." Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:47 PM Rudy: "grr. Alright." Immediately, hastily, he fled by digging into the ground, digging deep enough to get away from the duet. (Apollo, are you able to follow up or am i going too quick?) Apollo - Last Friday at 11:48 PM (I am) Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:48 PM (alright.) Apollo - Last Friday at 11:48 PM Potata: -panting in pain she looks down at her injured leg- Lunari - Last Friday at 11:48 PM Speaking of rooms, Lunari was actually sleeping better now that she had passed out a step short of her bed. She was exhausted and the headache was the tipping point. At least now she wasn't tossing and turning. missymei - Last Friday at 11:49 PM Chaya awakens slowly, yawning. "Why's everyone being so loud..?" Saren - Last Friday at 11:49 PM "Eh..? Who's the new girl." Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:49 PM As soon as Rudy had fled, Jino snapped out of the rage he was in. He simply looked at Potata, "are you going to be okay?" missymei - Last Friday at 11:50 PM "Hi there! I was their reward for whatever.. thing they hosted." She waved, training her hair into a ponytail with a blue rubberband. CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:50 PM Thunder just sighed when he got into his room, shaking his head to snap out of the Ookami's influencing rage.(edited) Apollo - Last Friday at 11:52 PM Potata: I'll be fine...just... hey.... what's that over there shining? Saren - Last Friday at 11:52 PM "Ohhhhh.. One of the midget's prizes hmmmm.. Well, I am Zaveis." He introduced himself rather politely. Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:52 PM "I think that's what we're looking for... hey, uh... I can't really recall what happened in the past few minutes... what exactly happened?" Apollo - Last Friday at 11:52 PM Underneeth a bed of shrubs was a red and gray boxes with a Cyro Emblem on it. missymei - Last Friday at 11:53 PM "Very nice to meet you." She bows. "Chaya." Apollo - Last Friday at 11:53 PM "Well....some fat chunky guy came and grabbed me, then you went wild and.. -blushes-" Chaya would want to look at the screen to see who was on it. Saren - Last Friday at 11:54 PM Zaveis sat down on the couch. CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:55 PM After a while, Thunder came back out, looking calm. Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:56 PM "Alright... I'll keep that in mind then." As Jino spoke, he inspected the red and gray boxes, careful about what may be in them as he'd opened them slowly. CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:56 PM He noticed Chaya. "Hmm? Aren't you the girl Lunari won as a prize?" Saren - Last Friday at 11:56 PM Zaveis just ignored Thunder's presence. Apollo - Last Friday at 11:56 PM (Actually she was a prize for the team) CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:56 PM (Oh missymei - Last Friday at 11:57 PM "I just said that, but yes." She nods, looking at the screen. "...Is that?" CajunCytex07 - Last Friday at 11:57 PM "Yeah. Potata and Jino." Shotobros - Last Friday at 11:57 PM In his mind, however, Jino was a bit frightened by his own actions. He didn't think he'd have it in him to do what he'd apparently had done. Saren - Last Friday at 11:59 PM "Surprised the planet hasn't exploded. January 14, 2017 Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:00 AM As Jino opened the boxes, it'd turned out there wasn't a trap waiting or even a life threatening surprise... the first he'd opened was actually empty. As if it was already raided. (I'm assuming there were atleast two) missymei - Last Saturday at 12:04 AM "When did they leave?" Saren - Last Saturday at 12:05 AM "About.... An hour ago." CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:05 AM "They were teleported just earlier for this "item hunting" round... Saren - Last Saturday at 12:05 AM "Give or take a few minutes." Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:06 AM The second box had something like a makeshit radar one with a countdown on the back Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:06 AM Lunari was finally sleeping soundly, though she was half on the floor. Oh well. Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:07 AM Taking a moment to realize why the first box was empty, Jino rummaged through a pocket and found the object he'd snuck from Rudy when they'd bumped into him. Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:07 AM Potata: Hey...wonderboy.... Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:08 AM "When all you do is tricks on the streets, you learn a few things. Helps when customers are rather stingy in paying." He held up the ball, it had three stars on it. (Team Three Star!) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:09 AM (Lol) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:09 AM (Nice lol) Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:09 AM (welp that defeated the purpice of the timed radar) Potata: ........JINO! -she said hitting him- CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:10 AM "Oooooh...that's gotta hurt...." Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:10 AM (well actually Rudy'd nabbed it beforehand, which was why the first box was empty) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:10 AM (What are you dense? The Ginyu Force could be here any second and then we're- Hi Ginyu- and then we're-!!!) Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:10 AM (Um) Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:10 AM (he dropped it when they bumped into him.) Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:11 AM (The balls woulnt be in those boxes) Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:11 AM (...Well shit.) (I mean that was gonna be my explanation for atleast this one.) (y'know, freebies, but the second one was gonna be the actual challenge.) (I'm sorry.) Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:12 AM (That's okay) Potata hands him the radar device Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:13 AM Putting the Three Star ball away, Jino took hold of the radar device. "Is this some kind of watch?" Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:13 AM (I know how we can use this second device) On the screen it had a red dot that looked like it was at a tower, and two green dots. Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:15 AM "So... this isn't much of a watch and more of a locator...?" Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:18 AM Potata: I guess.... -she said looking at it- What are these green dots...and...this count down(edited) Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:20 AM "I'm not sure, but we're also not getting much done by standing around. C'mon, I'll carry you." CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:24 AM Thunder started to walk back to his room "I hope you two can make it through there..." he thought before it turned to Lunari.(edited) Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:25 AM Potata: -blushing she looks away- T-thanks...but...whow will do the fighting? Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:29 AM "We'll cross that bridge when we get there, and not bad for a first date am i right?" He grinned, ready to carry her on his back. Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:29 AM Lunari was halfway on the floor, though actually sleeping well.(edited) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:29 AM

Zaveis yawned. "Well this is boring.." Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:31 AM Potata: You know...if I didnt know any're looking a bit more chaming Wonderboy.... also.... I kinda wonder what that other chick is doing with the angsty duo and dickhead... -back at the suiet- missymei - Last Saturday at 12:32 AM Chaya poked Lunari. "Oi!" "Heeeey! Wake up!" Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:33 AM It did nothing. Lunari was out like a light. Even her tendrils were wrapped around her face like she didn't want to be bothered. Saren - Last Saturday at 12:34 AM Zaveis was about halfway between the land of the living and the land of ignoring the fuck outta everyone else in favor of sleep. missymei - Last Saturday at 12:34 AM Chaya sighed, throwing herself on the floor. "This is hopeless." CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:35 AM Thunder layed down, while still thinking. missymei - Last Saturday at 12:35 AM She then picked herself up, and lifted Lunari, carrying her to her bedroom. (all of the homo) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:37 AM (Welp, majin on... Whatever race Chaya is..$ Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:37 AM Lunari's tendrils fell away from her face, showing her baggy exhausted eyes. Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:39 AM (I just want to sleeep. -Lunari the Majin) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:39 AM (no nightmares for the Majin Bleu finally) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:40 AM Thunder, after getting his lazy ass out of his bed, came into the room and noticed what Chaya was doing. "Chaya, what are you doing?" he whispered. missymei - Last Saturday at 12:40 AM "Carrying her to her bed. She's tired. What are you doing?" CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:41 AM "I wanted to check on her, but didn't expect you in here." Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:41 AM (Team Threesome) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:41 AM (Not funny Shib XD) (Jk) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:42 AM (Totes is.) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:42 AM (Son of an Arlian hoar...) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:42 AM (-irish voice.- Ya Protestant bastard) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:43 AM (XD good one Saren) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:43 AM (Ya protestant fuckbucket, get it right XD) missymei - Last Saturday at 12:43 AM "Well, I wouldn't be, but she fell asleep in the hall and I thought I'd be courteous." CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:44 AM "Well, you might need another way because she's slightly stretching." Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:44 AM Potata: -looking aroud the box she pulls out a paper- Let's says that this is a dragon radar....and.. that we're supposed to send the dragonballs up that tower to be teleported to Planet X.... Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:44 AM "how many do we need to send?" CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:44 AM "Here, let me help" he started to spawn Energy Arms that would hold more of Lunari's liquid body and put her back on the bed. Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:46 AM Potata: Well there's two I guess we need to find the other one...or else.... -she said showing the timer- Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:46 AM It worked, more or less. And Lunari by some miracle didn't even stir from her sleep. Jeez, she must have been exhausted... CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:47 AM "The Energy Arms never fail me." he chuckled quietly. Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:47 AM (I can totally ship Thunder and Lunari and just run with it if i wanted to) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:47 AM (Well, Thunder does like Lunari XD) Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:47 AM ("An OTP? I'LL STEAL IT! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!") CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:48 AM (Uh it was in a different room Saren XD) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:48 AM (Oh.) missymei - Last Saturday at 12:48 AM (rip chaya ever having an s/o) "Oh! Why thank you for the help.." Saren - Last Saturday at 12:49 AM (S/O?) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:49 AM (Zav's being backseat bitch, don't mind him) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:49 AM (Wtf is an S/O?) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:49 AM (He's bein a realist kek; and a prick to thunder cause thunder is easier than Lunari is squishy.) missymei - Last Saturday at 12:50 AM (..Are you guys seriously that clueless? Significant other, guys.) Apollo - Last Saturday at 12:50 AM (She's lesbian by the way) Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:50 AM (just take the context of the above quote i made and picture Chaya saying it)(edited) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:50 AM (Riiiiight, excuse me if that's the first time I ever heard that acronym before.) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:51 AM (Never heard S/O in my life but now I know XD) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:51 AM (...Of course we're that clueless, do we look like romantics? We're roleplayers jk) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:52 AM (That and romance is just a way for a woman to get married, screw over the guy and get half his shit in divorce courts.) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:52 AM (...;-;) missymei - Last Saturday at 12:52 AM (oh that's-- jeez, that's a brutal way to look at it :c) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:52 AM (Well there are women who are like that.) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:53 AM (jeez, bring down the whole mood why don't ya) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:53 AM (Not at all, it's the realistic way lol.) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:53 AM (T3T) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:53 AM Anyways, I'm going to sleep; celebrating my cousins birthday tomorrow and I promised to take him out to this cool place called skyzone.) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:54 AM (cool) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:54 AM (Nice.) Shotobros - Last Saturday at 12:54 AM (neato) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:54 AM Aaaaand I'm going to teach him how to handle his alcohol MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:54 AM Lunari let out a quiet moan as she started to wake up. "Oww... Head...." CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:55 AM Thunder: 0-0; Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:55 AM (Jeez you sound like my cousin) Saren - Last Saturday at 12:55 AM (Anyways; night.) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:55 AM (XD MY cousin sounds exactly like that.) (Night Saren) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:55 AM (G'night) CajunCytex07 - Last Saturday at 12:56 AM (Well now Zaveis went to sleep.) Lunari - Last Saturday at 12:58 AM "Zaveis was about halfway between the land of the living and the land of ignoring the fuck outta everyone else in favor of sleep."

Halfway no longer Shotobros - Last Saturday at 1:01 AM "assuming that the timer means explosion, we're gonna have to kick it up a notch." As such, their search began as the timer counted down. There was no time for sightseeing, Jino hadn't minded carrying Potata either, eventually they would come across the second dragon ball... but not without running into trouble, of course. Nothing can be that convenient.

Part Toriyama

CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:09 PM Thunder continued to shape the light. Lunari - Yesterday at 8:10 PM Lunari's tendril hair became a bit longer, and she started to fiddle with it. CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:10 PM Then, the light took the form of a man and a woman. His parents.... Apollo - Yesterday at 8:10 PM Jinri: Why are you doing that? CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:11 PM Thunder: Hmm? Thunder: This? He pointed to the shaped light in his hand. Apollo - Yesterday at 8:13 PM Jinri: Yes. CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:13 PM Thunder: The power of the Yang was a gift from my parents before they sent me off to Earth... Lunari - Yesterday at 8:14 PM "Yang... the spirit?" Lunari asked. Apollo - Yesterday at 8:14 PM Jinri: Yang? CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:14 PM "Yes..." He looked at Jinri. "We use the balance of light and darkness as a symbol called the Yin-Yang." He showed Jinri the symbol. "Yin is darkness, and Yang is light." Lunari - Yesterday at 8:19 PM Lunari watched and listened, her curiosity piqued. CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:22 PM "There are those like me who can manipulate one of the two sides...." he continued. Apollo - Yesterday at 8:23 PM Jinri: Keep those sides in check now. Lunari - Yesterday at 8:23 PM "Wow....." CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:23 PM "I'm more Yang than Yin, means I'm a good guy." Thunder then smelled food. "Hey is that the lobster?...." Lunari - Yesterday at 8:30 PM Lunari also smelled it. She seemed curious, it was an unfamiliar smell to her.... Apollo - Yesterday at 8:30 PM THe Sub Zero Lobster was large and blue with greenish lobster meat that was cut open. Lunari - Yesterday at 8:31 PM Lunari raised an eyebrow. She'd never seen anything like it before. CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:31 PM The waiter placed the lobster on the table "Enjoy!" Thunder was curious about the color. "A blue lobster?..." Apollo - Yesterday at 8:35 PM Jinri: Because of how cold it is here they adapted and changed color they used to be Black Lunari - Yesterday at 8:35 PM "Wow..." CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:36 PM "This just gets weirder..." But if it's a lobster he'll eat it.(edited) Lunari - Yesterday at 8:37 PM "Tell me about it. At least they put some of the food from my home in the pantry back at the suite..." Lunari sighed. CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:39 PM "Well it looks like they picked good and ingredients from a lot of planets." Lunari - Yesterday at 8:39 PM Lunari nodded in agreement. Apollo - Yesterday at 8:40 PM Jinri: Arent two of your own reteriving those Orbs for Cyro Lunari - Yesterday at 8:40 PM "Yes. Jino and Potata." Lunari answered. CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:40 PM Thunder nodded. "I hope they're alright..." Lunari - Yesterday at 8:42 PM "I hope so too..." Apollo - Yesterday at 8:47 PM Jinri cuts the lobster into thirds and melts the butter with what pryokentic power he could do CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:53 PM "Your kind is skilled with physic abilities?..." Apollo - Yesterday at 8:54 PM Jinri: Yes Lunari - Yesterday at 8:55 PM Lunari took a small bite of her lobster. "Huh.... not bad." CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 8:56 PM Thunder also took a bite. "Wow, this is actually good." Lunari - Yesterday at 9:03 PM "Yeah..." CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 9:07 PM "Hmm..." Apollo - Yesterday at 9:08 PM Jinri: ........ Lunari - Yesterday at 9:11 PM Lunari smiled. CajunCytex07 - Yesterday at 9:12 PM Thunder then looked at Jinri. "Some of your team's in the round as well?..."(edited) "Fighting for their lives?..."

Part Akira

CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:23 AM (Lol) Saren - Today at 1:23 AM (yeah; exploding pot.) Shotobros - Today at 1:26 AM As for the matters Jino had to attend to, first and foremost was picking up potata and taking her to her room, covering her with his hoodie. Next was to actually go take a shower as he'd not gotten the chance to due to the drama before. It was quite a relaxing experience and it allowed him to think clearly. Saren - Today at 1:26 AM "Next fight better involve me, alone.." (Because for plot reasons; if thunder and Zav get paired up they will be too busy fighting eachother.) And blowing up the planet. CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:27 AM (Technically, Thunder is now gonna be more difficult to piss off.)(edited) Shotobros - Today at 1:28 AM After he'd finished, he dried himself off and covered up with a towel, etc. Saren - Today at 1:28 AM (Your talking about a guy who has no problems committing xenocide by planet blowing uppus.) Apollo - Today at 1:29 AM -meanwhile in Cyro;s Chamber Office- CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:29 AM (Well, it's just my idea for Thunder. He is my character.) Apollo - Today at 1:29 AM Cyro: -sipping grape wine he waits for the two elite five members to come in- (I have an idea on the 5's leader) Shotobros - Today at 1:30 AM Rudy: -hurriedly barging in- Mr. Cyro, I apologize for my failure CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:31 AM Kanzo: I also deeply apologize, Lord Cyro(edited) Apollo - Today at 1:33 AM Cyro: Shut up c: Shotobros - Today at 1:34 AM Rudy: I didn't know the boy had it in him to react in such a way-.. CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:34 AM Kanzo: I didn't even know he knew my weakness! Saren - Today at 1:34 AM (-laser to the chest?-) CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:34 AM (Aye it's every man's weakness.)(edited) Apollo - Today at 1:35 AM Cyro: -cyro fires a blue piercing beam from his finger putting a hole in Rudy's shoulder plate- Shotobros - Today at 1:35 AM Rudy: agh! me good shoulder! -clutching the shoulder that was fired at- CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:36 AM Kanzo started to shake in fear what Cyro was gonna do to him. Apollo - Today at 1:38 AM Cyro: The ratings aree higher than they usually are thanks to you two idiots losing like you did. Maybe this team of fools....hmmmmmm Saren - Today at 1:38 AM (Shoot him in the penis.) CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:38 AM (XD) (Time for Kanzo's second trip!) Saren - Today at 1:39 AM (Maybe Zaveis can break his back?) Apollo - Today at 1:40 AM Cyro: I have a new mission for you both..... Kanzo, I want you to go Cyro Planet #400 the women in the room gasped CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:40 AM Kanzo: Why there?!?! Shotobros - Today at 1:40 AM Rudy: oh no... it's not one of those is it..? Apollo - Today at 1:41 AM Woman 2: That planet barely has any of our bases on it- -Frost Beamed, causing her to freeze- Cyro: I am aware of how......errrum...dangerous it is.....but Im certian there's a DragonBall there.. Saren - Today at 1:42 AM (For being a total wanker) Apollo - Today at 1:43 AM Cyro: Because you're an incompotent Idiot who didnt find the other DragonBall before that fem-sayian. Annd as for you Rudy CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:43 AM Kanzo: gulp Apollo - Today at 1:43 AM Cyro: -flash moves over to him knocking him into the floor, pressing his head down with his foot- Saren - Today at 1:44 AM (Ooooooh baby~) (Grind that foot on his head.) CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:44 AM (It's one of those moments!) Shotobros - Today at 1:44 AM Rudy: please... have mercy... CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:45 AM Kanzo watched in fear, knowing it's gonna be him if he fucks up again. Apollo - Today at 1:46 AM Cyro: You're lucky that you're ranked number 3....otherwise you'd be up first for the advancement challange for our underdog team Shotobros - Today at 1:48 AM Rudy: -gulping in terror- Apollo - Today at 1:50 AM Cyro: Your leader and I had a meeting and decided to have you 5, be the "Bosses" of certian challanges for advancement. If I recall, te only other team to really advance to your leader's rank was one of those Psychians. CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:51 AM Kanzo: Leaders? Shotobros - Today at 1:51 AM Rudy: leaders? Saren - Today at 1:51 AM (Do the right thing, let Zaveis kick some ass.) CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:52 AM (Come on, Thunder's been kenneled up for too long. He needs to stretch and kill some of those minions.) Saren - Today at 1:53 AM (Zaveis makes murder look even more awesome.) Shotobros - Today at 1:53 AM (send them both and make them work together) Saren - Today at 1:54 AM (The planet they end up on will end up a steaming pile of rubble.) CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:54 AM (I would not consider that a good idea.) Shotobros - Today at 1:54 AM (no you see they don't know they're having to work together, it's like in High Rank missions for Monster Hunter where the party is split from the start) (and they have to meet up and such) Saren - Today at 1:55 AM (Ohhhh.) CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:55 AM (Do continue.) Shotobros - Today at 1:55 AM (that's kinda what i was getting at) Apollo - Today at 1:55 AM Cyro: But first how about one last mission together. CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:56 AM Kanzo: What's the mission, my lord? Shotobros - Today at 1:56 AM Rudy: do tell. Apollo - Today at 1:56 AM The two of you are to fetch me at least one of those giant green dinosaurs from Cyro Planet 993, Planet Wile. Cyro: The only thing'll be racing against two members of our underdog team. CajunCytex07 - Today at 1:57 AM Kanzo: Who're the members? Kanzo was indeed sounding curious, which mmmiiggghhttt get him hurt. Saren - Today at 1:59 AM (Because Apollo won't do it otherwise.) Cyro fires a thin beam of energy at Kanzo's dick in response. CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:00 AM Kanzo: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That scream was high and way girly. Ouch.... Kanzo: WWWWWHHHHHYYYYY????!!!!! (Saren you fucking savage genius.) Saren - Today at 2:02 AM "Because shut up and let me explain without interruptions or I will rip off your arms and beat you to death with them." CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:02 AM He immediately stopped screaming. Saren - Today at 2:02 AM (Kek.) Apollo - Today at 2:04 AM (hey!) (I was going to do that) (just at the very end) CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:04 AM (XD) Saren - Today at 2:04 AM (You were?) CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:05 AM (FAIL) Saren - Today at 2:05 AM (... Shit.( (You still have Rudy tho.) CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:05 AM (Although Saren, you know how to make something funny in style.) Saren - Today at 2:05 AM (For proppa disciplining.) (It comes with the territory, and sorry Apollo ^^) Apollo - Today at 2:07 AM Cyro: As for thier members.... I know just who i'll pick CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:07 AM (Omg I just remembered something!) Apollo - Today at 2:07 AM Cyro: Now go get your dick healed up.(edited) CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:09 AM Kanzo: Yes sir..... That sounded like a little girl, I think his nuts fell off... Apollo - Today at 2:11 AM Cyro: Rudy, you best prepare your ship. and by the way -he shoots another finger beam at his crotch- Cyro: get healed up too, okay? Shotobros - Today at 2:11 AM Rudy: -yowling in pain- CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:11 AM (THERE'S the other one!) Saren - Today at 2:11 AM (Cyro's favorite method of punishment.) Apollo - Today at 2:11 AM Cyro: And bring me my Dinosaur Meat.... Saren - Today at 2:13 AM (And they bring back a dinosaur dick for him.) CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:13 AM (Ooooh...) (They're gonna have a pissed off boss...) Apollo - Today at 2:15 AM -back at the suite- Potata: -resting in the woman's bathroom she sighs- Saren - Today at 2:15 AM Zaveis was sleeping again. CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:16 AM Thunder was most likely with Lunari in Fighters' City.(edited) Shotobros - Today at 2:17 AM Jino, at this point, had been clothed once more, however he did go to check up on Potata... As it'd turn out he did think to try a shortcut to her room... and by shortcut, he probably most likely tried going through the women's restroom, not realizing she was there. Saren - Today at 2:18 AM "Zzzzz... Die.. Everyone on earth is a dead man.." CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:22 AM Thunder eventually came back while carrying a sleeping Lunari. He put her in the bed so she could rest and went to lay down on the couch in the living room to read a book. Apollo - Today at 2:23 AM Potata: ....who's there? Shotobros - Today at 2:25 AM Immediately realizing his mistake, Jino simply froze, couldn't exactly hide anywhere and there wasn't a cardboard box in sight for him to hide under. CajunCytex07 - Today at 2:29 AM Thunder, after a while of reading, started to get up and walk to his room to take a nap for a while.

Part Filler

Shotobros - Today at 11:36 AM Successfully, Jino actually managed to get out of there... albeit with a slightly reddened face. In a nutshell, he'd just simply knock on her door next time. Off to the kitchen he went, primarily out of smelling the meat that lunari was cooking and to see how she was doing. Lunari - Today at 11:41 AM Lunari was almost finished with it when he walked in. "Want some?" She asked, showing him the pan. It was tender meat; it already looked almost like pulled pork. Shotobros - Today at 11:41 AM "uhh, sure, yeah... just a little." "So is everything fine with you?" Lunari - Today at 11:45 AM Lunari served some for Jino. "Yeah, just fine..." She answered, half-heartedly. "Sorry for not being there for the drama earlier..." Shotobros - Today at 11:50 AM Upon taking the moment to taste the meat, Jino wasn't exactly sure how to react at first, but after taking a few more bites, he'd quickly begun to enjoy the meal. However given manners, when he finished eating is when he responded. After all it is rude to talk with a full mouth. "Hey, I don't blame you for not being there. If anything, I kinda wish I wasn't there myself... However though, I do worry about everyone here to begin with." Lunari - Today at 11:59 AM "I'm worried too. Thunder told me about what happened, and what Potata said..." Lunari replied, her voice quieting down to a whisper as she served herself some of the meat. Shotobros - Today at 12:05 PM Nodding along, it appeared that Jino really seemed to be the most understanding of the group all things considered, "I honestly feel like i'm the only one here who really exactly hasn't lost too much. Yet I can't help but sympathize with everyone. But the main thing is we all need to agree on the fact we need to get out of this place. A way to stop Cyro. Right?" Lunari - Today at 12:07 PM Lunari nodded, taking a bite of her food and smiling. Made her feel right at home. Shotobros - Today at 12:11 PM "On another note, the dragon ball challenge actually went not too terribly. I mean yes there was a moment in which I completely blanked out and apparently went crazy on someone... but then there was a moment in which i tried to show off against another." As Jino explained, he actually was fiddling around in his chair, balancing it on its back legs among other things Lunari - Today at 12:11 PM "Oh?" Lunari seemed curious. Shotobros - Today at 12:13 PM "yeah... just for some reason like everything kinda went blank for me the moment I saw Potata in danger thanks to the first guy we encountered, Rudy. Big guy, very strong." Lunari - Today at 12:14 PM "Huh. That's strange... Blank..." Lunari took another bite as she thought about it. Shotobros - Today at 12:15 PM "as for the moment in which i tried to showboat, it was while fighting another guy, his name being Kanzo." CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:15 PM (I'm finally awake) Shotobros - Today at 12:15 PM (hola.) Lunari - Today at 12:15 PM (Thanks for playing Lunari last night Cajun) (Sorry I wasn't there) CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:15 PM (It's alright) Shotobros - Today at 12:16 PM "would you be surprised it's kind of actually hard to try and do a ladder suplex on someone after getting them in a headlock?" Lunari - Today at 12:16 PM "Huh." Lunari seemed confused. No comment. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:17 PM Thunder was starting to walk back out after he woke up. "yawn Much better.." Shotobros - Today at 12:17 PM "...oh right..." He'd remembered that Lunari probably most likely has never heard of what a 'ladder suplex' is or a 'headlock.' Lunari - Today at 12:18 PM "Huh? Thunder?" Lunari turned her head towards the rooms. "You're awake! I got food here if you want some." She had no idea about a ladder suplex, but she knew what a headlock was; best way to stop a messenger on the run, apparently. Shotobros - Today at 12:19 PM After much leaning back on his chair, Jino finally fell out of it, on his back. "...I'm good..." he groaned in pain. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:19 PM Thunder laughed and helped him up. "Come on get up." Lunari - Today at 12:19 PM "Eep!" The sound of Jino falling made Lunari jump. Comically, she fell too. Shotobros - Today at 12:20 PM "totally meant to do that." he said, getting up with some help from thunder. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:20 PM Thunder looked in Lunari's direction and helped her up with an Energy Arm "You ok Lunari?" Lunari - Today at 12:20 PM "Just fine..." Lunari chuckled. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:20 PM He also chuckled. He then looked at Jino. "How's Potata at the moment?..." Lunari - Today at 12:22 PM "You want some food, Thunder?" Lunari asked. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:22 PM "Sure, I'll have some." Lunari - Today at 12:22 PM Lunari fished out some of the meat for Thunder. "Here ya go." CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:23 PM "Thanks." He smiled. Shotobros - Today at 12:23 PM Picking up his chair as well, setting it back in place, Jino blushed once again upon thunder's question. "Well... uh..." CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:23 PM "Something wrong Jino?..." Shotobros - Today at 12:23 PM "Nothing... Nothing's wrong." CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:23 PM "You walked in on her didn't you?" Shotobros - Today at 12:24 PM "whaaat? no, no i didn't. What'd give you that idea?" Lunari - Today at 12:24 PM Lunari sighed. "I get the feeling her and Zav aren't going to talk to me for a while..." "Very smooth, Jino. I saw the red on your face." Shotobros - Today at 12:24 PM at the current moment, he seemed very sketchy upon the subject matter. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:25 PM "Jino it's obvious you did. Your face never lies." Shotobros - Today at 12:25 PM "Well i mean it's not like i meant to or anything!" CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:26 PM "Hey calm down, accidents happen." Shotobros - Today at 12:26 PM (the situation would most likely be more awkward for him if potata did walk in at the current moment) CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:27 PM Thunder then looked at Lunari "Zav I understand cause he's very hardheaded, but why would Potata not speak to you?..."(edited) Lunari - Today at 12:28 PM "I heard about what she said... we're all just crying about our losses when we're all in the same boat..." Lunari explained. "I'm clearly the worst offender." Shotobros - Today at 12:30 PM "in her defense, she's not too happy about the current situation, i don't think anyone is. Not to mention that Zaveis' constant antagonizing of Thunder also doesn't help matters." Lunari - Today at 12:31 PM "True, I agree." CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:32 PM "..." "That night showed me what would've happened if I continued just being a wild animal..." Lunari - Today at 12:38 PM "Yeah. If I was there, I would have tried to calm you down..." Lunari thought about it for a moment. 'Then again, there'e this power-neutralizing freak..." Lunari turned away as if cursing to someone that wasn't even there. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:40 PM "Yeah....but Potata's anger towards me taught me that lesson..." "It's thanks to her I'm actually starting to show less signs of hatred and anger..." Lunari - Today at 12:41 PM "Amazing what a woman's temper can do." Lunari joked, trying to lighten the mood. This was getting too intense too fast for her even. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:44 PM "Yeah..." he chuckled slightly. Shotobros - Today at 12:44 PM "boy wouldn't you two be adorable together?" Jino chimed in, taking a seat once more CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:44 PM Thunder blushed hard to that. "W-what?..." Lunari - Today at 12:44 PM Lunari laughed a bit more. CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:45 PM He was so red it stood out from his white color Shotobros - Today at 12:46 PM "look at that, white stripes." Lunari - Today at 12:46 PM Lunari saw this, and reached over to hug Thunder. Awkward? CajunCytex07 - Today at 12:49 PM Thunder then eased down and told him "Yeah I guess you got me, Jino."(edited) He started to hug Lunari back. Shotobros - Today at 1:00 PM "aww." Lunari - Today at 1:00 PM Lunari smiled.

Part To be continued I think