The Twilight Zone is the 1st Official DLC for Prizor's Wrath.

This DLC takes place during the events of which Prizor entered the Realm of Gods in Chapter 14.

This DLC provides additional boss fights to complete against Jupiter and her father Twilos, the God of Twilight.

The DLC Chapter

Prizor reaches the Twilight Zone via a portal in the Realm of Gods. He soon confronts Jupiter, who looks at him with hatred as she appears and crosses her arms. She brandishes a large flail made of twilight energy and says to him "Killer of Gods, you dare show your face to me"? Then Prizor said "I could care less about you, it's your father who must pay". Then Jupiter said "You will not touch my father without going through me first". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Then I will destroy you too"! Then Jupiter said "We shall see if you can destroy me Mortal".

Boss Fight: Jupiter, Demigoddess of Twilight

This battle kicks off the DLC, and it's a hell of a way to start. Jupiter has plenty of weapons to smack you with, and they deal high damage along with sapping your HP like poison and restoring Jupiter's HP. The only way to win this fight is to avoid her attacks and damage her until her HP is depleted. Then complete the QTE to finish off this Demigoddess.

After stabbing her in the chest, Prizor kicks her in her leg and then uses a spear to impale her other leg to the ground before using the sword to impale her in her neck. Then Prizor kicks Jupiter backwards and says "No God will stop me from my goal". Prizor went for the finishing blow, but a shield made of twilight blocked his slash as a figure descended from the sky and said "Prizor, you want to destroy me"? Then Prizor said "Why must you help the Gods in their foolish ideas Twilos"? Then Twilos said "Because you are a monster that must be stopped". Then Twilos flew in front of Prizor and Prizor said "You will not be any different then God of Twilight"!

Boss Fight: Twilos, The God of Twilight

Twilos is even tougher than his daughter, he hits harder and can easily drop you in a few hits if he gets pissed off enough. The way to win this fight is to dodge his attacks and tire him out before slashing him once he's stunned from fatigue. Repeat this and Twilos and will go down in about 3 minutes. Just keep in mind that you're forced into this fight right after Jupiter, so conserve your HP for this fight and try to conserve your HP for what comes next too.

After depleting Twilos's HP, a QTE will finish him off as Prizor dodges his lance and stabs him in his chest before using a spear to impale him through his neck and to a wall before Prizor uses his axe to slice Twilos clean in half! Then Prizor turns to Jupiter, who manages to stand up as the entire realm begins to fall apart from it's Master's death. Then Jupiter says "You've done it now Prizor, Hezzu is unleashed"! Then a giant tentacle rips through the wall and grabs Prizor and Jupiter and pulls them out as they arrive at the roof of the building and there was a giant rift opening in the sky with a giant octopus monster crawling out of it as Prizor snarled and said "What the Hell is that"? Then Jupiter said "Hezzu, the creature that my father made into the guardian of the realm".

Hezzu attached 3 tentacles to the roof and said "Twilos is no more". Prizor seemed pissed off and yelled at Hezzu "PISS OFF"! "THIS WILL SOON BE MY REALM"! Then Hezzu glared down at Prizor and laughed before saying "Such a little man, do you think you can stop me Mortal"? Then Prizor unsheathed his sword and Jupiter said "Go ahead, fight him". "He'll just kill you and you'll be gone". Then Prizor said to her "I will NOT die to this scumbag". Then Prizor walked forward and Hezzu laughed again as he attached 3 more tentacles to the roof and said "You are quite entertaining Mortal". Then Hezzu said "So I'll play with you before I crush you in paste"!

Boss Fight: Hezzu, The Twilight Realm's Protector

This fight is rather simple at the start, attack the tentacles on the ground and force Hezzu to land in the realm itself to fight you. After this is accomplished, Hezzu will use all 8 tentacles to spin around and try to crush Prizor with his great strength. Slice him at any time there's an opening and he'll go down eventually. But after a short cutscene plays and Hezzu crawls back up from the depths of the realm and Prizor takes off his 15 rings and flies down after Hezzu. Hezzu eats Prizor, but Prizor slices himself out and while Hezzu was recoiling in pain, Prizor sliced off 3 of his tentacles before slicing through the entire body of the giant creature!

Then the creature's energy flies out as it is destroyed. But that energy flies to Jupiter, who absorbs it and says "So I'm the last line of defense for our Realm"? Then she summoned a spear made of Twilight as she grew 2 angel wings made from Twilight before Prizor flew and landed in front of her and pointed his blade at her and said "You will die now demigoddess". Then Jupiter laughed and said "I'm no longer a demigoddess, with my Father gone and Hezzu's energy flowing through me, I AM THE GODDESS OF TWILIGHT"!

Then Prizor snarled and said "I already killed your Father, you'll be no different". Then Jupiter said "Father fought you to protect me, but he already knew he couldn't kill you". Then her eyes turned red and she said "I will fight you for the very reason you must kill everyone, Vengeance comes at a stiff price Prizor". Then Prizor said "It is one I'll gladly pay, nothing else means anything to me now". Then Jupiter said "Prepare to see Gold again asshole". Then Prizor snarled and they prepared to clash!

Boss Fight: Jupiter, The Goddess of Twilight

Despite her new found power, Jupiter could do little more than hold Prizor back. Prizor completely obliterated her and the Twilight Realm cracked and fell apart as Prizor returned to the Realm of the Gods and entered a large hall.