Here's a list that will detail the ending of every possible route and secret ending of Prizor's Wrath.

(Note: The Secret Genocide ending is absent because it's the ending I showed on the game's page)

Easy/Normal Endings


After managing to convince Vuxo to stop fighting, Prizor leaves the Castle alive and becomes a true Hero of Mobius. He then becomes a soldier again. He joins the Mobian Army and quickly rises up through the ranks until he becomes a General and then continues to serve Mobius throughout his entire career.


Prizor reaches Vuxo, Vuxo attempts to talk Prizor into leaving, but Prizor decides to fight rather than flee. After the battle, Prizor is nearly killed before Vuxo decides to spare his life, Vuxo wanted to make him his apprentice once again. However, Prizor declines and Vuxo banishes him from his castle for Eternity.


Prizor battles Vuxo with everything he has, trying his very best to kill the one he once called Master. However, he is beaten and seemingly killed after Vuxo reduces his body to dust and blasts his soul into space before causing an entire universe to explode to destroy the soul for good.

Secret Endings

(Note: These are seen by beating the game on Hard or Expert)


After convincing Vuxo to not fight with him anymore, Prizor leaves the castle and become a true hero of Mobius. However, he finds a portal and walks into it before transported into another dimension and then the portal closes, leaving him trapped there.


Prizor becomes banished from Vuxo's castle and become a wanderer who goes where ever he pleases and he encounters a portal in his travels and enters, only to be stuck where he ended up. Prizor seems to barely care before walking onward.