Welcome... to the Grand Finale of OMB!

109 fights, 109 deaths, 109 victories, 109 defeats...

Now, the 2 undisputed MASTERS of killing shall face off!

Prizor, the Mobian who killed nearly every character and creator!

and Rapture, the Mobian who knows more than 1000 ways to kill someone!

These 2 are tough to kill, have unstoppable lusts for vengeance, and will go to an lengths to achieve their goals!

As prove of their bloodlust, let's just say that Genocide means nothing to them.

Which of them will live?

Which of them will die?


The Fight

Location:Vuxo's Castle Time:Unknown

Prizor had reached Vuxo, his moment of vengeance seemed to be at hand. When Rapture appeared and challenged Prizor with mere silence. Prizor unsheathed his sword as his chain whips unwrapped themselves from him shoulders and began to float around him. Rapture summoned a war axe and they prepared to fight as Prizor snarled and said "You'll die for getting in my way".

This is where it's gonna end...


Prizor slashed Rapture, but he tanked it and slashed Prizor flying through the ceiling and leaped after him and, with a viscious hack from the axe, sliced Prizor flying back down through the floor before landing next to the hole and blasting water down the hole. Prizor emerged and took off the rings of Sheogorath and Mephala before saying "You're gonna have to try harder than that to kill me". Then he fired a giant blast of electricity that blasted Rapture through a window and outside as Prizor impaled him through the chest with a spear and slashed Rapture's throat with the sword!

However, as Prizor turned to leave, Rapture stood up as his wounds seemed to not even daze him. Then he charged at Prizor again and Prizor slashed him yet again across the chest and neck before kicking him off a tower of the castle and into the jagged ice spires below. But Rapture returned as he punched Prizor flying through Vuxo's entire castle as he ran after him with the axe. Prizor stood up and blocked the axe swipe with his sword before kicked Rapture back and stabbing him with a spear.

Rapture caught the spear as it went for a second attack and used it to impale Prizor before slamming him through an entire mountain of ice. Then Prizor coughed up some blood as Rapture picked up the axe and prepared to decapitate him. However, Prizor's axe flew in and blocked the blow before Prizor entered his Power Ring Removal Stage 1 form by taking off Malacanth's ring. Then Prizor said "I'm going to fuck you up for that one asshole". However, Rapture showed no fear as he entered Super form and slashed Prizor flying into orbit!

Rapture flew after him and punched him flying into the Moon before Prizor flew out and kicked him in the face and sent him crashing back down to Mobius. Rapture touched the ground with his feet before using his momentum to blast back upwards at Prizor. Prizor held 2 spears, 1 in each hand, as he dodged a swipe from the axe and impaled Rapture through his chest with both spears as they crashed down to Mobius and slammed into the ocean, causing tidal waves that destroyed entire cities as Prizor flew out and said "Know your place, I am unbeatable". Then Rapture entered Dark form as the entire ocean trembled from his power.

Then Rapture slashed Prizor flying backwards before kicking him down to the ground and stepping on his throat. Prizor seemed to get even more pissed as he took off all 12 of the remaining rings and blasted Rapture through the entire planet and into space, past the sun, and through an entire timeline as it broke apart and exploded. But Prizor flew after him as he entered his Maximum Power stage and blasted Rapture through entire planes of existence and caused them to crack as he forced them both into another realm of existence!

There, Prizor was beating the shit out of Rapture without his weapons. Rapture soon gained the upper hand as he entered God form and kicked Prizor flying through entire omnimensions with a single kick. Then Rapture flew after him and punched him in the face before uppercutting Prizor back to Mobius, which he crashed into and left back to his base form. Rapture landed and prepared another fatal slash from the axe as Prizor's own axe defended him yet again, but was broken in the process. Prizor managed to stand up as Rapture glared at him with murder in his eyes. Prizor looked at him and said "You're just like me, huh"? Then Prizor summoned his sword and said "But I'm afraid this is where you and me part ways for good". "You are just a memory in my head Rapture".

Rapture tried to slash Prizor, but he parried it and disarmed Rapture before saying "You don't belong here". Then Rapture reverted to his base form as he grew weaker from Prizor's words. Then Prizor impaled Rapture through his chest with a spear and blood began to flow like a river as Rapture began to dissolve into dust! Prizor nudged Rapture as he was nearly gone and soon, only the mask remained. Then Prizor picked up the mask and said "Stay in my memories, where you belong". Then the mask said "I will never be a memory". Then Prizor crushed the mask into dust and dropped the dust on the ground as his rings returned to him and he said "I don't need you anymore Rapture, you're free".



I think...

That's a...


(Can't be too sure with Rapture, he's survived some shit)


Okay, this fight is a bit weird to explain.

Ya see, Rapture is actually just a creation of Prizor's mind.

Rapture's kinda like his imaginary friend he made as a child since he was ignored by his parents.

But when Prizor stopped talking to him, Rapture became insane with anger.

So they became kinda like imaginary enemies in a sense, if that makes any sense.

They both knew each other well, which is how they were predicting each other so well.

But Prizor's the top dog in this fight for a few reasons.

He's harder to kill, period. Rapture can be killed by any physical means or even a mental mean since he's a figment of an imagination.

While no physical or mental means can kill Prizor due to his soul's lust for vengeance.

Only a soul-shattering attack can kill Prizor for good, any other attack will only be temporary.

On top of that, Prizor is the better fighter of the 2 since he actually fought in the military while Rapture just fights like a demented idiot.

Prizor's harder to kill, more skilled, just as strong and and fast, and he's even smarter since Rapture's kinda like Yevon in the sense that he's a fool.

Rapture knows 1000's of ways to kill a NORMAL Mobian, not a super-powered one.

On top of that, Prizor has killed super-powered Mobians like it's barely even a challenge for him.

With all of those together, Prizor has the clear victory.

Rapture can kill nearly any powerless Mobian while Prizor can kill nearly any super-powered Mobian.

Those small details are what did Rapture in.

Well, that ending will be remembered for sure!

The Winner Is: