Welcome to a ONE MINUTE BRAWL!

Today we have, 2 masters of auras!

Celestia, the Freedom Fighter from Nocturne Forest!

and Lucario, the Aura Pokémon!

Which of these 2 will walk away as the winner of this bout?

There's only 1 way to find out...


(In case you're wondering why I changed Celestia's opponent, it's because it was a COMPLETE stomp in Celestia's favor. Kyla had NO CHANCE in winning the battle AT ALL.)


Personal Information

Full Name- Celestia Kaia Sky The Wolf

Age- 13

Height- 100 CM (Approx. 3'2)

Weight- 37 KG (Approx. 81 pounds)

DOB- 11-7-04 (November 7th, 2004)

Father- Unnamed

Mother- Unnamed

Freedom Fighter


Aurakinesis (Celestia uses Yellow, Green, Blue, and Indigo)

Super Speed

High Jumping Ability

Raviar (Celestia's sword that her father gave to her)

Fusion Shard (Celestia's Fusion Shard boosts her speed, focus, and aurakinetic powers in addition to allowing her to use it's power to warp)

Aura Details

Aurakinesis is a VERY diverse power. There are abilities for each branch of the aura tree, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. There are 7 colors in the aura tree that each allow different abilities with that said aura.

However, Celestia only uses 4 of the 7 and doesn't possess the full power of any of the 4 she uses. Now I'll go over Celestia's aurakinesis abilities.

Neutral Abilities

Aura Attacks, Detection, Self-Aura Manipulation, Concealment, and Constructs.

(Note: Neutral Abilities can be used by any aurakinetic)

Yellow/Manipura Abilities

Ergokinetic Combat (Allows the user to use their own aura to power up their attacks)

Life-Force Attacks (Allows the user to project their aura into beams, balls, or blasts in order to deal damage)

Green/Anahata Abilities

Healing (Self-explanatory)

Healing Field (Allows the healing of others in a radius from the user) (As for how helpful this'll be in a 1 on 1 fight to the death, that's up for debate)

Blue/Vishuddi Abilities

Enhanced Wisdom (Allows the user to gain clarity to make better decisions when faced with a problem)

Indigo/Anja Abilities

Spiritual Meditation (Allows the user to keep their powers under control by meditating)

Dowsing (Allows the tracking of people, objects, and other entities through their own aura)

Telepathy (I think everyone knows how this works)


Spin Dash

Homing Attack

Sharpened Spin Dash (Spin Dash done with a bladed weapon to increase damage)

Fire Generation (From Yellow Aura)

Lightning Generation (From Blue Aura)


Base Form

Dark Form (There's no known power increase, so I'll assume it's like Super and multiplies by 2)

Ultima Form (This has no defined multiplier either, my best guess is a times 10 increase)

Overall, Celestia has a diverse skill set that allows her to deal some damage and heal her own injuries as well. She also has numerous abilities, forms, weapons, and powers to lay some serious hurt on her opponents.

(Dio's Freedom Fighter Scale Level: 8.9/10)

<inserts a clip where Celestia enters her Ultima Form and prepares to face off against Shadow Deimos>


Finally! That was a LOT of typing to do.

(As for how long it took me, it took me about 2 hours to type)


(Note: This Lucario will not be limited to only 4 moves and will be able to access Mega Lucario without a trainer) (Also, there will not any PP to limit the number of uses that a move has)

Personal Information

Full Name- Lucario, The Aura Pokémon

Age- Varies

Height- 3'11

Weight- 119 pounds

Pokémon Number 448


Aura Sphere

Force Palm


Dark Pulse

Metal Claw

Quick Attack

Bone Rush

Extreme Speed



Double Team

Metal Sound

Close Combat

Swords Dance


Dragon Pulse

Aura Storm (Ultimate Attack)


Inner Focus (Prevents flinching)

Mega Evolution

Overall, Lucario is a tough combatant to handle. He's strong AND fast, gets stronger as he gets closer to death, and has a Mega Evolution that can cause some serious damage.

(Dio's Cool Pokémon Scale Level: 9.4/10)

<inserts a clip where Lucario enters his Mega Evolution and says via telepathy "The aura is with me".>

The Fight

Location: Random Gym Time: 2:00 PM

Celestia used her Fusion Shard and warped into a gym, where she happened to bump into Lucario. Celestia tried to apologize, but Lucario used Force Palm and blasted her backwards before saying via telepathy "Do not get in my way again". Then Celestia said to Lucario "I tried to apologize you know"? "You didn't have to smack me so hard". Then Lucario said "Next time, don't get in my way". Then Celestia finally recognized Lucario as she unsheathed Raviar and pointed it at Lucario.

"I am the Freedom Fighter known as Celestia, I've heard about you". Then Lucario glared at Celestia and said "You are quite a strong child". Then Celestia said "I've been training for a while". "You know, I always wanted to battle you". Then Lucario's eyes glowed blue as he suddenly moved and appeared right beside Celestia before saying "Is that so"? Then Celestia smiled and said "Yes, I've heard the stories of what you've done". "So I would like to test myself against you". "My best versus your best". Then Lucario said "Very well, but I must warn you now...". Then Lucario suddenly moved backwards to where it previously stood before saying "You'll get nothing less then my best". Then Celestia said "Fine with me, let's go". Then aura began to pour out of Lucario's body and Celestia took her battle stance!




Celestia slashed towards Lucario, but he blocked it with a bone made of aura and then he used Force Palm to blast Celestia backwards again, but she caught her balance and then fired a beam of aura towards Lucario, who blocked it effortlessly and then used Dark Pulse. The dark blast hit Celestia and did some damage to her as Lucario used Double Team and had 2 other shadows appear and they all circled around Celestia, trying to fool her. Celestia spin dashed through one and it was revealed to be one of the shadows. Then the real Lucario used Extreme Speed and dashed at Celestia before kicking her into the air, then Lucario blasted her in mid-air with an Aura Sphere!

Celestia was a bit hurt, but she used her green aura and healed her injuries a bit before Lucario suddenly used Quick Attack and smacked Celestia flying backwards. Then Lucario ran towards Celestia and prepared Force Palm as Celestia's fur turned darker! Lucario used Force Palm, which connected with Celestia, but only knocked her back rather than deal much damage. Then Celestia said "This is my dark form, let's see how you deal with me now". Then Celestia suddenly dashed at Lucario and kicked him into the air and then teleported up and kicked him back down before blasting him with a laser made from her own aura.

Lucario was injured, but he still managed to stand up. Then Lucario charged a max-powered Aura Sphere and launched it at Celestia, who was hit by it and took some moderate damage, but was still standing with little difficulty. Then Celestia suddenly blasted a large ball of aura back at Lucario, who kicked it back at her and did some more damage to her. Then Lucario's eyes glowed blue as he said "You're reckless". Then Lucario stood defiantly, looking at Celestia while she was struggling to remain standing from energy consumption. Then Celestia reverted back to her base form and said "Uh oh". Then Lucario suddenly was next to her before blasting her backwards and was then behind her, kicking her in the back.

Celestia went flying through the wall of the gym and landed outside. Lucario walked outside as Celestia said something to her Fusion Shard and activated it. Then Celestia managed to stand up and she said "I'm not through yet"! Then she entered her Ultima Form! Lucario glared at her and then said "Good, because I'm only getting started". Then Celestia flew over and kicked Lucario flying backwards and then blasted him with multiple balls made of aura from many directions. Then Celestia used her Blue Aura to gain more wisdom before saying "I should've known that my dark form would be nearly useless against you". "Mere rage won't defeat your experience". Then Lucario suddenly kicked Celestia in the face, but had little effect on her before she then blasted him flying backwards.

Lucario had small cuts on his body, he was taking some real damage now. Lucario then used Swords Dance and increased his attack power before saying "Now you're being a challenge". Then Lucario used Extreme Speed to deliver a quick strike to Celestia, who was caught off-guard by Lucario's power increase and took some damage before Lucario punched her and then blasted her back with another Aura Sphere. Celestia had some damage done to her, but was relatively unharmed from Lucario's assault. She then blasted Lucario backwards again, this time, he was blasted much further away and took even more damage.

Then Celestia turned her back and said "is that all you had"? "Well, at least you were interesting to test myself against". Then she heard Lucario say "MAX AURA"! Then she turned around and saw Lucario transform into Mega Lucario! Then Lucario said "Not bad, but you still have some areas to improve in". Then Celestia used her Indigo aura to utilize her Dowsing ability and said "Huh"? "Your aura"!? "Why is it... spinning"? Then Lucario eyes glowed blue as it said "That is what happens when I'm pushed to the edge". Then Lucario charged a gigantic Aura Sphere and Celestia fired a laser made from pure aura at Lucario, but the Aura Sphere plowed right through it and blasted Celestia flying backwards as Lucario used Dragon Pulse and a dragon-like blast flew in and hit Celestia, who was badly hurt from the attacks.

Celestia tried to use her Fusion Shard, but Lucario suddenly appeared next to her and kicked it out of her hands. Then Celestia kicked Lucario backwards and said "Hey, how about we both power down and settle this without destroying the city"? Then Lucario suddenly was back, punching her in the face. Celestia was hurt pretty badly, her form wouldn't last much longer at this rate. Then Lucario flew into the sky and looked down at Celestia before saying "Feel the power of the Aura". Then Celestia saw Lucario's aura go nuts as he charged it into a beam. Celestia freaked out and wasn't quite sure what to do, she panicked and held up Raviar in defense as Lucario unleashed the awe-inspiring Aura Storm!

Lucario blasted Raviar and the sword was shattered as Celestia was blasted by intense energy from the aura. However, Celestia saw the sword break and was filled with anger as she felt her dark form show itself again. She then flew through the beam, while unleashing her own black aura everywhere as it began to destroy everything nearby! Lucario saw her coming using his aura sensory and he used Foresight to see that she would hit him and obliterate him with a giant aura laser. Knowing this, Lucario used Double Team and all 3 of them flew in different directions as Celestia flew out of the blast and punched the air, barely missing Lucario. Then she punched one of the clones and destroyed it before blasting the other clone to nothingness. Then she looked around for Lucario, too angry to think about using her dowsing to locate him.

Suddenly, Lucario flew by Ceelstia and blasted her in the back with Force Palm, which hurt her before she finally kicked him flying into a building! Then Celestia charged up a giant ball of aura while Lucario stood up. Lucario charged up a maximum-powered Aura Sphere and then launched it at the ball of aura while he then began to charge up another Aura Sphere. Celestia fired the ball of aura, which blasted the first Aura Sphere and they were in deadlock as Lucario reached his true maximum charge on the second Aura Sphere and then glared at the deadlock. Celestia's aura ball eventually overpowered Lucario's Aura Sphere and came hurtling towards Lucario, who used Extreme Speed to fly right underneath the ball of aura and he appeared right in front of Celestia, who was caught off-guard as she reverted to base form!

Then Lucario unleashed the full-powered second Aura Sphere on Celestia and blasted her flying backwards as the Aura Sphere then exploded violently! After the smoke cleared, Lucario still stood, but he then reverted back to his normal form as Celestia rose from the rubble of a house, bleeding. She then tried to walk over, but fell after getting about halfway there. Then Lucario transferred some of his own aura to Celestia to allow her to live before he himself walked away.



Now then, this fight was VERY HARD to call.

I know that Celestia seems to have had a helluva advantage.

But this will all make sense once I explain it.

In strength, Lucario is physically stronger in both Melee and Ranged combat.

As for speed, Lucario is already fast as Hell and Celestia is no slouch either.

But with Celestia having 2 more forms AND her Fusion Shard to make her faster, I would say she's faster by small margin.

Next up, durability. Celestia being able to heal her wounds allows her to keep pace with Lucario, who is naturally more durable than she is. (I mean, c'mon he's STEEL TYPE)

So I'd say that they're equal in durability since Celestia can heal.

When it comes to intelligence, both are smarter than the average person. There's no real advantage here for either one.

Skill is where Lucario takes the cake. Celestia HAS trained since she was young, but so has Lucario. Lucario was a Riolu once, who also trained how to battle and to increase the strength of it's aura.

Honestly, Aura Strength is where Lucario dominates this battle.

Celestia uses 4 auras, but hasn't mastered any of them yet, while Lucario's own aura makes him tougher as he gets hurt and bends to his every will.

Lucario eventually surpassed Celestia with his aura increasing his attack power as she did more and more damage to him, his ability to charge up his powerful attacks like Aura Sphere or Aura Storm, and the fact that he can use Swords Dance to increase it even further.

And that's not even counting his Mega Evolution's power increase.

I would daresay that the biggest reason Celestia lost is the fact that she has no experience at fighting other aurakinetics or aura users. Meaning she had no idea that Lucario would only get stronger as she hurt him more and didn't go in for the finishing blow.

Also, her teen recklessness and overall lack of strategy in her Dark Form ESPECIALLY helped to do her in.

At least Celestia will live to fight another day.

And she definitely won't doubt the power of the Aura anymore.

The Winner Is:

Lucario, The Aura Pokémon


I promised a rematch...

I kinda forgot it for a while, but here it is...


The dark shadow himself shall battle alone.


<a hedgehog with a guitar strapped to his back and wearing dark-tinted glasses walks into a bar and sees 2 guys bothering the female bartender. He walks up behind the first guy and picks up an empty beer bottle before smacking it on the dude's head and then kicking his buddy through the bar's large window to where he fell on the sidewalk outside. Then the hedgehog picks up the unconscious first guy and drops him outside on his buddy before telling them to beat it. Then he walks back in and lifts up his glasses and says to the female bartender "Let me know if they ever come back here Sweetie, I'll take care of those assholes anytime". "Free of charge". Then the bartender smiles and says "Thanks Mag, those guys are just 2 jerks". Then she says "Are you having your usual"? Then he said "Indeed".>


Which "Phantom" will win?

Find out, in their highly-anticipated rematch...