When it comes to War, who's better to bet on than the God of War?

Grief, The Moebian God of War!

and Kratos, The Demigod Greek God Slayer!

These 2 are both considered to be Gods of War and only 1 of them will leave this alive!


Personal Information

Full Name- Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska

Age- Immortal (Said to be from the Jurassic Age)

Height- Unknown (Est. for Non-Giant is 4'7) (Giant is stated to be as large as Godzilla, which is 167 feet)

Weight- Unknown (No Est. for Non-Giant) (Est. for giant is the weight of Godzilla, 164,000 tons) (328 million pounds)

D.O.B- Unknown (Supposedly Primordial)

Father- Deraj Ivan Bradanska

Mother- Rose Cecile Bradanska

Moebian God of War



Just like his previous incarnation this version of Grief can grow larger and more powerful/durable with ease, especially when angered.

Hatred Aura

Grief 'feeds' on not only the malicious acts of murder, but also on hatred, disgust, and animosity from everyone thus increasing his own power as they 'sacrifice' to the Fighting God. (However, it is known that Grief is actually weakened in times of peace, love, or cooperation among mortals. )

Weapon Manifestation

Grief is capable of creating his very own weaponry, however most of them are shields and axes of various forms. Necromancy

Grief is capable of bargaining with the underworld for the souls of the fallen in his 'Eternal Army', thus allowing them to serve him once more by either bringing them back to life fully, or putting them into a Geist Panzer.

Weapon Forging

Grief can bestow upon his followers enchanted weapons and armaments that represent him in the field of battle. These weapons tend to have supernatural durability, amplified power, and are considered master crafted. Weapons can also be infused with Grief's own demons to amplify their power,  (or corrupt the unwary.)


Within the War Room Grief possess complete domination of his own realm. Outside of the War Room Grief possess limited omnipotence in certain instances.


As there will always be war and conflict, there will always be Grief. Grief can be slain, but the negative energy of aggression, hatred, and inequality will always allow him to be reborn.


War and fire go hand in in hand, thus there is no other element Grief adores more than the gift of flame. (Unless it is earth as he loves making weapons with materials). Grief is known to be a powerful fire god in his own right, just not the goddess of fire.

Reality Warping

Just as the battlefield can change once peaceful land and lives into a hellish landscape and fight for survival, so can Grief. In due time entire cities could be warped into his twisted view of fortresses.

The War Room

Grief receiving godhood is his ability to take soldiers, vehicles, and military equipment into his own personal realm, the "War Room". In the War Room Grief has complete dominion over the laws of said realm as it is his personal domain.The War Room can only be described as a giant child's bedroom filled with all sorts of real world weaponry and combat vehicles scattered about on it's floor.It's massive walls portray giant propaganda posters from all over the mortal realm.

Within the War Room is Grief's "Eternal Boot camp" where soldiers are sent to train for them for their rest of their lives until Grief decides they're good enough to join his own Eternal Army.

For soldiers that prove their worth Grief allows them to feast at the "Great Mess Hall",a' 'Valhalla like part of the War Room that honors those who have served Grief or he views worthy enough to get nourishment and relaxation.


Chaos Champion Form

Grief's most powerful state, he cannot access it on his own. But with Phenia's permission, he can access the form and it makes Grief into a MONSTER OF DESTRUCTION. His tail alone leaves giant craters on the planet's surface, he grows even larger in size, and gains control over chaos energy itself. This form is nearly unstoppable.

All in all, Grief has plenty of weapons and abilities to dismantle nearly anyone who steps in his path. Provided that they don't have a giant-killing weapon.

(Dio's Comedy Scale Level: 9.2/10)

<inserts a scene where Grief lifts his foot to smash a group of soldiers and says "How's the weather"? "Under my foot"! before smashing them>


Personal Information

Full Name- Kratos

Age- Unknown (Presumed to be at least 30)

Height- Unknown (Est. 6'4-6'8)

Weight- Unknown (Est. 200-270 pounds)

D.O.B- Unknown (Not stated) (No Est.)

Father- Zeus

Mother- Callisto

Brother- Deimos

Former God of War


Super Strength

Super Speed/Agility

Super Durability

Soul-Killing Attacks Resistance


Blades of Exile- Kratos's primary melee weapons, the famously chained blades that he's used to murder nearly every Greek God.

Gauntlets of Zeus- Gauntlets that Zeus once used to chain the Titans.

Blade of Artemis- A large blade that deals more damage than the Blades of Exile, but is a bit slower.

Barbarian Hammer- An extremely powerful, but extremely slow, hammer.

Spear of Destiny- A spear Kratos took from the Dark Rider and can use to pierce flying enemies.

Claws of Hades- Powerful, soul-stealing weapons that Kratos uses just like the Blades of Exile.

Nemean Cestus- Powerful gauntlets that can break nearly anything they hit.

Nemesis Whip- 3 blades chained together than can emit electricity to shock foes.

Bow of Apollo- A bow that fires fiery arrows that deal intense damage.

Blade of Olympus- The most powerful weapon Kratos can wield, it has God-destroying power.

Magic Spells

Fire of Ares- Powerful fire blasts.

Ice of Poseidon- Powerful ice blasts, can cause freezing.

Lightning of Zeus- Powerful lighting bolts.

Soul of Hades- Allows the summoning of spirits to attack enemies.

Charon's Wrath- Curses foes and damages them over time like Poison.

Poseidon's Wrath- Electrical damage that goes out in a radius. (Can be charged to higher degrees of power)

Medusa's Gaze- Turns whoever it touches to stone.

Zeus's Fury- Allows Kratos to throw a thunderbolt.

Typhon's Bane- Allows Kratos to fire an arrow without a bow.

Atlas Quake- Allows Kratos to summon powerful quakes that shake the Earth.

Divine Reckoning- A whirling vortex of wind that slices foes to ribbons.

Army of Sparta- A formation of spirits guard Kratos and attacks with spears and shield bashes.


Amulet of Uroborus- Capable of manipulating Time.

Oath Stone of Orkos- Gives Kratos the ability to create a clone of himself.

Eyes of Truth- Dispels Illusions, destroys dark spells, and destroys magic barriers.

Poseidon's Trident- Allows Kratos to breathe underwater.

Golden Fleece- Reflects energy attacks back on the user.

Icarus Wings- Allows Kratos to glide for short distances.

Head of Helios- Used to reveal secrets and can blind enemies for a surprise attack.

Boots of Hermes- Boots that allow Kratos to move at even faster speeds and to even dash right through enemies.

Overall, Kratos is badass Spartan Demigod that kills Gods for a living, has plenty of weapons, magic attacks, and items at his disposal, and is nearly impossible to kill for good.

(Dio's God Slayer Scale Level- 9.5/10)

<inserts the clip when Kratos rips off Helios's head and the head glows before Kratos puts it away>

The Fight

Location: The City Time: 2:00 PM

Grief was casually destroying the city, knocking over buildings and stomping on cars. Kratos fell through a dimensional rift and got up, and was quite shocked to see this Modern World. He then saw Grief and was a bit astonished at his size before deciding to climb up Grief to ask him who he was. Kratos climbed up to Grief's eyes and Grief yelled and batted him away and said "Who dares climb the God of War"!? Kratos landed on a rooftop and Grief saw him and looked down at him. Then Kratos said "You, the God of War"? "You lie"! Then Grief laughed and said "Griefzilla is gonna kick your tiny ass"!

Then Kratos pulled out the Blades of Exile and said "You will not live to see tomorrow"! Then Grief said "How's the weather"? "Under my foot"! yelled Grief as he stepped on Kratos. However, Grief was surprised when Kratos began lifting his massive foot and then threw him backwards by pushing his foot and making him fall. Then Kratos said "You face a Spartan, the superior warriors of Men"! Then Grief stood back up and growled before returning to normal size and summoning an axe and shield. Then the 2 warriors prepared to fight!




Grief swung his axe and Kratos dodged to the side before slashing at Grief, but Grief blocked the slashes with his shield and then summoned a javelin that he threw at Kratos like a harpoon. Kratos caught the javelin and snapped it with his knee before throwing the point back at Grief. Grief dodged the point and then he threw his axe like a tomahawk at Kratos. Kratos used the Nemean Cestus to punch the axe in mid-air and the axe shattered into pieces before Kratos threw one of the Blades of Exile towards Grief and it hit him and then Kratos pulled the chain back to pull Grief towards him. Kratos tried to slash Grief, but Grief blocked his slash with his shield and then bashed Kratos backwards before launching a blast of Hellfire at Kratos.

Kratos took some damage from the blast, but pulled out Apollo's Bow and fired multiple arrows at Grief, who used a beam of hellfire from his palm to destroy all the arrows in mid-air before summoning another axe and throwing it like a tomahawk at Kratos. Kratos caught this tomahawk by the handle and threw it back, which hit Grief in his left shoulder and made him wince as Kratos equipped Hermes's Boots and ran over and slashed Grief across the chest. Then Kratos grabbed Grief as a QTE triggered and Kratos sliced Grief's left shoulder before impaling him with the Blades of Exile and then kicking him off them. Then Kratos turned to walk away, but Grief stood up, anger filling his body.

Grief then grew in size until he reached his giant form and he summoned a huge battleaxe that he slammed down towards Kratos, who dodged and began climbing up his arm. Grief then summoned soldiers from the Eternal Army and they appeared on his arm, also climbing up after Kratos. Kratos fought them with his blades while using 1 hand to hold on. He sliced one and then slammed it into Grief's arm before it fell to it's death. Then Kratos kicked one below him off and kept climbing until he reached Grief's shoulder, where another QTE appeared, but when Kratos tried to activate it, Grief shattered it and knocked Kratos off of him. Kratos fell through multiple floors of a building and landed on a car before getting up, but being injured. Grief walked over to him and prepared to stomp on him but Kratos pulled out Medusa's Head and Grief's entire foot turned to stone as he stomped and his foot broke off! This caused Grief to revert back to normal size.

Grief yelled in pain as Kratos then took out the Blade of Olympus and stabbed it into Grief's chest! Then Kratos pulled the blade out and walked away. But he didn't get far, Grief managed to stand up as he said "Phenia, I request the power of chaos itself"! Then Grief entered his Chaos Champion Form and grew even larger than before as his foot regenerated and he fired a giant blast of Hellfire that hit Kratos and knocked him backwards and nearly killed him. Then Kratos stood up and used Zeus's Fury to throw a thunderbolt, which hit Grief right in his left eye and blinded it! Grief roared in pain again as he began summoning multiple swords and axes that flew around slashing wildly.

Kratos slashed through a sword and then an axe before he finally reached Grief and slashed his leg. Grief tried to fire a blast of Hellfire from his mouth, but Kratos used the Golden Fleece and reflected it back and it hit Grief in his mouth and he seemed to stagger a bit. Then Kratos equipped the Nemesis Whip and lashed Grief with it and started to shock him with it before Grief finally got pissed off and kicked Kratos into the air. However, Kratos glided to Grief with the Icarus Wings and stabbed him in the forehead with the blades of exile and Grief roared in pain before falling on his back. Then Kratos leaped onto Grief and walked up to Grief's forehead as he pulled out the Blade of Olympus and Grief said "You dare kill the God of War"? Then Kratos sneered and prepared to drive the blade into Grief's head!

But suddenly, Grief's Hatred Aura took effect and Kratos seemed to weaken as he tried to fight off it's influence. Then Kratos dropped the Blade of Olympus and used the Golden Fleece to reverse the direction of the Hatred Aura! The aura began to take Grief's energy and give it to Kratos! Then Kratos pulled out the Claws of Hades and stabbed them into Grief's eyes and began pulling as he then ripped Grief's soul from it's body! Then the claws absorbed Grief's soul and Kratos walked away in victory.



Whelp, this fight was quite picky to figure out.

But here's why Kratos takes this.

Grief is a God, but Kratos has killed plenty of Gods throughout his adventures.

Hell, Mount Olympus is just about empty by this point. (There's like 4 Gods left and that's it)

And being an actual God of War didn't help Grief much either, as Kratos killed Ares who was also the God fo War.

Another thing to consider here is that Grief IS killable, he just returns with time.

However, the Claws of Hades steal the soul, allowing no possible reincarnation.

Using the Claws of Hades, Kratos had a way to put Grief down FOR GOOD.

Whereas Grief had no way to put Kratos down for good. Kratos can die, considering he's in Hell like almost every 3 days, he just refuses to stay down there.

Plus Kratos's vast arsenal of weapon, magic, and items really gave him an advantage over Grief in terms of abilities and ways to deal insane damage.

Another thing to consider, Grief has Omnipotence in his realm and LIMITED on Mobius itself. His limited omnipotence on Mobius wouldn't allow him to learn about what Kratos was capable of to know what to avoid.

But the winning point for this fight is their feats.

Grief is certainly powerful, he's the God of War after all.

But Kratos has defeated all 3 Fates, 2 of which he fought at the same time and still killed both.

He's also killed Gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, and even Athena.

On top of that, he's proven to be incredibly smart, as he's the first Mortal to EVER reach Pandora' Box and open it. He also cleared Daedalus's Labyrinth and has solved multiple puzzles throughout his adventures.

His strength has also allowed him to slay the Titans, which predate the Gods. As a matter of fact, Kratos even killed Gaia, who is considered a Primordial. (She's the Mother of the Titans, basically Earth itself)

So yeah, if Kratos is strong enough to kill Gods, Titans, and even a Primordial, then I'm certain Kratos has the ability to kill Grief.

Granted, Grief would last a long time and wouldn't go down easily.

But tenacity only gets you so far against someone who has multiple ways to kill you.

Grief's known to be a sore loser.

But I guess Kratos has stolen this victory.

The Winner Is:



2 Menaces of the Cyber World...

Glitrix, a Glitch...

and !Xav, a Virus...

Who will prove superior?

Find out on episode 103 of OMB!