So I took about 2 weeks to reflect on everything I've done with this series.

And whelp, here we are.

But things are gonna be a little different this time!

I'm keeping the series mostly the same, but I think it's time I start adding some analyses!

Livid Joshua Sentrium Burns

Personal Information

Full Name- Joshua Sentrium Burns

Age- 16 YOA

Height- 3'7

Weight- 78 Ibs.

D.O.B- 11/8/00 (Nov. 8th, 2000)

Father- Adex Zarvok Burns (Deceased)

Mother- Savanna Verdia Burns (Deceased)

Jkirk Federation Leader




Umbra-Ergo Manipulation (Scientific definition for Dark Energy)


DX1-J9 Plasma Rifle

This beauty can fire 270 shots before needing to be charged, has a scope for 25 additional meters, can fire Napalm grenades, and can blast the HELL OUT OF STEEL!

(I totally could use one of those XD)

Rekavo Anti-Matter Warhammer

This one is quite concealable, as it's just a metal stick until activated. Upon activation, this mallet will form out of Anti-Matter and deliver powerful blows to those it hits. However, it is noted to be rather slow and unwieldy due to it's weight and Joshua's lack of physical strength.

(Since the weight wouldn't faze me, I could use that too XD)


Battlefield Tactical HUD

Allows Joshua to see the entire battlefield and allows communication with allies. It is stated that Joshua uses this very uncommonly.

Mecha Emerald

Allows Joshua to reach his Mecha Livid Form and can create shields. Furthermore, when the shield is destroyed, it releases a damaging shockwave that can send foes flying and knock foes down.


Mecha Livid Form

This form is achieved by using the Mecha Emerald and makes Joshua stronger and faster while lowering his durability and perception. This also restores his stamina and allows Joshua to use Photo-Ergo and Entro-Ergo abilities.

False Ascension Form

This form restores Joshua's stamina and increases his perception and durability. However, if Joshua fails to remain in this state for 6 minutes, he will revert to his normal form and be nearly dead from being drained.

Dark Livid Form


If Joshua maintains his form for 6 minutes, he will enter this state. All stats drop to 0 except Strength, Speed, Perception, and Durability. This state is considerably powerful, as it is practically invincible to physical attacks and the only saving grace for an opponent is a 10 minute timeframe to try to outlast Joshua.

Overall, Joshua has weapons capable of inflicting serious pain, gadgets to help him in any battle, a handful of useful powers, and rules over a Multi-Solar System sized Federation.

(Dio's Badass Scale Level- 8.9/10)

<inserts clip of Joshua saying "I don't need an introduction, it's unnecessary" before punching a random enemy soldier in the face>

Rookie The Fox

Personal Information

Full Name- Rookie The Hedgehog

Age- 14 YOA

Height- 5'0

Weight- Unknown (Est. 150-210 pounds)

D.O.B- Unknown (Est. Year- 2003)

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown




Super Speed (Stated to be the Speed of Sound, 760 MPH)


Mist Shields

Dragon Blasters

Mental States

Calm (Default)

Sinister (Uses scare tactics)

Angry (Becomes very aggressive)

Rage (Consumed with rage and holds nothing back)

Rookie is quite the opponent to face, with power over the aura, telekinesis that can slam people off the walls, blasters that he can summon THOUSANDS of, and is ruthless in his endeavors to teach people a lesson.

(Dio's Sans-Inspired Scale Level- 9.8/10)

<shows a clip of Rookie casually slamming a thief around a room while yawning and playing cards with a stray cat>

All right, we have 2 angry hedgehogs getting ready to duke it out!

Which of them will make it out alive?


The Fight

Location: The Plains Time: 1:00 PM

Joshua was making his way across the plains when he encountered Rookie. Joshua decided he was simply going to ignore Rookie, but Rookie decided to strike up a conversation. "What's up"? asked Rookie. But Joshua ignored him and kept walking. Rookie got a bit angry and yelled at him "HEY"! "I'M TALKING TO YOU"! Then Joshua turned and said "And I don't care, I'm on important business right now and you're interfering". Then he started walking again as Rookie got pissed and said "Who do you think you are"? "Chaos's gift to the world"!? Then Joshua said "I'm someone important, unlike you". Then Rookie summoned aura cannons and said "That's it dirtbag"! "I'm gonna teach you some respect"! Then Joshua turned to Rookie and said "Then allow me to give you an introduction".

Then Joshua used telekinesis to compress the cannons in spheres and teleported next to Rookie as he activated his warhammer and said "I don't care for pleasantries, I'll just teach you pain". Then Rookie teleported back a few feet and became serious before saying "Then I guess we'll have to do this the hard way". Then Joshua said "Did you really think there would be an easy way"? Then Rookie said "Unfortunately for you, no".




Joshua swung his warhammer and levitated boulders into the air before launching them at Rookie. Rookie dodged the hammer and used aura cannons to blast the boulders to pieces before making 10 of them fire towards Joshua. Joshua ran past their blasts and smacked Rookie flying into the air with the hammer before using telekinesis to slam Rookie back down with quite an amount of force. Then Rookie created 50 aura cannons around Joshua and Joshua put up his shield and tanked the blasts before it exploded and blasted Rookie backwards as Joshua ran and caught up to him as he was flying backwards.

Then Joshua pulled out his Plasma Rifle and shot Rookie in the chest with it as he kept running after him and blasting him until Rookie crashed into a mountain and Joshua slammed him into the mountain with a shot from his hammer. Then Rookie entered his Sinister state and said to Joshua "So you won't simply give up huh"? "Then I'll just have to beat it into you". Then Rookie ran behind Joshua and kicked him the back before blasting in the back with an aura cannon. Joshua got up, a bit hurt, but mostly pissed off, and pulled out the Mecha Emerald and entered his Mecha Livid form before saying "I'll turn you into space dust".

Mecha Livid Joshua then blasted Rookie with a chaos spear and knocked him flying back out of the mountain before flying over and kicking him in his skull through an entire mountain range and they both crashed into a canyon. Then Rookie entered his Angry state and began blasting Joshua all over the canyon with aura cannons. Rookie then used telekinesis to slam Joshua through the canyon and Joshua ended up back in the plains as he reverted back to base form and the Mecha Emerald layed on the ground in front of him. Rookie flew over with telekinesis and said "Now that you're nearly dead, I'm taking care of that toy of yours". Then Rookie smashed the Mecha Emerald!

However, Joshua saw this and haunting memories filled his mind as he began to change. Then Joshua suddenly enters his False Ascension Form and says "You just pissed off the wrong Mobian". Then Joshua blasted Rookie with blasts of dark energy before teleporting behind him and using a spear made of light to impale Rookie in the back before slamming him on the ground and putting his Plasma Rifle to Rookie's head! Then Joshua said "Sayonara asswipe", but Rookie used telekinesis to make the rifle overload and explode in Joshua's hands. Then Rookie said "That's enough, you've just pissed me off". Then Rookie entered his Rage state and began slamming Joshua all over the place, into boulders, mountains, through trees, and into the ground while about 10,000 aura cannons all appeared around Joshua and blasted him from every direction!

However, a bright light happened upon impact and it fades to see Joshua in his Dark Livid Form and using telekinesis to hold all of the aura cannons's blasts back before saying "You just fucked up". Then Rookie began creating more and more aura cannons that fired at Joshua as Joshua teleported away from their blasts and used telekinesis to turn them against each other as he ran towards Rookie with his hammer equipped. Joshua went for the finish slam with his hammer, but the Mist Shield blocked it! Joshua began slamming the hammer harder and harder on the shield, but couldn't seem to break it. Rookie then created an aura cannon behind Joshua, who used telekinesis to open a hole in the mist shield before dodging the blast from the cannon, which entered the shield through the hole and blasted Rookie through his chest!

Rookie was stunned as his mist shield lowered and Joshua ran by and smacked him into the air with his hammer before teleporting up and slamming him back down with a brutal smash that caused a crater upon impact with the ground. Then Joshua teleported higher into the air and came flying down with a giant swing read to finish the battle as Rookie got up and created about 50,000 aura cannons around him that all pointed at Joshua and began firing at him as Rookie seemed to be nearly tired out. Joshua used telekinesis to divert every single blast aside and slammed his hammer into Rookie's head with enough force to crack a continent as the ground below them cracked and earthquakes began to happen as Rookie's head went flying off his shoulders and slammed into a distant mountain and exploded!



Now then, this fight is pretty close in most regards.

But Joshua just has SO MANY MORE WEAPONS than Rookie.

Rookie had Telekinesis and Teleportation, Joshua could counter both of those with his own.

Rookie's Mist Shield is very tough, but is still breakable provided that takes enough damage, which Joshua was capable of dealing due to his arsenal of weapons and forms.

Forms are another important factor to consider, as Rookie really doesn't have any power ascensions while Joshua has 3.

Rookie's mental states DON'T regenerate his stamina or anything, while Joshua's forms do, giving Joshua the ability to outlast Rookie in a full fight to the finish.

In pure strength, they're around the same.

The same goes for speed, although I believe Joshua is a bit faster than Rookie.

Both are very durable, but only Joshua had the means to restore lost stamina and heal from damage.

In terms of combat knowledge, Joshua trumps Rookie with ease in intelligence.

And when it comes to fighting skill, Joshua is the leader of a Federation that uses weapons and mechs while Rookie uses mostly energy attacks.

Rookie may have won this if his mental states could heal him, but he'd still struggle trying to survive Joshua's amount of weapons and such.

And I guess I should mention that, although I didn't use it for this fight, Joshua IS the Jkirkian Overlord at this point, he could easily call in any mech, vehicle, or machine they have to give him the edge he needs.

To put it as simply as I can, Rookie just lacked the firepower to overpower Joshua on his own.

This battle seemed to be Rookie's favor.

Too bad he couldn't keep a level head.

The Winner Is:

Joshua Sentrium Burns (Livid Alteration)


When it comes to combat, there's always that 1 God every warrior prays to...

Grief, The Moebian God of War and Conflict!

and Kratos, The Olympian Annihilator!