"Mabel, Angelic Spirit of Arraura" is made by Lunari64 and redesigned by Xtarhaven


She is a tall pale human with long lavender hair, turquoise eyes, and small wings of light. She commonly wears indigo robes that look similar to ancient clothing, and a small golden leaf crown with four small wings jetting out of the side near her ears, she is also barefoot as she hovers over the ground.


Mabel is a very calm and happy-go-lucky person who is too easily trusting and friendly, but can identify evils when it rears it's face. She is patient to listen to anyone's problems and helps unwanted souls back to happiness, as well as very loyal to her goddess.




Spiritual Energy

As a being of spiritual energy she can control this power and use it in a variety of ways, but she mostly uses it for support or defensive purposes

Spirt Form

As a angel to Arraura she can shift in and out of corporeal forms, in her spirit or "ghost" form she is a transparent shade of lavender, except for her wings, and is immune to all physical damage and can pass through solid objects.


In her spirit form she can become almost completely invisible, only slightly distorting the area where she is gives her away, if you have precise vision or can sense spiritual energy she can be easily noticed.


  • Mabel means "Dear" or "Lovable" which fits quite nicely