Lexie the Fox is a character created by Lunari64.



Lexie is a 13-year-old brown fox, with light blue eyes, and very small ears. She usually wears a denim skirt, with a ruffled yellow top and purple shoes.


Lexie is very outgoing and energetic. She is rather talkative, and very friendly. However, she can be startled easily, and is not that brave. She doesn't like to fight, and would prefer just to help from a distance. She loves to make people feel welcome, often leading her to hold down the fort while everyone else is away. She is somewhat organized, and likes for everything to be neat and tidy.


Lexie grew up in a desert town, which was a well-known gathering place for pyrokinetics. Being one of few children in the town to not have the ability, Lexie was often teased. However, she also made good friends with the other kids who lacked control over fire. As she grew up, she developed a strong love for music. When the kids she grew up with contemplated running away, Lexie took off with them. They debated parting ways, but Lexie convinced them to stick together, by selling them on the idea of making a band. The group played together, until they split up a couple years later. Lexie has been roaming the world ever since.


Lexie has very slight sonokinesis, or control over sound. She is just learning how to use it, however. She can control sound waves, altering things like pitch, volume, and other effects.


Due to her childhood, Lexie is very afraid of fire. This often leaves her vulnerable, paralyzed in fear when threatened by a fire attack.

Theme Songs


29. Teehee Valley (Superstar Saga Orchestrated)

Lexie's main theme.

Albanian Dance by Shelley Hanson

Albanian Dance by Shelley Hanson

Lexie's battle theme.


  • Lexie seems to have OCD, straightening and organizing everything she comes across. Whether this is for better or for worse, is hard to tell.
  • Lexie has a Spanish accent, a reference to Carmelita Fox from the Sly Cooper video games.