Joanna is a demonic hedgehog who stands at around 6'6 and weighs around 178 pounds. She is normally red in color, but she can change colors to any color she chooses to, allowing her to blend in if she chooses to do so in order to hide from or sneak attack a foe.


Joanna was originally a sadistic asshole who enjoyed beating the shit out of anyone unlucky enough to cross her path. After joining up with Rudy, Angel, and the rest of the group, she mended her ways and now is a neutral rather than the villain she used to be.

Although she's quite a bit nicer now, she's still a dangerous bitch who will kick your ass if you get in her way.



Powers & Weapons

Infernokinesis (Like any demon, Joanna can control hellfire and use it to deal major damage to foes)

Super Strength (Most demons possess extra strength, as does Joanna. She is slightly stronger than an average demon however)

Supernatural Speed (Unlike most demons, Joanna doesn't need to teleport. She decides to move at speeds that rival teleportation)

Extreme Durability (Like most demons, Joanna is capable of taking powerful hits and still fighting back like it's nothing)

Advanced Healing Factor (Most demons can regenerate, but Joanna has 1 of the strongest healing factors around, even by demon standards. Her regeneration is about on par with Deadpool's)

Teleportation (Although Joanna uses it maybe twice a decade, she still is capable of teleporting if she decides to do so)

Demonic Senses (While all demons are born with this ability, Joanna's is known to be weaker than most of the other demon's senses due to her not training her senses and preferring to just beat the shit out of stuff than sense where it is)

Chromokinesis (Using this power, Joanna can change her own color and the color of other objects around her. This power isn't very effective in battle, but it can be used to hide in order to heal herself or sneak attack a foe)

Lunakinesis (The ability to manipulate moonlight, Joanna uses this in the form of moonbeams that can burn foes with their intense heat and restore her energy by channeling moonlight through her body)

Unfaithful Edge (Joanna's Scythe, a weapon forged in Hell's Infernos with the power to harm, and even kill, Gods. While this weapon is powerful enough to destroy entire cities in 2 to 3 swipes, it is known to leech life from the wielder in order to power it up)

It is unknown how Joanna manages to perform combos with her scythe even when she is drastically weakened. But the most likely theory is that her regeneration recovers her energy fast enough to deal damage and keep the scythe powered-up.