Jessica is 24 years old, stands in at 3'5 and weighs 77 pounds. She is a female ninja and is married to Sonic. Jessica herself is pink, while her ninja suit is black. She has a scar on her face from when Sonic punched her in the eye.


Jessica's personality is always yelling and fighting.(with Sonic) She usually tries to win against Sonic, but she usually fails. Due to Sonic "distracting" her.


Jessica was born to a family of poor ninjas. At the young age of 12, her mom died. Her father became sick and is still alive. She has 4 sisters and 1 brother. Her sisters are Mileena, whose sealed away inside a book. Midnight, who lives alone on top of Mount Mobius. Twilight, who was with Sonic at one point.(she cheated on him) Startlight, the crazy sister that lives in an asylum. Her only brother is Kuchiniwa, a ninja who has the most experience out of all of them. Her mom's name was Monica, and her dad's name Nick.(not the normal Nick) She met Sonic in China when they were 3 years old. She saved him from her sister Twilight, when she tried to kill him. After she saved him, they became boyfriend/girlfriend. A few years later(about 2) they got married. They have 3 children. The oldest is Jacob, the other 2 were twins, named Tara and Juliana. She once almost died trying to save her kids.(some dude tried to shoot them) Sonic once got outta hand and tried to kill her, he ALMOST succeeded.(it was Jules who saved her)


Ninja Training- She can do anything a ninja can do. Including the ability to throw shurikens, kunais, darts, and random objects she finds. She also can use all kinds of weapons.

Oxykinesis- She also has the ability to manipulate oxygen. Which means she can easily kill pretty much anyone she wants to.


1.Jessica was based off of Jackie Chan and Sheik from Smash Bros.

2.Her story was made from absolute scratch.

3.Jessica is from Canada, she moved to China at a young age.