"A scorned pawn makes his way across the board, fighting for his life at every step along the way". "It appears that Life is indeed a game". "This pawn played only for himself for most of his life". "But after realizing his faults, he will do anything to correct his biggest mistake". "No cost is too steep for his goal".

"Witness the pawn's struggle to save his lost love, but who is he truly helping here"? "Himself"? "His love"? "Both"? "Neither"? "Will the pawn win"? "Or will he be wiped from the board"? "There are many questions, but very few answers". "Only Time will tell if the pawn will succeed..."

This is the sequel to the fangame Prizor's Wrath.

Last game, Prizor slayed pretty much everyone.

This game, he's focusing his Wrath towards another planet.

But his reasons to kill have changed...

Story Chapters


Prizor wanders Moebius until he stumbles across some ancient ruins and investigates them. He clears some trials that serve as the game's tutorial and reaches the end, where he finds an ancient inscription and a button. Prizor glares at the words, but is unable to read them. Prizor then hits the button, but it seemed to do nothing. "Stupid button, I should've known that it wouldn't work". Then Prizor began to leave the ruins, but a voice called to him. It said "Mortal, come here". Then Prizor walked over and a figure appeared in the form of a silhouette and said "Mortal, I can grant you the power you need for your vengeance".

Prizor snarled at the figure and said "I don't need help from anyone". "Leave me or I will destroy you"! Then the figure said calmly "Mortal, I can give you the power for your vengeance AND the one you held dear to your heart". Then Prizor glares at the figure and said "Name your price". Then the figure said "Destroy the Gods of Moebius and I will give you your vengeance and your dear friend". "Do we have a deal"? Prizor then said "Killing Gods isn't exactly new to me". "But I will do it, on 1 condition". Then the figure said "What is your condition"? Then Prizor said "When all of this is said and done, you never bother me again". The figure nodded in agreement and the deal was struck.

Chapter 1: The Wrath Continues

Mission 1: Through The Fire and Flames

Prizor received a map from the figure. The map would guide him to each God and Goddess of Moebius one by one. Prizor followed the map to reach a small cavern that had lava flowing in the bottom . There he would face his first mission in his quest. The goal at this point is to make your way through the sections of the caverns to reach the very bottom. Upon entry, Prizor will be unable to make it very far before realizing that the only way to go any further is to use his chains to pull a stalactite off the ceiling and uses it as a platform to reach the opposite side of the cavern. There he encounters some bat-like creatures known as a Rax. After fighting his way through about a dozen of them, Prizor arrives at a staircase that does down and he walks down to floor B1 before arriving inside smaller caverns that look almost like they were mines at some point.

Prizor makes his way through the mines while fighting multiple Rax until he at last come to a railroad with a mine cart. Prizor hops in the mine cart and it starts going down the tracks. Along the way, more Rax fly in and try to attack Prizor, but he stands in the mine cart and uses his chains to lash them to the sides of the tunnels and scrapes them against walls to rip them to shreds. Then Prizor sees a gap in the tracks ahead and a QTE is triggered where Prizor jumps out of the cart and land on one of the Rax and flies it into another cavern before slashing it's head off and landing on a ledge and continuing on to the next staircase that leads him to the bottom of the caverns where the lave flows. Prizor checks his map and it says "God Detected, roughly 30 Meters North of present location". Then Prizor puts the map away and walks out into the bottom of the central cavern.

Prizor walks in to find a figure standing in the lava, Prizor walks closer and the figure literally walks out of the flames as it says "Why do you profane my caverns Murderer"? Then Prizor pulls out his blade and says "You are a God, my enemy". Then the figure said "It is not wise to become the enemy of the Gods Mortal". Then Prizor snarled and said "I don't care, all of you... must die". Then Prizor got in battle stance as the figure said "Mortal, you will not walk away from this fight as the winner". Then Prizor said "And if you manage to win, you won't be walking away either"! Then the figure sighed and took it's true form as a fiery minotaur that held 2 giant flaming swords in it's huge hands! Then it said "If you insist so much on dying Mortal, I will help you achieve that goal". Then Prizor snarled and said "No you will not"! "My Fire burns brighter than any flare you can create"!

Boss Fight: Yarog, The God of Fire

This fight opens up with the Fire God launching fireballs around the room that Prizor must dodge. After dodging them, slash the Fire God and he'll take some damage. Repeat this until his HP is depleted and then initiate the QTE. In the QTE, Prizor will use telekinesis to restrain the weakened Fire God before summoning all of his spears. However, the Fire God breaks free and becomes gigantic as he says "Foolish Mortal, I am Yarog"! "The God of Fire"! Then he slammed his giant palm on Prizor, who held up his spear. The spear fully impaled Yarog's hand and hurt him enough for Prizor to break a stalagmite off the ground and toss it Yarog, which impaled him to the cavern wall as lava leaked from his wound like blood.

Then Prizor flew up to Yarog and unsheathed his sword before putting it to the side of Yarog's neck and saying "You are the first of the many that will die". Then moving the left analog stick to the left will make Prizor slice Yarog's throat as the God of Fire turns to ashes that burn themselves into embers that drift away. Then Prizor leaves the caverns and consults his map for the next location.

Mission 2: Weedkiller

Prizor followed the map's directions, eventually arriving at a huge forest. He was told to make his way to the center of the forest and find the temple hidden there. Prizor soon starts his trip into the forest and strange enough, there are no enemies. He walks around until it becomes nighttime, then he hears noises coming from remote directions in the forest. Prizor keeps walking until a pack of wolf-like creatures known as Verus attack. Prizor slays all of the Verus and finally reaches the temple. However, there is a giant Verus guarding the front door and it seems hungry. Prizor walks right up to the beast and says "Your energy is different from a normal Verus, what are you really"? The creature seemed to smile as it changed shape and became a warrior that wielded a huge battleaxe and wore titanium armor.

It was a huge, imposing, male echidna who said "I am Veros, why do you slay my Verus breathren"? Then Prizor said "It is my quest to kill all of the Gods that walk this planet". "Now it is the Goddess of Nature's turn". Then Veros said "I cannot allow that, the Goddess of Nature is my mother". Then Prizor snarled and said "Getting in my way will lead to your demise". Then Veros said "I'll be happier to die knowing that I at least tried to stop you rather than to live to see this world come undone". Then Veros took his huge battleaxe off his back and now was holding it in his hands as Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Another fellow warrior that must die, Karma reaches out to me, even from Death".

Boss Fight: Veros, The Demigod Warrior of Nature

Veros is quite an easy fight. His axe is very slow and easily dodged, and his vine attacks deal hardly any damage to Prizor. This fight will only be as hard as you make it. Going on the offense will end this fight in less than 2 minutes and playing it safe with defense will end it in about 3 minutes at the most. The choice to kill Veros is yours since he's not a God, but killing him may be the better option. (For the sake of why you should kill him now, I won't kill him at this point so you can see why later)

After Veros is beaten to a bloody pulp, Prizor continues into the temple. Inside, Prizor is ambushed by multiple Wood Golems who he must fight to proceed. After demolishing the golems, Prizor arrives at a large inner sanctum in which grows a giant tree. He walks closer, only to hear a voice say "Are you lost child? Prizor looks around and says "Who said that"? "Show yourself"! Then the voice said "Be calm my child, I do not wish to fight". Then Prizor snarled and said "I am NOT your child". The the voice laughed as petals floated into the room and formed a spirit that turned into a physical body.

A female echidna stood, flowers growing on her body and small woodland animals gathered beside her. Then she said "I am Mother Nature herself, but the other Gods call me Uzulla". Then she smiled and said "It's not too often that I get visitors, do you need a blessing"? Then Prizor thought to himself "She's the Goddess of Nature, which means I must kill her". "But I must admit, she doesn't seem too bad compared to the other assholes I've dealt with in the past". Then Prizor comes to a realization as he starts to figure something out. "Why does she have to die"? "She looks nearly harmless" noted Prizor when he sees her playing with the animals.

However, Prizor remembers his deal and he must do so to see Gold again. Then he says out loud "Yes, I will need a blessing". Uzulla looks at him and says "You don't seem troubled, what will you need 1 for"? Then Prizor unsheathes his sword and says "Mercy for killing a truly innocent God". Then Uzulla sighs and says "A challenger"? "I get those less often then visitors". Then she grows vines with thorns on them that come out of her body as she says "You may have Mercy if you kill me, I know this wasn't your exact plan". She then gives life to the giant tree, causing it to step over her and protect her with it's life.

Boss Fight: The Guardian Tree & Uzulla, The Goddess of Nature

This fight isn't too hard. The tree can be annoying since it blocks attacks for Uzulla, but it usually isn't that much of a problem. The first step in this fight is to damage the tree enough until it can't protect her as much. Then you can deal some damage to Uzulla herself. When the tree is nearly dead, you'll be able to finish it off with a QTE. In that QTE, Prizor slices off some of it's bark before jabbing the sacred wood through Uzulla's chest and then slicing the tree clean in half before turning to the injured Uzulla to finish the fight.

This starts phase 2, where Uzulla is weakened but still capable of dealing high damage if she connects. The best bet here is to dodge her attacks and then strike back while she's recovering from the strain. After depleting her HP, it's time to finish off the Goddess of Nature with a QTE. In the QTE, Prizor impales the hurt Goddess of Nature in her chest and says "You are the 2nd death I will ever regret". He then breaks her neck and a light glows from her body as petals begin bursting out everywhere and Prizor backs up a bit as explosions of petals begin flying out and blasting the walls and ceiling of the temple.

Then all of the nature in the area begins to die, trees crumble and animals begin to get sick. Prizor glanced at the dying area and walked away before consulting his map for his next goal.

Mission 3: An Icy Reception

Prizor arrives at the glaciers, where his map told him to go in order to find the next God on his list. Prizor must trek his way across the frozen land and reach a palace that is home to the Ice God, Jimear. Prizor begins his trip with battles against bear-like creatures called Shoas. Upon reaching the palace, Prizor encounters 2 giant locked doors and a gigantic horned beast known as a Behemoth.

Boss Fight: Ice Behemoth (Snowbinder)

Prizor battles the Behemoth and eventually overpowers it before stunning it with a QTE. In that QTE, Prizor stabs the beast in it's left hind leg and then climbs up the beast by stabbing his blade into it and climbing each time.Once Prizor is on it's back, the Behemoth goes crazy. It tries to throw Prizor off, but Prizor hangs on and then throws his chain whips around it's mouth and steers it into the palace, where it crashes in through the huge doors and falls to the ground.

Prizor leaps off as the beast regains it's footing and roars at him. Then Prizor battles the beast for a bit longer, until the finishing QTE is triggered. During which, Prizor slices the Behemoth's front right leg off and then throws his chains around it's horns. Then you must mash buttons to pull the Behemoth's head down before Prizor dashes forward and, with a simple press of the A/X button, will slice the creature's head clean off!

Then Prizor walks further into the palace, until he enters a room with icesickles on the ground and ceiling. The walls, ceiling, and floor were all covered in ice. The chill in the room was enough to make even Prizor shake as he walked in. Prizor then heard a voice that said "My dear Snowbinder lies dead"? "Such a shame". "I raised it since it was a pup myself". Then ice collected in the center of the room and formed a jagged spiral that had energy drifting around it. Then Prizor glared at the ice and said "Come out of hiding Ice God". Then razor-sharp ice shards flew towards Prizor, who put his arms out in defense.

The shards cut into his skin as the ice in the center of the room glowed. Then a face appeared on the ice and said "A Mortal has entered my palace, speak your business now". Then Prizor snarled and said "Ice God, your end is at hand"! Then Prizor unsheathed his sword and the face said "You dare to challenge me"? "I will show no mercy Mortal". Then the face disappeared from the ice and reappeared on the left wall, that was covered in ice, before saying "You will feel the chill of death".

Boss Fight: Jimear, The God of Ice

Phase 1

The way this phase plays out is that Jimear moves from wall to wall across the room, but is only vulnerable when he's in the crystal in the center of the room. You'll have to dodge his ice shards and ice blasts as well if you want to survive. Now, the fight also has a time limit due to how cold the room is, so don't play around and smack Jimear whenever there's a chance to do so.

Now, to make it a bit easier, Prizor can crack the ice on the walls and even break it off. While you can do that for all 4 walls, which would effectively force Jimear into the crystal, the ice will return over time. Just keep in mind that Prizor will be moving on everyone's favorite physics, ICE PHYSICS! Once you damage Jimear enough, the crystal shatters, leaving Jimear to fend for himself.

Phase 2

This phase starts with Jimear summoning his icy trident and saying to Prizor "You said you'll bring the fire and fury of Hell, right"? Then Jimear equipped icy armor with spikes protruding from multiple directions and said "Then I guess Hell is going to be frozen over"!

The time limit is gone, the ice on walls, floor, and ceiling are melting, Jimear is focusing all of his remaining power into this 1 on 1 fight. Jimear is powerful with his swipes from his trident, but pretty slow too. Dodge his attacks and then strike back. Keep that up until he gets tired, then unload on him until he gets pissed off and swings his trident like a madman.

With that, Jimear is finished. Approach him as he kneels from fatigue and trigger the QTE to finish off the God of Ice. In the QTE, Prizor will slice Jimear across the chest, shattering his ice armor. Then Prizor will swing his sword at Jimear again, but Jimear blocks it with his trident and another QTE is triggered. Just mash buttons to overpower Jimear and shatter his trident. Then Prizor slices Jimear's chest open, and water flows out and soon turns to ice. Then Prizor rips the ice from the ground before jabbing it into Jimear's left eye. Then Prizor punches a hole in Jimear's chest before saying "It's been ice to meet you".

Then the ice freezes Prizor's hand inside Jimear's body! Then Jimear says "You aren't going anywhere". Then Jimear began to crystallize as he became an ice sculpture. Before he was fully crystallized, Jimear said "You willl stay here for Eternity, in permafrost". Then Prizor snarled as the ice began to freeze him, but he wouldn't be contained. Prizor's hellfire erupted from his frozen hand, he melted the entire ice palace in the inferno he created before walking away.

Prizor returned to the ruins and said "The first 3 are dead". Then the spirit waved it's hand and the map glowed, revealing the location of the next 3 Gods and Goddesses. Then the spirit said "This is only the beginning, you still have many more deities to track down and destroy". Then the spirit took Prizor's sword from him and gave him 2 new blades, that looked even more demonic. Then the spirit said "These are the blades known as Magister and Conviction, use them well". Then Prizor looked at the two blades and said "Magister and Conviction, huh"? "If my blades will be the Judge and the Jury, then I will be the Executioner". said Prizor, continuing his path of destruction.

After Prizor left, the spirit said to itself "Such mindless brutality, I've never seen a Mortal covered in so much darkness as that one". "Not since the Deathbringer himself made the pilgrimage to Moebius all those years ago". Then the spirit seemed to be in deep thought as it said "But that was millenia ago, it couldn't possibly be him in a younger form, could it"?

End of Chapter 1...

"How is the progress going"? said a voice. "I'm working on it, but it's been slow since there's hardly anyone to help me". said another voice. Then a third voice said "Please find a way, you know we'll need a plan". Then the first voice said "I'm working as fast as I can, I just need to work out the kinks". "We'll be fine". Then another voice said "Long time no see".

Chapter 2: The Next Batch of Victims

Mission 1: Lie Detection

Prizor was looking for the next god on his map, but it seemed to lead him in circles, he finally sat down at a bench in the middle of a small town. He then saw an old woman walk past him, but he sensed something a bit off and thought about it a bit. Then he looked back at his map, and it was still going in circles as he saw the same old lady still walking in front of him. This time, Prizor watched her and she walked a full circle around the fountain behind him. Prizor then waited until she passed again and then stood up. He then took a step forward before glancing at his map again. While it looked like Prizor was busy checking out his map, he was actually waiting for the old lady to complete her next round.

But the old lady never came, she seemed to have disappeared. Prizor got pissed at this and walked away into an alley to get some privacy. However, when he walked into the alley and turned to look behind him, he saw the old lady standing there, except she wasn't old anymore. She had seemingly become young again and she said to him "So you're the one who's been killing the Gods"? Then Prizor snarled and said "How the Hell did you tail me so easily"? Then the young lady said "It's very easy to tail others when you're the Goddess of Lies". Then she entered her godly form, a gorgon-like creature as Prizor unsheathed his 2 blades and held them, ready to battle. Then the lady said "I am Vecotta, and you should be some fun to play with". Then she slithered out into the middle of town, where people began to scream and run away in terror.

Prizor ran out of the alley after her and she slithered up the fountain before saying "I think you'll make a tasty snack Mortal, I can't wait to eat you up". Then Prizor snarled and said "I'll slice my way right out of you". Then she laughed and said "I would eat you, but I don't like your smell". "You smell like a massacre of children happening in the night, driven out of selfish ambition to satisfy your needs of bloodshed". Then Prizor snarled and said "Sniff again" as his chain whips unrolled down his arms and he summoned his spears. Then Vecotta hissed and said "I will not suffer such degradation from a mere Mortal"!

Boss Fight: Vecotta, The Goddess of Lies

This battle isn't very tough, Vecotta's got speed and she hits pretty hard, but she attacks pretty infrequently. She spends most of the time slithering around the plaza, which makes the hardest part of this fight tracking her down and hitting her. She attacks by launching fireballs and she also will sometimes summon thunderbolts to strike the ground. Dodging her few attacks is very easy, and taking her down doesn't take too long once you figure out her movement pattern. Again, the hardest part of this entire fight is tracking her down to hit her and deal damage. Once her HP is roughly halfway depleted, she'll get faster in her movement, which can be a slight problem with hitting her.

Aside from that, she stays the same and all you gotta do is just chase her down and finish the battle. Once her HP has been depleted, she'll slither to the fountain, if she wasn't there already. Once she's there, she'll get tired and she'll begin to fall over on the fountain. She'll be wide open, and basically begging for the finishing QTE. In the finishing QTE, Prizor will walk towards Vecotta, but she'll suddenly rise from her weakened state and leap at him. Hitting the correct button will cause Prizor to catch her in mid-air with one of his spears, keeping her suspended in mid-air as he then leaps into the air and stabs one of his blades into the side of her head. Then with another QTE, Prizor will steer her into a nearby building and then steer her back out and crash her into a wall. Then Prizor will leap off of Vecotta with one of his blades still in her. Vecotta will then rise up and slither towards Prizor, who leaps to the other side of the fountain and throws his chain whips around Vecotta.

With 2 buttons popping up on screen, you'll have to mash both buttons alternatively in order to pull Vecotta's head down through the tip of fountain, basically impaling her through her skull. Then Prizor jumps on top of her and stabs his other blade into the other side of her head as she keeps flailing about and rips the fountain out of the ground. Then Prizor grips both of his blades's handles and twists himself as he leaps off of Vecotta, snapping her neck and ripping her head from her body as Prizor lands on the ground and her beheaded head is still attached to his 2 blades! Then Prizor watches her flailing body flail about for a few seconds before it finally falls over. Then Prizor walked over to the tip of the fountain and placed Vecotta's severed head on it, leaving it as a reminder to the gods. Then Prizor left the town, not wanting to stick around and see how the townspeople would react to such an event.

Mission 2: Poltergeist Punishment

Prizor followed his map's directions, as they led him to the next god he would need to slay. Prizor arrived at a huge graveyard, where he looked around and saw tombstones everywhere. Prizor was unfazed by this and continued to walk further into the graveyard, as his map instructed him to. However, Prizor then stopped when he heard a noise. Prizor turned and then he saw a hand coming out of a nearby grave. Prizor looked at the grave, and another hand came out of the ground. Soon, an entire body was pulling itself out of the grave. Then Prizor heard some more noises and looked around, more hands were popping out of the graves and clawing their way out. The first corpse was on it's feet by now, it's cold gaze aimed at Prizor as it began to lumber towards him. Prizor unsheathed his blades and said "That map must be busted, all it did was take me to a damn zombie rave". Then Prizor sliced the zombie in half with a single slice and then he turned to face the horde of zombies behind him.

Prizor snarled and said "You all died before, I'll just return you to your graves"! Then Prizor looked behind him and saw the zombie he sliced in half crawling on the ground, dragging it's upper body towards him. Prizor then snarled again and said "So slicing you won't kill you'? Then Prizor began to radiate heat as he blasted hellfire out in a wide radius and incinerated entire groups of the zombies. Then he heard a voice say "My apologies for not welcoming you to my residence, Prizor". Then Prizor saw a ghost-like apparition appear, it appeared to be female, and it waved it's left hand, causing all of the zombies to stop advancing towards Prizor. Then the apparition said "Why do you walk into my residence unannounced and without invitation"? Then Prizor said "Who are you"? Then the apparition became physical, revealing itself to indeed be female, as it seemed to float from a nearby mausoleum and it landed carefully on top of a rather large tombstone.

The she said "You walk into my home uninvited and unwanted, and yet you have the nerve to ask me of my name"? Then she said "You will either leave now or my minions will tear you to shreds". Prizor snarled and pointed one of his blades at the spirit and said "No one commands me, not even the ineffective Gods"! Then the spirit laughed and motioned for the zombies to attack Prizor as she said "It's about time I meet the slayer of Gods, let's have some fun". Prizor unleashed more hellfire, burning all but a few of the zombies before saying "You underestimate my anger, Goddess". Then the spirit said "So you can tell that I'm a Goddess"? "I'm almost impressed". Then she floated off the tombstone and landed on the ground about 20 feet away from Prizor. Then she summoned a ghost-like lance and a ghost-like shield before saying "Come Mortal, bow before Ersoi, the Goddess of Spirits and Undead"! Prizor snarled and ran towards her, he slashed at her, but she phased and avoided his attack before she used her lance to bash Prizor backwards.

Prizor dug his blades into the ground to stop himself from sliding backwards and then he snarled. Then Ersoi said "I haven't battled in nearly 3000 years, try not to disappoint me".

Boss Fight: Ersoi, The Goddess of Spirits

Ersoi is a bitch. Not only does she teleport to evade attacks, but she also uses spirit energy to unleash powerful energy-based attacks. And if that combination isn't problematic enough, there's an endless wave of zombies you'll have to contend with for the entire fight. This fight is built up to look tough, and it is tough. This is probably the hardest fight of the entire game thus far. Also, this fight can take 10+ minutes.

The easiest way to get past this Goddess is to wait her out. You'll have to be good at dodging, but it's the easiest to pull off. Wait until she attacks and dodge to the side, but DO NOT counterattack her afterwards. Ersoi has seen Prizor battle and actually will see that coming and be able to block your counterattack. You'll have to dodge her attacks, wait, dodger another attack, wait, and rinse and repeat until she gets worn out. Then, you'll be able to land some hits on her to deplete her HP bar.

All in all, this fight is only a true bitch if you don't use the method I described. Why not do things normally? Because Ersoi has the combo potential to fuck you over if she hits Prizor at just the right time, once. Granted, even with using my easier method, this fight is taking no less than 7 minutes since Ersoi can take quite the amount of damage. (Just watch out for her phase counter, that can screw you up depending on how fast she spams it)

Once Ersoi's HP is depleted, she'll teleport back in front of the tombstone and fall to her knees. At this point, the zombies will be gone, so you can approach Ersoi at your full leisure and initiate the finishing QTE to end the Goddess of Spirits. In the QTE, Prizor will walk towards Ersoi, who'll say "How"? "Bested by a mere Mortal"? Then Prizor will prepare to slice her, but she summons her ghostlike lance and tries to impale Prizor with it. A button will pop up and hitting it will cause Prizor to dodge the lance and slice her hand off, he then will slash her across the chest and then blast her backwards. Then, as Prizor walks towards Ersoi, she'll use her telekinesis to levitate her lance and send it flying towards Prizor from behind him. Another button will appear and hitting it will result in Prizor turning around and grabbing the lance in mid-air and he'll then turn around and, with one last press of a button, he'll throw the lance at Ersoi and it will impale her through her chest and her heart will be visible on the tip of the lance as it exits her body and she drops dead.

Then Prizor turned and left the graveyard as his cuts began to heal, he didn't feel bad about killing Ersoi, he considered her an arrogant bitch who wouldn't be missed at all. And so, Prizor consulted his map and followed it to the next destination and to the next God that he must destroy.

Mission 3: Shattered Dreams

Prizor entered a small town, not because his map told him to, but because he decided that a little rest couldn't hurt him since the last time he rested was months ago. Prizor soon fell asleep inside an abandoned barn in the hay. Prizor then awoke inside the barn and walked outside, only to see that things were totally different from what he remembered. He appeared to be on Mobius again, where he saw Gold standing in front of him. He was speechless at this, his anger seemed to be pacified as Gold said "Prizor, why go through all of this trouble"? "You could just as easily join me if you wanted to". Then Prizor said "I could, but I must revive you". Then Gold said "Prizor, join me already". "Make it easier for yourself". Then Prizor shook his head no and said "I will not rest until my vengeance is satisfied".

Then Gold said "What if I told you that I never really died"? Then Prizor seemed to be in shock and he said "What"? Then Gold said "I'm standing here, am I not"? Then Prizor shook his head no and said "No..." Then Gold seemed to flicker for a second before saying "Are you blind"? "I'm right here Prizor". Then Prizor snarled and said "No..." again. Then Gold flickered to someone else for a second or two and then flickered back to Gold as she said "Why do you reject the easier road my love"? Then Prizor finally snapped out and drew his sword, he pointed it at Gold and said "Nice try, bitch, but I know she isn't alive". Then Gold was silent before turning into the previously-seen person. Then she said "How did you see through so easily"? "My illusions are nearly inescapable". Then Prizor snarled again and said "It's hard to fool the survival of the murdered from the murderer". He then slashed at the lady standing in front of him, but she slid to the side and said "I am Shulisk, the Goddess of Dreams". "This is the Dream World, where your dreams become your own reality".

Then Prizor snarled and slashed at her again, this time, he hit her and knocked her backwards. Then Shulisk said "Why must you battle me as such Mortal"? "I'm willing to offer you eternity inside your own Dream World". Then Prizor said in an evil tone "Because I will not allow anyone to use her death as a leverage against me, you will die for your foolishness". Then Shulisk suddenly appeared in front of Prizor and said to him "Is that so"? "You plan to kill me inside a world where I hold all sway"? Then Shulisk suddenly became gigantic as Prizor appeared on top of a skyscraper. Then Prizor looked up and saw a gigantic Shulisk staring down at him, she towered over the skyscraper as they stood inside an infinite chasm. Shulisk then said "I'll make your Dream World, a Nightmare World, Mortal".

Boss Fight: Shulisk, The Goddess of Dreams

Phase 1

This battle is deceptively easy, it's a lot easier than it looks like. This battle begins with Prizor being weakened and dealing less damage while also taking extra damage from Shulisk's attacks. Shulisk attacks in a few different ways, she can use a sleep-style attack utilizes a QTE that if you fail it, it puts Prizor to sleep for a few second and leaves him wide open to attacks; then there's her lightning attack, which can hit you in the air and even while dodging; there's also a meteor-style attack that Shulisk likes to spam near the end of the fight; last but not least, she has a close-range kick that can deal considerable damage to Prizor. With all of that said, this seems like a tough fight, but wait until I explain how simple this one is.

Now, the start of the fight is the hardest part to be honest. You'll have to survive and deal as much damage as you can until a cutscene plays. In that cutscene, Shulisk will use telekinesis to grab Prizor and will try to rip him in half, but Prizor will use his own telekinesis to keep himself together. Then, while Shulisk is distracted, Prizor's telekinetic spears will fly in and one of them stabs Shulisk in the back, making her let go of Prizor and he falls off the side of the skyscraper. He then begins to fly back up as Shulisk moves the skyscraper out of her way and sends energy blasts down towards him. You regain control of Prizor as he's flying up and a QTE is triggered where Prizor slashes clean through the blast and continues flying up towards Shulisk.

Phase 2

At this point of the fight, Prizor's damage and defense are both back to normal and he's ready to pick off the Goddess of Dreams. This phase is mostly QTE's that require you to slash the blasts aside and attack Shulisk whenever you get close enough. However, Shulisk still has her lighting attack that you'll have to dodge at the right time and her close-range kicks that can fuck you up if you get careless. Even after impaling Shulisk through her arms and legs and even her chest, this fight isn't over yet, as Prizor finds out when he impales Shulisk through the skull with his sword and they crash into the skyscraper and crash through most of the floors, landing on the main floor of the flying building, where Shulisk stands up and uses telekinesis to pull Prizor's spears out of her body and then blasts Prizor and his sword off her head.

Phase 3

This is the final phase, in a cutscene, Prizor has emerged from Shulisk's blast with almost no damage done to him and holds his blade backwards as he says "You picked the wrong Mobian to fuck with". Then Shulisk laughs and says "You are in my realm, this battle is already in my hands". Then Prizor snarled and said "Normally, that would be true". He then began to glow black as his fur turned darker and his teeth became more vicious and his eyes glowed red as he said "But you're in MY imagination". Shulisk then knew fear, as she realized that her own greatest strength had just become her glaring weakness. However, she was determined to not be undermined. So she said "Regardless, I'm a God and you're still just a mere Mortal". "I'll crush you".

And with that, welcome to he final phase of this fight. Don't blink or you'll miss it. A single slash is all you need to finish off the Goddess of Dreams. There's no way to lose this phase either, she can't even hit you. Even if you have Prizor stand still and she tries to attack, a shield of dark energy will block the attack for you. A simple slash or attack in general will end this phase and allow you to strike the finishing QTE. With the slash alone, Shulisk is sliced open and she reverts back to normal size as Prizor walks towards her and she desperately crawls away on her hands and knees. Walk towards her and initiate the finishing QTE to end this chapter.

In the finishing QTE, Prizor will walk towards the fleeing Shulisk, who begs for her life as Prizor grabs her off the ground with his left hand and holds her by the throat in mid-air. Then you must hit a button for Prizor to stab his sword into Shulisk's chest and then you move the analog stick up to slice upwards, leaving a deep gash in Shulisk as Prizor then sheathes his sword and grabs her with both hands and starts choking her. However, Shulisk transforms into Gold again, trying one last time to save her life. Prizor stops choking her for a few seconds, but soon gets pissed off and stabs her with his telekinetic spears over and over until she's barely breathing. He then looks at Shulisk and says "You Gods are all the same, arrogant pieces of shit who think they hold the destiny of all Mortals in their hands, no wonder my Master hates you all". Prizor then summoned a gun and looked at it, the same revolver that took Gold's life. Then, in the final part of the QTE, Prizor aims the revolver and hitting the correct button makes him put Shulisk out of her misery by shooting her in the head.

With the Goddess of Dreams dead, Prizor awakens from his dream, still inside of the hay inside of the barn. He climbs out and walks outside, where he then walks back to the ancient ruins. Once there, he says to the ancient spirit "The 3 you assigned to me are dead, I'm ready for the next group". The spirit then waved it's hand and the map glowed, revealing the next destination to Prizor. Prizor then left the ruins again, ready to destroy whoever was next. After he left, the spirit thought to itself "No, he's not the Deathbringer, but he's learned some of his techniques". "Is he perhaps a child of the Deathbringer"?

End of Chapter 2...

"Long time no see" said a voice to another, the one who had just gotten there. Then the new voice said "The world's in some deep shit, isn't it"? Then the first voice said "Yes, all because of him". Then a third voice spoke, it was that of a male's, "We're preparing for his return". Then the new voice said "Yeah, I can tell". Then a female voice said "How much longer until he returns"? Then the first voice said "Hard to tell, I'm assuming roughly 2 to 3 weeks".

Chapter 3: Yet More Victims

Mission 1: Aspirations

Prizor's next destination was actually a church. When Prizor walked inside, he looked around and groaned before saying "Just my luck, I'll have to make this quick". Prizor then observed the area and he only saw 3 people in the entire church. There were a priest, a person in prayer, and a templar inside the church. Prizor said to himself "One of those 3 are the next God on my list". "I'll use my sensory to determine which of the 3 it is". Prizor then used his demonic sensory to look around the area before he jumped down off the balcony and you regain control of Prizor. You're then given a choice to slay either the priest, the man in prayer, or the templar. (Note: None of the 3 possible options are wrong, they will only change the dialogue when Prizor encounters the God he's after)

Pick whichever of the 3 you want and slay them. If you slay the priest, the Goddess of Hope will appear and say "Even in my own home, I am not safe from you"? If you slay the man in prayer, she'll appear and say "So that is how the strong survive"? "By stabbing the backs of the weak"? If you slay the templar, she'll appear and say "Even those who cannot hope to mark you must die"? "Such unnecessary violence". After that however, regardless of which of the 3 it was, Prizor will say "No one forced you to hide inside their body, you lured me to them". Then the Goddess said "No one forced you to start your quest for vengeance, you decided that everyone must die on your own". Prizor then snarled and unsheathed his sword as he said "Let's get this over with, I hate church". Then the Goddess said "And why is that"? "Is it because of who you are now"? "Does the sight of hope and prayer unnerve you"? Then Prizor snarled and said "It's too peaceful, it needs more chaos". Then the Goddess said "The world outside is already full of chaos, this is a shelter from all of that". "I think chaos runs in your blood, Prizor".

Prizor then summoned his spears and said "How the fuck do you know my name"!? Then the Goddess said "All of the Gods in this entire timeline know your name". "Whether or not they call you by it or not is up to them". She then said "Do you know the actual source of your power"? Prizor then said "My power comes from within, Goddess, something you Gods will never understand". She then glanced at Prizor for a few seconds before saying "You really don't know, do you"? Prizor then snarled and said "Know what"!? Then the Goddess said "Where your power came from in the first place". Prizor then said "Start making sense already, you're only pissing me off". Then she said "Your power is your own, yes". "But did you ever stop to think about where that natural power came from in the first place"? Prizor then said "No, I'm too busy for pointless shit like that". He then pointed his sword at her and said "Now stop talking, I want to end this already".

The Goddess simply glanced down at Prizor for almost a full minute, Prizor still stood, with his blade pointed at her, as she finally said "Very well, I am the Goddess of Hope". "My name is Zoajasi". She then summoned a stave and floated up into the air, where she stood, looking down at Prizor. She then said "I had hoped that you would understand what I was trying to say, but I guess that I hoped for too much".

Boss Fight: Zoajasi, The Goddess of Hope

Phase 1

This battle isn't very hard compared to the others, Zoajasi doesn't hit that hard and she attacks very infrequently as well. However, while she cannot deal much damage in short amounts of time, she is capable of taking such damage. This battle is basically Prizor versus a tough stone wall to be 100% honest. You'll have to chip away at Zoajasi little by little in order to defeat her. This fight is long compared to the others thus far, but one of the easiest as well. This fight will take around 15-20 minutes, but you probably won't even notice it since it's not a grueling 15-20 minutes that'll have you pulling your hair out waiting for it to end. The only attacks that Zoajasi uses are mostly energy attacks that Prizor can slash back at her and deal damage to her instead. Again, the hardest part of this fight is outlasting Zoajasi's powerful defense.

As for how the battle itself looks, Zoajasi stays on the ceiling for most of the battle, knowing full-well that a one-on-one melee against Prizor on the ground wouldn't turn out very well for her. Since she hangs out on the ceiling so much, you main means of attacking are reflecting her attacks back at her by slashing them. You also could potentially hit her with the sword, if she hangs down lower and you double-jump and attack, but you'll probably only be able to get maybe 2 hits in for that one time. Pretty much, all you gotta do is reflect her attacks back at her and attack her whenever you get the chance and she'll go down in time.

Once her HP is depleted, she'll float down from the ceiling and be nearly out of energy. At this point, you know it's time for the finishing QTE. In the finishing QTE, Prizor walks towards Zoajasi, who says to him "Such power, no wonder you've gotten this far". However, she then flies into the air and says "I guess I no longer must hold back against you". This ends the QTE and starts the second phase of the battle.

Phase 2

This time around, Zoajasi hits much harder and is still durable as Hell. However, since she entered her God Form, her power is being expended rapidly. The key to victory in this phase of the fight is survival, if you can outlast Zoajasi's attacks at the start of the fight, you'll be able to weaken her towards the middle of the fight and then finish her off as her power fades away and she becomes vulnerable. This phase is tougher than the first, but it still isn't too hard compared to some of the others, like the battle with Ersoi. Dodge Zoajasi's attacks at the start and then start dealing damage to her until she finally is weakened enough to be finished off.

As for the fight itself, Zoajasi still has her magic attacks, but they hit much harder and require better timing to reflect back at her. She also is much more of a physical fighter now, as she starts attacking frequently and doesn't leave many openings for a counterattack. Like I said, the first thing you want to do is survive her all-out attacks at the start and then start weakening her. How do you know when she's getting tired enough to start dealing meaningful damage? Watch her actions closely, she'll start off with fast attacks and will start to slow down from there. Once you see the slower attacks, that's when to strike. Once she starts huffing and puffing, and can barely even fly around to attack Prizor, she's really low on steam and you'll be able to pile on the damage to beat her down to where you'll be able to end this fight.

Once Zoajasi's HP is depleted again, she falls to the ground and only barely manages to stand up as Prizor walks over towards her. At this point, she's finished, all you gotta do is walk forward and a cutscene will play. In which, Prizor will throw one of his chain whips at Zoajasi and it actually impales her shoulder, he then will actually puller her closer to him and say "What the Hell were you talking about earlier"!? Zoajasi says to him "The source of all your power is your soul, but where did you get it from"? Then Prizor snarled and said "I was born with it, because I wasn't going to take anyone's shit". Then Zoajasi said "You're just like your Father..." as she turned into ashes and they flew away and dissolved. This left Prizor a bit confused, since he had never met his parents. But he didn't dwell on it, he had more important business to take care of.

He left, looking for the next God on his list.

Mission 2: No Love, All Hatred

Prizor walks through a rather large city in the middle of the night. There, he consulted his map, where it told him that there was another God nearby. Prizor simply put the map away and began to look around with his sensory. Prizor didn't sense anything even remotely resembling a God's energy and he continued walking as he approached a theater. However, Prizor heard a noise and turned around as he drew his sword. He pointed his sword in the darkness and said "There you are". Then a voice which was that of a male's said "Godslayer". Then Prizor said "Who the Hell are you"? Then the voice said "One who hates everything that exists". Then a figure walked out of the darkness, it was a yellow hedgehog who had yellow eyes with blue rings around his eyes.

The figure then said "So this is what my Mobius counterpart has become"? Then Prizor snarled and said "What the Hell are you even talking about"!? Then the figure said "You must be Prizor, my own antiverse equivalent". Prizor then snarled and said "I have no equal". Then the figure snapped it's fingers as they appeared inside a different realm, one of it's own creation. Then the figure said "Maybe not on Mobius, but everything has an equal and opposite reaction". "I'm your equal and opposite reaction". The figure then summoned floating lances that he moved with telekinesis! Then he unsheathed a warhammer and said "I'm your anti, the God of Hatred, Mantidun". Then Prizor snarled and got into battle stance as he said "I'll prove it to all of the fools then, I have no equal"!

Boss Fight: Mantidun, The God of Hatred

Phase 1

As you would expect, this fight isn't a cakewalk. As the theme for this fight starts with the dirge, you'll quickly realize that this is a fight to the death. Mantidun's lances will be a problem, there's no way around it. The lances can be attacked and eventually destroyed, but it's hard to hit them when they're flying. In other words, unless you want to waste time, you'll have to contend with them as you face off against Mantidun. Mantidun himself is a pain in the ass too, his bigass hammer is capable of knocking you across the battlefield, and his ability to teleport makes this fight take much longer than it should. To end this phase of the fight, you'll have to deplete Mantidun's HP to about 25%.

Phase 2

This phase opens up with a cutscene showing Prizor impaling Mantidun with his blade and saying to him "I told you, I have no equal". Then Mantidun will suddenly glow as he brandishes a blade of his own and enters what appears to be a super form-like transformation. Prizor then snarled and said "I'll destroy you sooner or later, take your pick". Then Mantidun pointed his blade at Prizor and said "I used to be just like you once, I wanted to end all those who opposed me". Then he said "But unlike you, I learned from my mistakes and I realized something". "No one man can change the fate of everyone, no matter how powerful they are or how hard they try". Then Prizor snarled and entered his Soul Devourer form as he said "You didn't face my hardships, don't try to understand me"! Then Prizor slashed towards Mantidun, but he slashed at Prizor and they came up as equals, their blades emitting sparks as both growled. Then Mantidun said "I rebuilt this planet while you destroyed another, you will NOT destroy this one"! Then Prizor snarled and said "A useless effort, all Life is only born to die anyway"!

After that exchange, the second phase begins with a super form versus super form battle taking place in the sky of Mantidun's realm. This phase isn't too hard compared to the previous one, but you still have to be on your guard. Mantidun hits like a train and he's even faster during this phase. You'll have to dodge and counterattack to slowly deplete his HP bar, or you can be risky by answering his attack head-on and engaging in a melee fight of epic, and bloody, proportions. Going the melee route can actually be helpful if you know how and when to block Mantidun's attacks. Since melee is the only "appropriate" way for this fight to end, I'll go that route for this. Going melee is tedious, but worth it in the end. By using QTE's, you'll be able to block Mantidun's attacks and then strike him to deal significant damage back. Once his HP is reduced to about 10%, Mantidun will lose his super form, but so will Prizor, and both will begin to fall from the sky towards the ground.

Phase 3

This phase is very easy and very short, just fly towards Mantidun as you're falling and start punching him in the face. This ends once you deplete Mantidun's HP fully. If you blink, you'll miss this entire phase. Once this phase is over, both Prizor and Mantidun crash down to the ground and form a giant crater.

Final Phase

A cutscene plays, where Mantidun rises from the crater first, but is noticeably injured as he stands up and nearly falls over. Then, after about 25 seconds pass, Prizor's right hand comes out of the ground zombie-style and he pulls himself out of the ground and stands up rather easily as his wounds regenerated and he picked up his blade and pointed it at Mantidun. Mantidun glared at Prizor and said "You're still alive"? "I should've guess that a mere fall wouldn't kill you". Then Mantidun summoned his lances and barely lifted his sword as he commanded the lances to attack. Now it's time for the final phase of this fight, Mantidun is on his last legs and Prizor isn't ready to be denied his vengeance. Now you'll be able to take your time to destroy the lances one-by-one and then focus on Mantidun, he's too weak to fight you and control the lances at the same time. However, if you destroyed the lances earlier in the fight, then Mantidun will be nearly defenseless here and you'll be able to strike him down with ease.

Once his final bar of HP is depleted, Mantidun will drop his sword and fall to his knees. Approach him and initiate the finishing QTE to finish off the God of Hatred. In the finishing QTE, Prizor walks toward the fallen Mantidun and says to him "It is over now, I have won, anti". Then Mantidun actually glares at Prizor again and says to him "I guess I'm not the only one who's looking for someone they lost". Then Prizor says to him "What the Hell did you lose"!? Then Mantidun said "Tell me anti, were you always full of hatred for everything"? "There once was a time when I wasn't". Then Prizor said "Those days ended with his betrayal". Then Mantidun said "We're both searching for the same thing, aren't we"? "We both are looking for the one thing that made us happy in the darkest times". Then Prizor said "Indeed, and I must slay all of the Gods on this planet to get her back". Then Mantidun said "Then take my life from me, anti". "Use my power to achieve what you want, do what I lacked the power to do". Then Mantidun's sword dissolved into ashes as Prizor said "If you want, I will allow you to live so that you may claim your dream as well". Then Mantidun shook his head no and said "My time is up, take my power and use it to free yourself". Then Prizor said "Free myself"? "What the Hell are you talking about"!?

Then Mantidun said "You will understand in due time, anti". "Now, strike the final blow". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and looked it over before saying "I can restore your energy and allow you to live". Then Mantidun said "Even if I live, I will never be content". "I can never have what made me happy back, while you still can". "Take the powers of one who can't accomplish his dream and use it to accomplish your's". Then Mantidun dissolved into ashes and his energy drifted inside of Prizor, making him drastically more powerful with the influx of hatred energy flowing into his bloodstream, his natural hatred being a perfect occupant for his new energy to take root and grow. Prizor then continued onward, ready to take on whatever the next God on his list was.

Mission 3: Sympathetic Symphonies

However, before Prizor walked anywhere else, he looked back at the theater he was about to go into before his battle with Mantidun. Prizor then began his walk up to the theater, where he heard music being played despite it being the middle of the night. Prizor found the double doors locked from the inside, and he promptly broke them down with a single boot that broke off both doors and sent them crashing through the wall behind them. Prizor walked inside the theater and then through the hole he'd made from the doors and he was inside a large auditorium. On the stage, was a single little girl who was playing the piano. She didn't even seem to notice the doors crashing into the room, or the sudden presence of someone else who wasn't there a minute ago. Prizor then began to walk down the stairs towards the stage.

Prizor's steps echoed loudly in the large, empty, room, and the little girl was still playing the piano as Prizor reached the stage and stepped up onto it. Then, Prizor said "So how did a young child get into this theater"? The little girl suddenly became aware of her surroundings and looked around at the empty room and the destruction she saw. She stopped playing and looked at Prizor before saying "Did you do that mister"? Then Prizor said "I did, I heard you playing the piano and I came to investigate". Then the little girl said "Mister, are you going to pay for the damage"? Then Prizor sat down in a chair and said "Yeah, sure". Then the little girl said "Have you ever played anything"? Then Prizor shook his head yes and said "Well, if you count mixed-up games and pieces". Then the little girl said "Oh" and it was silent for about 20 seconds. Then Prizor said "I'm impressed by your ability to play the piano at your young age, I hear the piano is one of the hardest to master". Then the little girl said "Second only to the violin" as she summoned a violin from thin air!

Prizor was surprised by the sudden turn of events, an entire orchestra of instruments soon surrounded him from all directions! A giant drumstick bashed Prizor flying into the audience area and he crashed into some chairs before standing up and unsheathing his blades. He then looked up to see the little girl had grown up and was conducting the orchestra with her fingers. Prizor then snarled and said "Mere instruments won't defeat me". He then leaped towards one of the drums and stabbed both blades into it, rupturing it and destroying it, before he landed on the ground and glared at the girl. The girl then said "You have no respect for authority at all, I'll have to deal with you myself". She then sent a giant trumpet towards Prizor, but he grabbed it and stopped it's momentum before twisted it's head upwards to where it faced behind it. Prizor then created a fireball and launched it into the mouthpiece, which launched it out of the trumpet towards a triangle, which destroyed it. The girl then snarled and said "I am the Goddess of Music, Veisulla, you will not destroy my creations without me having a word with you"!

She then teleported on top of a giant piano and an acoustic guitar followed her, followed by an electric guitar. She then created a giant flute and clarinet and said "Woodwinds, destroy this heretic" before both flew down to the stage, where Prizor stood, ready to battle.

Boss Fight: Veisulla, The Goddess of Music

(Note: This fight is very long, you're going to be here for at least 30 minutes)

Phase 1

The battle begins with the flute launching flaming notes at Prizor and the clarinet simply hanging back and watching. The flute will try to strike if Prizor gets too close, but will eventually get tired from using it's attacks. You'll have to dodge the attacks and then wait for the flute to get tired before you'll be able to strike with all you've got. Once that's done about 3 times, the flute's HP will be about half and it'll move to the back and clarinet will float down to battle Prizor in it's place. The clarinet will launch flaming notes, but it also will summon a bunch of small oboes that will home in on Prizor like a heat-seeking missile. The way to deal with this part of the phase is to hit the clarinet at every opportunity and to also try to reflect the oboe missiles back at it. Once the clarinet's HP has been reduced to about half, it will step back and the flute will return, both the flute and clarinet will then be ready to fight together.

Now for the second half of this phase. Once you resume control, dodge the attacks from the flute the best you can while trying to hit the clarinet. They have a shared HP bar now and attacking one will deplete it, but you'll still have to defeat both. Work on the clarinet first, since it'll go down easier than the flute. Once the half-bar of HP is around a quarter left, the one you worked on damaging more will fall and be out of the fight. Once one falls, simply work on the other until the HP has been fully depleted and the other will fall down, allowing Prizor to activate the QTE. In the QTE, Prizor will throw his chain whips around both the flute and clarinet and then lift them into the air and start spinning them around. Prizor then will release them and they both go flying into the far wall and shatter into pieces as Prizor says to Veisulla "Now face me Goddess". Veisulla then says "You do not make demands of me"! Then a cutscene plays where Veisulla creates a banjo, a harp, and a saxophone and sends them down to the stage as she says "Strings and Brass, teach him a lesson".

Phase 2

This phase opens up with the banjo and saxophone teaming up against Prizor while the peace-loving harp stays back and watches. The banjo will try to slam itself on Prizor and the saxophone will swing itself towards him sideways. The key to this phase is, once again, knowing when and how to dodge the attacks. Rolling to the side will evade the banjo and jumping will evade the saxophone. Now then, to damage them you'll have to slice them whenever you get an opening. The length of this phase is truly up to chance, as it's unknown how often you'll be able to strike, how hard you'll be able to strike, and how many hits you'll be able to get in at one time. Once both HP bars have been depleted, the banjo will break a string and explode and the saxophone will break in half and explode. Then, the harp will reluctantly float forward and prepare to fight.

In the second half of this phase, the harp is your only enemy to contend with. The harp will attack with note barrages and will also summon xylophones and their mallets to assist it. Other than that, the harp is harmless and can be attacked throughout the entire battle. The xylophones will try to roll over Prizor and the mallets will try to smash him, but both are easily dodged and destroyed. Once the harp's HP has been fully depleted, the harp will fall to the ground and a QTE will be able to be triggered. In that QTE, Prizor slices off one of the harp's strings and then grabs the wood with his bare hands and twists the harp into a pretzel before throwing it aside. He then picks up the string uses it as a lasso to grab the top of the piano and he swings himself up to it and lands on top of the piano, where he stares at Veisulla and says "Now it will be your turn, Goddess". Then the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar both drifted away from Veisulla and blocked Prizor's path to her. Prizor snarled and said "I'm getting pretty damn sick of your stupid toys"!

Phase 3

In this phase, Prizor must battle the 2 guitars, the acoustic and the electric. The acoustic guitar uses soundwaves on the ground that Prizor must jump over while the electric guitar brings down lighting from above all over the area. You are most likely going to take some damage in this fight, it's nearly impossible to do this without any damage being inflicted. These guitars start off with what Veisulla calls "Soft Rock", which has then attack pretty slowly and they are easily dodged. Once their HP reaches 75%, Veisulla tells them to use "Hard Rock", which results in them getting much faster than before. It's still not too hard to dodge their attacks, but you'll have to stay on your toes. Once you've depleted their HP to about 50%, Veisulla will tell them to use their "Metal" on you. (This is a play-on-words for the word "mettle")

At this point, you're in the second half of this phase. The guitars are so damn fast now that you're likely to get hit several times here in this phase. But, if you've perfected your skills in dodging, then you should be able to survive this phase and deplete their HP to 25%. At that point, Veisulla will say to them "That's quite enough now boys". "Stop playing around with him and give him a Thrashing"! (For those of you who didn't pick up what that means, she means Thrash Metal) This is the part where you are going to get hit, a lot. These guitars are moving fast enough to dodge Prizor's attacks now and you'll have to have pinpoint timing and accuracy if you want to hit them now. If you've mastered dodging, then you'll be able to survive this as long as you don't screw up. If not, prepare to die a lot until you get lucky enough win this fight by memorizing their movement patterns.

Once their HP has been depleted, the guitars will both fall off the piano and explode, leaving Veisulla all alone. In a cutscene, Prizor will walk towards Veisulla, who looks at the destruction and says "You've destroyed so many of my friends..." Then Prizor pointed one of his blades at her and said "You'll soon join them, Goddess". Then Veisulla wiped a tear from her eye and said "That may be so, but I'm not going down without a fight". Veisulla then grew to giant size and was standing on the floor, looking down at the piano that Prizor stood on. Veisulla then sat down and began to play the piano as Prizor snarled and held his blades in battle stance. However, giant music sheets began to fly around the room and they were firing notes at Prizor, who blocked a note with one of his blades and then slashed it back, destroying one of the note sheets. Prizor then looked up to see Veisulla playing more music on the piano, causing more note sheets to attack him. Being at a disadvantage, Prizor decided to stay on the defensive and block attacks from the music sheets and then slash them back. However, one of the notes eventually hit Prizor, knocking him off the piano and on the floor. Veisulla looked around for him and saw him, where she said "Ah, there you are, you're going to become lunch for my piano". Then the piano suddenly grew a mouth and had sharp teeth as it moves closer to Prizor, who stood up and unsheathed his blades before saying "So you want to eat"? "You're going to eat my blades"!

Phase 4

The grand piano is putting on one helluva performance, try not to get starstruck. This piano is GIGANTIC and will attack with it's pointy teeth and lasers from it's mouth. Not to mention that the keys can float off the thing and fly at Prizor like gigantic boomerangs. This fight isn't difficult at all actually, it's just going to take a while longer than you would like it to. The piano is only vulnerable after every 10 hits from one of it's own keys. It's easy enough to hit the keys and send them back, but the frequency of the key tossing is far less than the lasers and biting attacks. Simply put, this fight is one you'll have to wait out to complete, but isn't difficult to where you'll want to break your controller/keyboard.

Once the piano's HP has been fully depleted, the piano will be open to a QTE. In this QTE, Prizor will throw his chain whips at the piano on both sides and will pull on it to bring it down forward. Then, Prizor will jump on top of it and use his axe as a wedge to pry open the top of the piano and to keep it open as he flies down into the top of the piano and starts slicing all of the strings on the inside. Then Prizor blasts a hole out of the piano and flies back up to grab his axe as the piano starts to fall apart and explode. At this point, Veisulla is scared and says "Hold on, let's talk about this". Prizor brushes off her request and says "My blades will do the talking for me". Veisulla, still gigantic, then summons her gigantic violin and bow before saying "If you won't let us resolve this with peace, then I will use some violent violin violence"!

Phase 5

As this fight starts, 2 giant drums float in and begin to play as Veisulla says "I'll make you pay for destroying my precious creations". After that, the fight begins with a QTE where Prizor has to dodge the flying drumsticks that come flying at him from the drums. Once that's done, the actual battle starts with Veisulla saying "Percussion, let's create music that'll rattle him"! and launching a third drum at Prizor, who shatters it in mid-air and says "You're finished, this won't take long". Now, the battle actually starts with Veisulla standing about 20 feet away from Prizor and the 2 giant drums standing to the sides of her, defending her as she summons her violin and bow and holds them. This part of the fight isn't very tough, but it can take a bit to complete.

The first thing you want to do is focus on those drums. You can damage the drums by simply attacking them. As for attacks you'll have to contend with, Veisulla can use her violin bow to shoot musical notes at Prizor and she can play her violin to summon small instruments to fight for her. Once one of the drums goes down, Veisulla will start to panic and will say "Is this really necessary"? Just keep working on destroying that other drum, this long boss fight is nearing it's end. Once the second drum goes down, Veisulla will teleport into the air and say "Hold on there, you don't have to kill me"! However, a QTE is triggered, where Prizor throws his chain whips up a Veisulla and grabs her and drags her back down to the ground before slashing her backwards and she crashes through the stage as she lands. Prizor then runs over to the hole and jumps down into the basement of the theater.

Final Phase

Prizor lands on the floor, where Veisulla is standing up, badly hurt. Prizor is soon back up and walking towards her, but Veisulla says "Since you've brought this down here, I guess at least I won't die alone". Then spiritual versions of the previously-beaten instruments appear, the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, saxophone, harp, flute, clarinet, banjo, and even the piano all appear to watch this final battle. Veisulla then enters her God Form, a conductor, and created an entire orchestra around her that all began to unleash attacks on Prizor, who blocked the attacks and said "Even with all of those toys, I'm going to destroy you Goddess". Then Veisulla said "You may strike me down Mortal, but music never dies". Then, the battle begins.

This fight is pretty tough, you have numerous instruments to contend with as you battle Veisulla and all of them will defend her until it's death. The way to deal with this fight that will result in the least amount of stress possible is to start the battle with immediately trying to pick off one of the instruments. Take your pick from the selection and take them out in any order, there's: a trombone, 2 maracas, an accordion, a microphone, 2 cymbals, a bell, and a bass guitar. Once you've taken out all of those, a cutscene will play. In that cutscene, Veisulla is seem starting to grow weaker as she floats out of the sky and lands on the ground and says "Why did you have to come here and murder my children so heartlessly"!? Then Prizor snarls at her and says "Because you fools got in my way, I was going to leave had you not decided to attack me". "You started this fight, and I'm going to finish it". Veisulla was still scared, but she wasn't going to show it. She then summoned her violin and bow before saying "Then I guess it's time I write my final symphony" as the piano began to play itself in a fast tone as the drums soon joined in and the electric guitar soon joined in the mix with a solo as every instrument started to contribute to the "Final Symphony" as their creator became gigantic once again and loomed over Prizor. She then said "If you want to kill me, you're going to fight for it".

Here we are finally, the second half of the final phase, this long battle is almost over. In this part of the fight, it's only Prizor and Veisulla, there's no more instruments in the way aside from the violin, which Veisulla is using. Veisulla attacks in this phase by playing her violin and creating explosive notes that explode on impact and sending them towards Prizor. All you gotta do is dodge those notes and slash Veisulla whenever you get the chance, you'll slowly deplete her HP. Once her HP reaches 75%, Veisulla will send her violin off as a separate attacker for you to deal with. Focus on the violin and damage it to where it flees back to Veisulla, then go back to dodging her attacks and smacking her whenever you get the chance. Once her HP reaches 50%, she'll send her violin out again. Just likes last time, damage it to where it'll flee back to her and then go back to damaging her. Once her HP reaches 25%, Veisulla will suddenly gain an energy boost as she says "I am Eternal, just like the music I've created"! She becomes much faster and she now brandishes 2 violins and plays them both at the same time with one bow.

In this last part of the fight, you'll have to damage Veisulla to where her HP is only about 10% left and she'll drop the 2 violins and fall to her knees as her energy starts to decline. Veisulla is out of the fight, but those 2 violins will still defend her, so they've gotta go too. Attack the violins and destroy both of them, once that's done, Veisulla is defenseless and her instruments stop the chaotic symphony and they all go silent as she says "How unfortunate, music really does die". Then the finishing QTE is initiated as Prizor walks towards her and says "Everything dies, it's only a matter of time". He then looks around as the theater starts to crumble and he says "What the Hell"? Then Veisulla says "I kept this theater together with my power, it was the oldest theater left on our entire world". "With my power fading rapidly, this place is liable to crumble at any minute now".

Prizor looked at Veisulla and he pointed one of his blades at her and said "Regardless, you're a Goddess that I must slay". Prizor then impaled Veisulla through the chest with his sword, causing all of the instruments to stop moving, except for the piano. Then, as Prizor pulled his blade from her chest, Veisulla looked over at her terrified children and said to them "Don't you worry, Mama's coming to join you in a few seconds". Then, as Prizor left, he heard the piano playing the Funeral March as the theater began to fall apart and it finally collapsed just as Prizor left it and was crossing the street. Prizor then started his walk back to the ruins, he had 3 more Gods dead and was ready for the next 3.

When Prizor got back, the spirit said "I've felt 3 great surges on this planet". "I knew it was all your doing". Then the map glowed and Prizor said "How many more are there"? Then the spirit said "Many, you have a rather long road in front of you". "But it will be worth it in the end, that I promise you". With that said, Prizor left to continue his quest as the spirit pondered "He's no child of the Deathbringer, but he's somehow related to him it seems". "I'll have to find out more before I make any accusations".

End of Chapter 3...

"He's tearing through that planet with ease, more than we thought" said a voice. Then another voice said "If he keeps this up, he'll be here quicker than we expected". Then a young voice said "But we're still fine, right"? Then a fourth voice said "Who knows"? "If we're lucky, he won't even get back here". "He's still got a long way to go before he can reach us".

Chapter 4: The Next Group of Three

Mission 1: The Fast & The Furious

This mission opens up with Prizor chasing after someone in the middle of the countryside. The person eventually stops and teleports out of the way of Prizor's slash, which catches Prizor off-guard and makes him look around and say "Where the Hell did he go"? Then the guy suddenly appeared behind Prizor holding a scepter. The guy then whacked Prizor on the back of the head with the scepter, knocking him forward and on the ground. Prizor soon jumps to his feet and turns just in time to see the guy suddenly move towards him, but he was too fast for Prizor to dodge, he smacked Prizor again and blood came out of Prizor's mouth as he almost knelt and said "Who the fuck are you"? Then the guy appeared in front of Prizor with his arms folded and said "The name's Weotreo, I'm the God of Speed, Messages, and Travel". Prizor tried to punch him while he was talking, but Weotreo moved aside and Prizor missed. He then said "Missed me again buddy".

Prizor then stood up and said "So you're pretty damn fast huh"? Then Prizor shook his head and said "And you hit pretty hard too". Then Prizor snarled as he wiped blood off his mouth and then said "But I'm stronger and I can take helluva lot more punishment than you can"! Prizor then tried to slash at Weotreo, but he dodged with ease and hit Prizor in the chest and face with a flurry of punches that made Prizor stumble backwards and nearly fall over. Then Weotreo said "Brawn alone won't beat me buddy, you better use some of your brains". Then Prizor snarled and said "If you insist" as he distorted the light rays around him and became invisible! Weotreo looked around, trying to find Prizor, but Prizor suddenly stab him in the chest with one of his blades and then kicked him backwards before saying "Let's see you run that damn fast again now you've got that injury I just gave ya"! Then Prizor slashed again at Weotreo, and he narrowly dodged before kicking Prizor back and saying "I may not be going full speed anymore, but I'm still faster than you bud". Prizor simply snarled and licked the blood from his hand before saying "I wonder how fast you'll be once I break your legs off and beat you with them"!? Then Weotreo said "First you gotta catch me".

Boss Fight: Weotreo, The God of Speed & The Messenger of the Gods

This fight can be tough depending on circumstances. If you've mastered the crucial ability to counterattack, then this fight isn't very hard at all. If you haven't mastered it, then you're going to have a bad time. As you've seen, trying to hit Weotreo isn't going to work without extreme luck or good strategy. However, counterattacking him will work almost every time you try it. With some luck, this fight won't take very long, as Weotreo's weakness is that his durability is sub-par compared to his good strength and excellent speed. Weotreo's attacks consist of fast punches and kicks and swipes of his scepter, all 3 are easily dodged or countered. Once his HP has been depleted, it's time to finish off the God of Speed.

In the finishing QTE, Prizor first stabs Weotreo in his left leg and then stabs his other blade into Weotreo's right leg, which pins him to the ground. Then Prizor grabs Weotreo's left leg and a button will appear, mashing the button will make Prizor start to rip Weotreo's leg off. Once you've ripped off one leg, do the same for the other and then Prizor uses Weotreo's own legs to beat him into a bloody heap. Prizor then pulls one of his sword out of Weotreo's severed leg and stabs it into Weotreo's head before twisting the head the whole way around and then snapping it off! Prizor then pulls the head off his blade throws it before pulling the other leg off his other blade and walking away.

Mission 2: Warrior Versus Smith

Prizor walked into an armory and saw an old blacksmith working on a suit of armor. Prizor walked around and he simply looked around, he sensed someone off about the place, but couldn't quite figure it out. Then the blacksmith said "Can I help you young man"? Prizor looked at him and then the armor before saying "I'm interested in that armor, I've never seen one so grandiose before". "Is it an ornate or is it for battle"? Then the blacksmith said "This right here is my masterpiece, I've built it specially for my daughter to protect her". Then Prizor said "With armor like that, your daughter could walk through a battlefield in the middle of a war and remain unscathed". Then the old blacksmith grew quiet and said "Or at least it would've, had she still be alive right now"... There was a few moments of silence before the old smith said "My dear Veisulla is gone". "She was born with the talent to invent, no doubt passed down from me". Then the old smith looked at Prizor and said "My little girl is gone, and it's because of you". Then Prizor said "Your little girl attacked me first, I killed her in self-defense". Then the old smith said "Saying that doesn't ease the pain any you know"? There were hints of tears in his eyes now, but the old man soon grew serious and said "Listen up, I am no warrior, or at least not anymore, I do not want to fight you".

Prizor then sensed godlike energy coming from the old man and said "You're lying, you DO want to fight me". "You want revenge for your daughter, old man". Then Prizor unsheathed his blades and pointed one at the old man. The old man then said "When this world was new, the Moebians needed help, they couldn't tame this wild land and they suffered because of it". "I was the one who gave them the devices they needed to live". "After that, I helped them more and more, granting them new advances in their technologies". Then the old man said "I am one of oldest Gods, I stood beside the other 14 original Gods when we created this planet so many years ago". "I am Feacorz, the God of Inventions, I invented everything that the Moebians use, their weapons, their armor, their appliances, even their homes".

The old man then said "I may be old now, but I was the original God of War before one was created to fulfill that role so that I could devote all of my time to helping the Moebians continue to advance in knowledge and technology". The old man then summoned a gigantic hammer and said "I do not expect to defeat you, I merely want to slow you down as much as I can". Prizor then snarled and said "You'll only bother me for a few minutes, you won't last very long". The old man then said "Son, trash talk is only for the arrogant and the weak". "And neither of those are very good reason".

Boss Fight: Feacorz, The God of Inventions

This battle isn't very hard either, Feacorz isn't very powerful due to his old age and he's definitely isn't fast whatsoever. The best thing he's got going for him is that his armor makes him able to take some hits since it's defense is awesome. His hammer swings are easily seen and countered, and his fireball attack isn't even that great, despite it's speed and range, it's still blockable. Once again, just stay on the offensive and dodge the attacks and this fight will be over in almost no time. Feacorz already knew he wasn't going to kill Prizor, this whole battle was a battle against Time for Feacorz. Once his HP is lowered to about 5%, Feacorz will drop his hammer and will kneel in the center of the room.

As Prizor walks forward and the finishing QTE is triggered, Feacorz says "Veisulla darling, Daddy's coming to join you and his grandchildren for dinner one last time". Prizor stops when he hears this and says "She can't hear you, she's dead and you'll soon be too". Feacorz then says "She'll hear me from the afterlife, something you can't understand". "You have no family left to turn to, Angry One". Feacorz then dissolves into ashes that drift out of the window and away into the night. Prizor ponders about Feacorz's parting words, but soon casts them aside and leaves on his path once again.

Mission 3: Corruption

Prizor was walking through a dark forest during the evening. He was reading his map as he went onward and the next God on his list seemed to be nearby, so he stopped walking and tried to sense them with his sensory. Prizor didn't sense anything yet, so he decided to keep walking. However, as Prizor walked deeper inside, the sky turned more and more purple above him. Prizor stopped when he saw a purple sunset and said "What the Hell"? Prizor then sensed a presence near him and unsheathed his blades before saying "Who the Hell's there"!? Then a voice said "I could ask you the same question, this is my forest". Then the voice manifested itself in the shape of a panther with dark red eyes and it was lying in the trees above Prizor. It then said "I am Sornorn, the God of Twilight", before it jumped off the trees and landed on the ground next to Prizor, the huge panther began to pace around as Prizor said "Another God who stands in my way"? "I will destroy you as well"! The huge panther wasn't the least bit intimidated by Prizor, as it simply said "In order to destroy something, you must first defeat it".

The huge panther then stood on 2 legs and crossed it's arms as Prizor snarled and looked up at the panther that had to be at least 9 feet tall before saying "What the Hell does a God of Twilight even do anyway"? "What, do you change the colors of the sun at sunrise and sunset"? Then the panther laughed and said "I do play a hand in those, but I also have dominion in the negative energy area AND the corruption area". Then Prizor said "So you can use negative attacks"? Then the panther said "Indeed I do" as it's claws came out and Prizor got into battle stance. Prizor then said "Sobgub was it"? Then the panther snarled and said "It's Sornorn"! Then Prizor said "Whatever, let's get this over with". Then the panther said "I couldn't agree with you more, Mortal".

Boss Fight: Sornorn, The God of Twilight, Negativity, and Corruption

Phase 1

This battle can be rough, Sornorn is the first boss of the game thus far to have the ability to steal HP from Prizor to restore his. The way this fight plays out is that every attack Sornorn lands will steal a bit of HP from Prizor, so dodging is a must for this battle. Sornorn will also use twilight-style attacks like blasts, beams, orbs, bombs, and spears during the battle as ranged attacks. On top of that, Sornorn drains more and more HP each time he gets a successful hit. Say that Sornorn's first hit drains 5% of Prizor's HP, the second hit may then drain 10% of Prizor's HP. In other words, if you get careless, you're not going to survive Sornorn's assault. As for how to battle him, dodge his attacks and strike him 2-3 times before rolling to the side to dodge his counterattack, then slash him another 2-3 times and roll backwards to dodge his side sweeping lance attack. Once his HP has been depleted to about 50%, a cutscene will play to turn this battle from Phase 1 to Phase 2, be ready for an even harder fight.

Phase 2

In the cutscene, Prizor says to Sornorn "You're getting weaker, your time is almost up". Sornorn responds to this with "I'm only just getting started Mortal, you have a long way to go". Sornorn then began to glow purple as he entered his God form! Then Prizor snarled and said "This long path will be worth it in the end, that is why I will strike you down"! Then Sornorn laughed as the sky cracked and they appeared inside a Twilight Realm! Then he said to Prizor "Let's settle this Mortal, I'm a busy man". Prizor then pointed both blades at Sornorn and said "I've dealt with this kind of energy before". "You can drain me of my power all you want, you can break every bone in my body that you want, you can crush all of my dreams if you so desire, but you will NOT destroy me"! Now that the actual battle has started, it's time for a beating. Sornorn is a bitch this time, he's going to be a problem for you even if you're good at dodging. Sornorn will still drain your energy if he hits you, but it's a higher percentage to start off with, but that's not the worst part of it. He now also will drain Prizor's HP if Prizor makes contact with him, even with his blades. This battle is all about staying back and using ranged attacks against Sornorn.

Sornorn retains all of his former attacks and even adds in some more, like a tornado or a tidal wave made from twilight energy. This battle will take you some time since you'll have to rely on Prizor's lances to hit Sornorn and damage him without losing HP to him. Luckily, I've decided to be nice and make Sornorn not have a whole lot of HP for this phase to balance it out. Once Sornorn's HP has been depleted to about 5%, this phase ends with him falling to his knees and Prizor saying to him "You're not so high and mighty now are you"? Then a cutscene plays where Sornorn stands up and says to Prizor "Well, I did not expect this from a Mortal, you've given me quite the thrashing". He then said "But I can feel the corruption of your very soul, it calls out to me, it fuels me". Prizor then snarled and said "You couldn't handle such power, you're too weak". Then Sornorn laughed again as he became gigantic and loomed over the forest, looking down at Prizor as he said "You don't understand Mortal, your quest will only be in vain". Then Prizor yelled up at Sornorn "Fuck off"! "You don't know what my damn reward will be"! Prizor then prepared to face off against Sornorn one last time.

Final Phase

This phase is the easiest of the 3 by far, Sornorn no longer drains energy from Prizor with every hit. This is a battle to see who will last longer when they go all out. However, you'll notice that Prizor's attacks at the start will do almost nothing to Sornorn, this is normal. After about 3 minutes into the battle, a cutscene will play where Prizor enters his Soul Devourer form and flies up in front of Sornorn and says to him "Let's go, full power versus full power"! Prizor then punched Sornorn in the nose, knocking him backwards through many trees before he stopped himself. Sornorn then snarled and said "Very well, it's your funeral"! After that, the second half of this phase begins. The second half is the harder part of the final phase, and it's still easy compared to the last final fight of a chapter.

In the second half, you'll have to deal with all of the twilight attacks and slash Sornorn with all you've got in you. Prizor's going all-out and so is Sornorn, this fight will look like bullet Hell. You'll have to fly around the blasts and slash Sornorn when you get close enough to hit him, rinse and repeat this until he goes down and it's time to finish off the God of Twilight and finally move on the the next chapter. When Sornorn's HP is fully depleted, he'll stop moving and he'll fall down to his knees while still gigantic and say "Where does this power come from"? Then a cutscene will play, which shows Prizor fly and land in front of the kneeling Sornorn and revert back to his base form as Sornorn starts to shrink back down to normal size. Once small again, Sornorn says "I know not why you go through such hardships for a lost cause, is it out of ignorance"? Then Prizor snarled and said "Something important to me was taken, I'm going to get it back". Then Sornorn began to dissolve as he said "And what if it isn't worth it in the end"? "What then"? Prizor snarled at the statement and then said "It WILL be worth it in the end". Sornorn heard this and said "Hmm" as he finally dissolved into ashes that then blew up in an explosion of twilight energy and the purple sky faded back to it's normal color.

Prizor then returned to the ruins, where the spirit remained. It said to him "You are doing well, your map will now reveal to you the next group of 3 Gods for you to hunt down and destroy". Then Prizor said "Tell me, spirit, will this really be worth it in the end"? Then the spirit said "Indeed, you want your love back, do you not"? Then Prizor said "I do, i was just curious". Then Prizor left the ruins, ready for whatever was next in his path. The spirit then said to itself "He worries far too much, that is dangerous".

End of Chapter 4...

"He's moving quickly, too quickly for comfort" said a young voice. "Do not panic, he will not arrive here for a while yet" said another voice. "I've brought some allies back to assist us, those he couldn't destroy". Then a sarcastic voice said "He thought the void would destroy me"? "I just played a strange game with brown cards in there with this other guy". Then the other voice said "He's going to pay for what he did, I will not forgive him". Then another voice said "He's going to have a lot more than he bargained for when he gets back".

Chapter 5: Even More Massacres

Mission 1: An Enchanting Encounter

Prizor starts this chapter by walking into a library, where he seems to be searching for something. He then chances seeing the librarian, who gives him a look unlike any other he's seen. Prizor looks at her and he sees... something inside of her that seems a bit off-putting. He walks up to the counter and says to her "Any idea where I can find a book called "Otherworldly Eyes"? She turned to look at him and said "Hmm, who's the author"? Prizor then seemed to think about it a bit before saying "I think her pen name was Magic". Then the librarian said "Magic"? "Oh". Then she suddenly glowed white as the entire library floated off the ground and into the sky. When the glowed faded, there were seemingly infinite books floating around the vast expanse of the area, all of them were spellbooks. Prizor then saw a lady hedgehog standing there, she was dressed like a wizard. It then said, in a feminine voice that had a hint of sarcasm, "I'll guess I'll take the 'otherworldly eyes' bit as a compliment then, aren't you a smooth Mortal"?

Prizor snarled and unsheathed both of his blades before saying "No God or Goddess can evade my sight, I will find and destroy you all"! Then the lady said "You only found me because I allowed you to". "I know all about you, and your killing of the Gods of Moebius". Then Prizor said "Then why did you reveal yourself to me"? "You know you must die now, right"? The the lady said "You are very interesting, especially among Mortal standards". "I wanted to see if the power you were said to possess was true". Then Prizor snarled and said "What the Hell are you"? "The Goddess of Knowledge"? Then the lady laughed as the spellbooks grew mouths and then started laughing as well before she said "If I was the Goddess of Knowledge, I wouldn't have to seek you out for answers to anything". "No, I am Gibria, the Goddess of Magic". She then commanded the books to prepare to launch attacks at Prizor as she said "Don't fight back, I'll make this quick". Prizor dodged the attacks and he then slashed one of the books into halves before yelling at Gibria "I will not give up"! "I will have my vengeance"! Gibria then sighed and said "I gave you a chance to make this quick and nearly painless for you, and you'd rather suffer the hard way"? "I don't think us Gods will ever understand you Mortals completely". Then Prizor snarled again and said "Then why don't you try to understand just how much I need you to die"!?

Boss Fight: Gibria, The Goddess of Magic

Phase 1

This battle can be rough, Gibria may seem arrogant with how she chose to reveal herself to Prizor, but her strength she shows off during this fight justifies it. At the very start of this battle, Gibria activates a QTE where you'll have to press the correct button inputs in order to dodge the flying books and eventually slice 2 more of them in half before riding on top of one of them to reach where Gibria is floating in order to hit her and knock her to the ground. Then, as the QTE ends, you'll have to jump down and slash her a few times with your blades before she teleports back up into the air. For this phase, it's as simple as rinse and repeat. All you have to do is keep pulling off the QTE whenever she activates it and then keeping up your offensive against her whenever you knock her to the ground. Once her HP bar is emptied, a cutscene will play.

In that cutscene, it will show Prizor leap towards Gibria with both blades in hand as she's on the ground. However, one of the books intercepts him, giving her enough time to regain her footing before saying "I've misjudged your will to succeed". "You are dangerous". Then she summons 2 giant hands that form fists as Prizor slashes the book that got in his way aside and snarls. Then Gibria has the 2 giant hands slam their fists together on Prizor, who puts his arms out at his sides and catches both fists before another QTE is triggered, which has you mashing buttons to overpower the fists until Prizor finally breaks free from their grasp and then says to Gibria "You've misjudges everything about me Goddess"! Then Gibria creates a storm of thunderbolts and launches them at Prizor, which activates another QTE where hitting the correct button will result in Prizor dodging a lightning bolt and hitting the wrong button will result in him getting hit by a lightning bolt. Afterwards, Prizor will throw one of his chain whips at Gibria and it wraps around her left arm before Prizor pulls her over to him and slashes her into the air and then pulls her back down and slams her into the ground headfirst before yelling "You've trifled with the wrong Mortal now"!

Another cutscene then plays, where Gibria flies out of the ground and she tears a hole in the roof of the library as she flies up. Prizor then snarls and flies up after her, intent on winning this battle. Prizor flies up into the sky above the library, where Gibria's massive collection of books all start taking cheap shots at him, which results in Prizor blasting hellfire everywhere around him, incinerating a good portion of the books as Gibria appears before him and says to him "I am impressed, no Mortal has ever proven this powerful before". "However, I regret to inform you that you still are an obstacle in my way, and that I must destroy you for being such". Then, when Gibria suddenly creates and fires a gigantic stream of magic at Prizor from only like 4 feet away, Prizor catches the beam and holds it back before using one of his lances to force Gibria to stop the laser to avoid being impaled. Prizor then says to her "How typical of a God, always misjudging others because of their power blinding them". Then Gibria laughed and said "Oh, I'm not blinded by my power, I know my full potential". "As well as the full potential of all of the other Gods". "It is you who has been blinded by their own power, your own rage has blinded you to what should be clear". Then Prizor snarled again and said "My anger only makes me more powerful the longer I have it"! "Haven't you seen the damage I've caused with it so far"!? Then Gibria laughs again before saying "I wasn't talking about your potential or your strength". Then Prizor snarls and says "I will not be defeated by anyone until my wrath has been pacified"!

Phase 2

As this phase starts, Gibria says "There are 7 schools of Magic, in which I can use the complete and unstoppable power in all 7 of them". "You're powerful Mortal, I cannot deny that". "But my knowledge is going to crush your strength" as she enters her godlike form and she gains a golden glow as the sky glows with arcane energy drifting through the air! The actual battle starts here with Prizor dashing towards Gibria, who rebounds him off with the Reflect spell before saying "Simple-minded approach" and unleashing a wave of water towards Prizor, who fires a great blast of hellfire at it and causes the middle of it to evaporate so that he may cross through it unhindered before flying towards Gibria again, who levitates a giant piece of earth into the sky and uses it as a shield to block Prizor's slash, getting one of his blades stuck in the process. As Prizor pulls his blade out, Gibria says to him "Reckless behavior, that'll cost you". Then Prizor suddenly snaps out as he enters his Soul Devourer form and says "I'll rip you to shreds"!

This phase isn't difficult per say, but this phase can take a while the first time through. Unlike most of the other bosses, you can't just fly up to Gibria and slash her to pieces the entire time. The only way you're damaging her is by breaking through all 5 of her barriers one by one, which you have to do while she has full reign to cast magic at you without any fear of reprisal, sound fun? However, as an important note, this phase will only be the first 3 barriers of hers, the last 2 are taken care of in the following phase. The first barrier is an elemental barrier, meaning that Prizor's hellfire & electric techniques are the way to go for this first one. Once that barrier drops, move on to the second one, which is a speed barrier, this one is kinda fun actually. To tear down this one, you just have to keep hitting the barrier with anything and everything, while it's constantly trying to regenerate the damage done. If you've practiced your combos, then you'll pull through this one and take it down. The third barrier is a physical barrier, this one is entirely Prizor's forte, up close and personal melee combat. When the third barrier goes down, a cutscene will play, showing Gibria saying "I've held back thus far, but now I shall show you the true power of a Goddess". To which Prizor replies with "I've killed multiple Goddesses before you, and they all showed me their true power too". After this exchange, you are thrown into the third phase.

Phase 3

As soon as this phase begins, dodge to the right to avoid a cheap shot-like blast from Gibria. The deal's the same here as it was during the last phase, you got 2 more barriers standing between you and the Goddess of Magic. The fourth barrier is a time barrier, meaning it'll stay up for a certain amount of time and then go down. Now, this one can take a bit since there's no way to exhaust the barrier without hitting it. Basically, what you have to do is wait for the barrier to weaken to the point where it flashes, meaning it'll soon go down to recharge itself. When that happens go for it, you'll start dealing damage to the barrier, and after about 4 or 5 cycles of doing so, you'll destroy it. Finally, only one more barrier is left in your way, the strength barrier. This barrier is one of the easier ones to take down, so you should have this battle won by this point. Now, you'll notice that none of your attacks will deal any damage to the barrier, and you'll probably just assume it's another time-based thing. No, this one requires you to fly straight at it, which will initiate a QTE where Prizor starts pounding on the barrier with everything in his arsenal by hitting the correct button prompts. Until finally, Prizor starts getting more and more pissed off and he starts slashing it with both of his blades, which requires you to rotate both joysticks at once, before he finally starts to form a crack in the barrier, which makes Gibria say "What"? "What kind of Mortal are you"?, before Prizor stops slashing and the entire barrier stops and starts to ripple like water. Then, with one final button prompt, Prizor slashes the barrier and shatters it, leaving Gibria wide open for him to slash across the chest before kicking her down through the roof of the library and stabbing both of his blades into her body before saying to her "A Mortal who will slay every God that dares to step into his path".

As Prizor walks away, Gibria levitates to her feet, causing him to turn back to her and snarl before saying "Still eager to fight huh"? Then he notices something different in Gibria's eyes, it wasn't anger or pain, but sorrow that he saw in her eyes. Gibria then said "I see now, you aren't a typical case". Then Prizor snarled and said "What the Hell are you talking about"? He then dashed towards her, but time seemed to slow down for him as Gibria moved past him and said "You don't know the truth"? "How sad" as she seemed to materialize behind Prizor, who stopped his attack and said "What the Hell's going on here" as he looked around, he was unsure what to say by this point. Then Gibria said "I know you're not from this planet, but the opposite planet". "Mobius". Then Prizor snarled and dashed straight at Gibria again, but again, she simply moved out of the way and kept speaking. "Your ability to battle has been refined, trained, almost perfected". "But these are feats that the Mortals on your planet cannot achieve, so how is it that you can do so"? Prizor then tried to launch a beam of electricity at Gibria, but she used a blast of lightning magic to equal it before saying "And you possess such power in even your kinetic abilities, no small feat to achieve I assure you". She then grew silent, which made Prizor stop his next attack and say "What's the damn point here"? Then Gibria said "When I look inside of you, I see something that should not be, but is". She then says "I peer into your memories, the scarce few you have, and I see things that you should not have seen, that no Mortal should ever see". "Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Limbo, The Realm of Gods, you've been to places that no mere Mortal should be able to enter, and yet you've emerged from them after slaying all who crossed your path". "The very same path that has led you here to Moebius, where you seek to find a way to return back to Mobius to finish what you started". Then Prizor snarled and said "It wasn't me who started it, it was him"! before dashing towards Gibria again, but she moved aside again and simply said "Did he"? "I think there's something more here that you can't see".

Prizor then said "Now what the Hell are you talking about"? Gibria then said "In your earliest memories, I saw someone". "Someone I never thought I'd see again after the worlds were separated at the start of creation". Then Prizor said "Who the Hell did you see"? Then Gibria spoke in a quiet and soothing voice "Do you know who your parents are"? Her voice forced Prizor to calm down, he fought against it, but he seemed to be losing as he said "No, I was orphaned by them as a child". Then Gibria said, in the calm voice still, "Well, what if I told you that you weren't orphaned by them"? Prizor heard this and painful memories filled his mind, he quickly got angry and yelled "Stop trying to fuck with my mind"! He then dash towards Gibria again, but she moved aside once again and said in her normal voice "I guess you won't believe me then, I should've figured as much though". Then Prizor snarled and said "My parents hated me, they didn't want me, so they threw me out"! "They didn't love me and that's why I don't love anyone else"! Then Gibria said "False, there is one you love". "I saw her in your memories too". "She's the very reason you're standing here before me, trying to kill me". Then Prizor says "There's nothing I won't do for her, I've already walked into Hell and back for her, I've killed Gods for her, I've traveled through planets for her, and I won't stop now". Gibria then said "Well well well, aren't you very loyal"? before she trapped Prizor inside a sphere made of magic and slammed it down to the ground.

Prizor emerged from the sphere after slicing it open and he snarled before saying "You're only another fool standing in my way Goddess of Magic"! "I'll cut you down just like all of the others before you"! He then flew up towards her as it was time for the final phase.

Final Phase

Alright, here we are, the end of this battle. This phase is pretty straightforward, slash Gibria whenever the chance arises and don't die. At the very start of this fight, dash straight towards Gibria and slash her, if done correctly, it'll catch her off-guard and knock off nearly half of her HP in that one shot. With half of her HP gone in an instant, if done right, this fight will be over in about 2 minutes. Like I said, just slash her whenever you see the opportunity and she'll go down in due time. When her HP reaches about 40%, she'll say "Such raw power... you can't be just a mere Mortal". "Can you"? Then, when her HP reaches about 15%, she'll say "Such potential to do good, wasted on... wasted on petty revenge"? "When will you open your eyes to what you've done"? "When will you realize your mistakes"? At this point, she's done talking and feel free to empty her HP bar, which will make her fall down to the library's roof and fall to her knees. Prizor will then fly down and land on the roof automatically, all you have to do now is approach her and end this battle with the finishing QTE. As Prizor walks towards her, Gibria says "It's not too late for you to understand Prizor, please hear me out". Prizor ignores her as he draws both of his blades and says "You have nothing more of importance for me, your death has been delayed long enough". At this point, the first button prompt appears, pressing it will cause Prizor to take a swipe at Gibria, who will move to the side and then used magic to grab Prizor with a hand before saying "Would you just hear me out Prizor"? The second button prompt appears, hitting this one will cause Prizor to use one of his lances to try to impale Gibria, but she dodged this one too before saying "Dammit Prizor"! "Just listen already"! The third button prompt requires Prizor to mash all 4 face buttons (For Xbox/Wii U, it's X, Y, B, & A, For Playstation, it's Square, Triangle, Circle, X) in order for him to break free from the magic hand's grip before taking another slash at Gibria by tilting the left analog stick to the left and then upward before bringing it down again.

Gibria avoids this slash too before Prizor snarls and another button prompt appears, the fourth. Hitting this one causes Prizor to finally land a hit on Gibria by stabbing her in the left leg. Then the fifth button prompt appears, which results in Prizor stabbing her in the chest before kicking her to the ground. He then walked up to the fallen Goddess and another prompt appeared, the sixth, and hitting this one causes Prizor to stab his blade into her chest again, driving the blade in deeper as he says "Now just fucking die"! Gibria grabs Prizor's hands as blood begins to leak from her mouth. She then says "Listen to me Mortal, I've seen your past and I remain here, if only for a few more moments, in the present, but I have also seen your goal, your future". "Don't do what He tells you anymore, please... STOP listening to what that... spirit... tells you...". Prizor then snarls and said "He is my ally, you will not deceive me"! Then Gibria coughs up blood as Prizor removes his blade before she says "For once in your life, think about what you're doing before you do it". "Why do you suppose he wants you to kill all of us"? Then Prizor snarled and said "Just die Goddess, I have no reason left to listen to your words". He then walked away from the dying Goddess of Magic, who said out loud to herself "He's been blinded by both his thirst for vengeance and his love for that girl". "No one can get through to him anymore". As she said this, a small bird flew by and landed near her it looked at her as she was talking. "His birth was never meant to happen, he's a step out of both Fate and Destiny". "No mere Mortal should be able to do what's done, but he's done it". "But he's no God either, he lacks the divine blood". Then she turned her head to the small bird and said "Iosai"? "It looks like I've failed to stop him my dear sister". "I can only hope that you have a plan for your survival"? Then the bird said "Gibria, my dear little sister...".She grew silent as she saw her sister dying in front of her while being powerless to stop it from happening. She then started to grow angry, a power started to awaken inside of her as she said "I will deal with this creature myself". "If only I had been sooner, I could've helped you defeat him". The bird then transformed into another female hedgehog before she said "He isn't far, I will avenge you Gibria". "Now he's not the only one who wants revenge for someone they cared about's death". She then snarled before hugging her sister one more time and then dashing off towards Prizor's direction, eager to face him.

Mission 2: The Eye of the Storm

Prizor ended up inside a vast stretch of plains that surrounded the city, his map had led him here, but he still was having trouble trying to locate the next God on his list. Prizor finally felt a surge of Godlike energy and dashed after it, which led him to a huge windmill. Prizor walked inside of the windmill and looked around, but didn't see anything. He then felt a breeze as the door behind him closed. Prizor then snarled before pulling out both of his blades and saying "Show yourself"! Then, a voice said "Who are you to make demands of a God"? Prizor then said "I've already slain several of you already, I've earned the right to call you out"! Then the voice said "Ah, so you're the one they call Prizor". Then a wind started to roar inside the windmill, causing Prizor to slide around a bit before he stabbed both blades into the ground to anchor himself as a small fox appeared in front of him. The small fox then said to him "So what makes you want to kill our entire pantheon"? "What have we ever done to you"? Prizor then snarled before saying "You all must die so I can regain what I lost". The small fox heard this and then grew into a normal-sized fox before saying "Well then, I guess that explains why you're here". "I am Raltooz, the God of Wind & Storms". Prizor then pointed both blades at Raltooz as his chain whips unrolled themselves and said "Let's get this over with". Then Raltooz nodded and said "Indeed, best of luck Mortal".

Boss Fight: Raltooz, The God of Wind & Storms

Phase 1

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Here we go again...- Complete the Prologue

Extinguisher- Defeat Yarog

Lumberjack- Defeat Uzulla & The Guardian Tree

Ice Pick- Defeat Jimear

Fire, Nature, and Ice- Complete Chapter 1

Speak No Lies- Defeat Vecotta

Exorcist- Defeat Ersoi

Broken Dreams- Defeat Shulisk

Deceit, Spirits, and Dreams- Complete Chapter 2

Lost Hope- Defeat Zoajasi

Root of All Evil- Defeat Mantidun

Tone Deaf- Defeat Veisulla

Hope, Hatred, and Music- Complete Chapter 3

Speed Runner- Defeat Weotreo

Metal Crusher- Defeat Feacorz

Positive Influences- Defeat Sornorn

Speed, Inventions, and Twilight- Clear Chapter 4

Magician's Assistant- Defeat Gibria

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