Hero's Chronicles is a fangame made by Lunari64 on 6/24/16.


Hero's Chronicles is an RPG for the 3DS that features many of the main characters of the series.


The game features both a stylus and button control scheme, which can be switched between freely.

Button Controls


Circle pad: Move/ Navigate Menus/ Pick text

A: Field Moves as any character

B: Open Menu

X: Preset Menu Action (defaults to Save; can be changed)

Y: Preset Menu Action (defaults to Items; can be changed)

D-pad: Switch field character (Up= 1st; Right= 2nd; Left= 3rd; Down=4th)


Picking Attacks/Before Round start

Circle pad: Select Characters/Navigate Menus

D-pad: Choose from already picked attacks (allows for quick changes)

A: Select item/attack

B: Undo current move

X:Undo last move

Y: Undo all moves (restart round)

In round

Circle Pad/A/B/X/Y: Minigame buttons

Start: Pause (for AFK purposes) TBC

Stylus Controls

Stylus Controls are used exactly as they were in the original Sonic Chronicles.


Party Members

Lunari the Echidna

Rosa the Hedgehog

Io the Cat

Lexie the Fox

Ion the Hedgehog (Genesis)

More to Come