"This story is the story of how a Boy became a Man". "A Man known throughout the world as The Plague of the Battlefield, The General of Generals, The Legendary Slayer..." "Like all Men, he once was a Boy". "But that Boy proved to be easily distinguishable from the others in his class of soldiers".


"Alright class, it's time for you to take your test on Alien Martial Arts"! said the teacher, Mr. Susaku. Ty was only 19 at the time and he already had a great physique as he sighed and said "Well, let's get this over with". Then Ty took the test along with his class. Ty seemed to simply breeze through the test and finished first before saying "This test was a pushover, if you wanted us to have a chance of failing, you should've made it focused on the fine details of their various styles". "Everyone knows the basics of Nogreqo". said Ty to his teacher. But as the tests were handed in, it became apparent that Ty didn't do too well. "Ty, you appear to have gotten Nogreqo confused with Aaloso". "Your answers are perfect for Nogreqo, but you're completely wrong about Aaloso". "Your scored a 30 out of 60, which is 50%, an F".

A few minutes later, a girl handed her test in and Mr Susaku said "Ah Freya, you've scored a perfect 60"! Then he said "Maybe you can tutor Ty, he seems to struggle with remembering which style is which". Then Ty sucked his teeth and said "I don't need to be tutored, I know the crap, I just can't write it". "Give me the biggest sword you got and I'll show you how it's done". "Give me a pencil and make me take a test, I'll fail it every single time". Then the bell rang and Ty left class. However, he wasn't quite ready for the next day in that class. When he walked in, everyone was gathering their things and they were saying about going outside for class today. Ty payed this no mind and walked along with them.

When they arrived outside, their teacher Mr Susaku said "Alright, today we're advancing to Swordplay"! "We'll go over every Mobian style of swordplay today, and then we'll move on the Alien styles tomorrow". Then he selected 2 members of the class and gave each a different style sword. He gave one a broadsword and the other a longsword and said "Alright, these swords are fake, so don't worry about hurting yourself". "Now, a broadsword is thick and heavy, it deals high damage due to it's weight". "However, keep in mind that it's weight limits it's speed and reach". Then he said "A longsword has excellent reach and deals acceptable damage, but it is very light and easily disarmed or parried". "Try out the styles we discussed in class and take your stances".

The kid with the broadsword took an aggressive stance and the kid with the longsword took a defensive stance as Mr Susaku said "Alright, you may spar". The 2 kids sparred and the kid with the broadsword's ferocity quickly overwhelmed the other kid and knocked him flat on his ass. Then Mr Susaku said "Very good Shade, you seem to be a natural". "But calm down a bit next time, okay"? Then Shade said "Fine, I guess I can chill a bit". Then Mr Susaku said "Alright, now who would like to try a round against Shade"? A few other kids stepped up and tried their best, but Shade seemed to be a step ahead of each of them. Ty was just watching from the sidelines, he saw each style and how they were countered before saying "Mr Susaku, I'll give it a try".

Ty stepped up and picked up the other, much heavier, broadsword and seems to struggle to hold it as Shade said "The dumbest kid in class with the slowest sword we got"? "Just pass me the title Mr Susaku". Then Ty managed to get the sword under his control and he said "Why don't you stop talking the talk and try to walk the walk"? Then Ty held the sword in an offensive style, which was unheard of due to the sword's sheer size. Mr Susaku seemed a bit reluctant, but he said "Alright, you may begin to spar". Shade took his first slash, but Ty blocked it and then pushed him back with a bash that nearly knocked Shade over. Shade seemed to be a bit less cocky now, since he realized that Ty's sheer strength was allowing him to manhandle the sword. Shade tried a defensive style, but Ty slashed right into his blade and cracked through it and knocked him flat on his ass before saying "I may not be good at taking tests, but I'll kick your ass in swordplay every day of the week". Then Ty dropped the sword and walked away.

End of Prologue Quote:

"The Boy soon became respected for his strength, speed, and skill of the blade". "He soon graduated from his academy with his classmates and they became the next squad to enter the Mobian Army, where the Boy would become the leader of their squad under unfortunate circumstances"...

Chapter 1: The First Mission

"We all remember our classmate Shade, he was a cocky fool at some points". "But his skill was undeniable, he was second to none in pure skill with a blade". said Freya. Her, Ty, and a few other classmates stood at a Mass Funeral following the loss of Shade and most of their class in a mission gone awry. Even Ty, who hated Shade because of his arrogant nature, was unhappy about his death. He had fought for his planet, and had died for it as well. Then the tricky status of leadership was passed around since Shade was the leader and they now needed a new one to lead what remained of the class.

Ty didn't bother trying, he was sure that Freya would be a shoo-in for the leader position since she had the 2nd highest score on the leadership test. And Ty was right, Freya was made the leader. However, she passed it to him and said "The hands of leadership need to be strong, especially at the troubled times of today". "Robotnik is a monster, we cannot use reason to defeat him anymore". she said. Then she said "That is why I'm transferring the power of leadership to Ty". Everyone was shocked by this, even Ty batted an eye at the statement and said "It's not April you know"? Then Freya said "I am not joking with you, we need a strong leader who can face Robotnik head on". "When it comes to Robotnik, he is darkness incarnate". "You can't reason with it, it will only lie to you and betray you in the end". Then Ty said "Let me guess, you want me to be some kind of light to destroy the darkness"? Then Freya said "Exactly". "Even Ty understands it, so that means that the rest of you should also understand it".

Ty was made leader and so his first order of business was to cut off Robotnik's support. "Think of Robotnik like a human, his supports are his legs". "Chop them off, and he'll go down without any effort". This led to an assault on Robotnik's allies that Ty himself led to victory by destroying an entire base and killing the general there. Ty even burned Robotnik's flag on a live broadcast that Robotnik could see before saying "This is the start of your resignation Dr Robotnik". "But since you're such a lazy asshole, I've decided to start it for you". Then Robotnik seemed to be very pissed off at this outburst and decided to take matters into his own hands by taking on Ty and his group in a battle of their armies that would rage on for several days.

Ty and his group arrived with the Mobian Army as their support as Dr Robotnik arrived in his Egg Mech Suit and his entire robot army was with him. Robotnik sent his army out while he himself stayed in the sidelines. However, his robots were quickly becoming obliterated by the strength of Ty's armies. Finally, only Robotnik himself remained and he fled to his castle, where he called his few remaining solders to guard him while he tried to contact his allies. However, Ty was 1 step ahead of him and sent a signal to Freya who had her technicians disable Robotnik's communications while Ty himself went to the castle alone.

End of Chapter 1 Quote:

"The Time was about to come, the Boy would soon become a Man". "The Doctor, feared for his life, but his uncanny ability to have extreme arrogance sealed his fate as he stood defiantly in his castle and prepared to battle the Boy all by himself in his Mech Suit". "The 2 leaders of this war will meet to decide the future of the entire planet"...

Chapter 2: Claiming The Birthright

Ty climbed up the stairways of the castle, he quickly sliced through any of the robots that guarded Robotnik and he soon arrived at the throne room, where he saw Robotnik in his Mech Suit and said "You, Dr Robotnik, you owe me something very important". Then Robotnik said "I do not owe you anything foolish hedgehog". Then Ty said "You owe me more than what you could ever pay". "You took my family and splintered us apart with your uprising, you took away my birthright". "If it wasn't for you, I'd be the King of Mobius right now". Then Ty drew his sword and said "That is why I such extreme prejudice for you and your stupid robots". "You took my childhood away from me with your stupid, power-hungry rise to power". "Now it is time I take all you took from me back".

Then Robotnik laughed and said "You will not stop me foolish hedgehog, I will destroy you and then no one will be able to stop me"! Then Ty said "Enough talk, I'm tired of sharing the same air as you". "One of us will die here at least". "And If I do die Doctor, I'm dragging you to Hell with me"!

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