• Io the Cat
  • The Magic Spirits
  • Ruben the Hedgehog (Forcefully)


Ether energy is a type of magical energy within the Ether Forest. In its pure form, it is the sustenance of the Magic Spirits and the Ether Forest; in its raw form, it is the energy the spirits use for spells.

Raw Ether is produced by the flora of the Ether Forest, in rather large amounts. From here, it is either used, or some of it goes into the Ether Links, where it is purified into pure Ether.

Pure Ether is the sustenance of the Magic Spirits, and the energy that fills the Ether Links. This is why the spirits rest in the Ether Links, because the pure Ether replenishes them.


  • Runes

Most of the Magic Spirits channel raw Ether through Runes for various purposes, usually ones that match their trade. These runes tap into the raw Ether produced by the forest, and most convert it into other types of energy for the rune's purpose. This is why most runes don't hurt normal souls, even though Ether Energy does.

  • Attacks

Since Ether Energy is toxic to normal souls, it can also be used as an attack against them. Most commonly, it is used similarly to various other forms of raw energy or ki. It can be charged into blasts, made into temporary weapons, etc. These attacks cause more pain than the visible damage suggests, though this means that enemies that don't feel pain (such as robots) are largely unaffected.

  • Ether Form

By channeling Ether Energy through their bodies, some can achieve a new form through Ether Energy. The only one who has attempted this so far is Ruben the Hedgehog, who put himself in great danger doing this as he has a normal soul.

  • Sustenance

Pure Ether Energy gives the Magic Spirits life. They replenish this energy by going into the Ether Links, the plane of reality where they sleep. (Since Io has a body, she cannot go into the Ether Links, and instead replenishes her Ether Energy via meditation.)


  • Since Raw Ether Energy is produced by the Ether Forest's flora, damaging the forest greatly lowers the amount of available Raw Ether.
  • Pure Ether is connected to the forest, so damaging the forest can ruin pure Ether, killing Magic Spirits along with it.
  • Since pure Ether Energy is very delicate, many Energy types can disrupt it. These energies include Dark, Chaos, and even Raw Ether in large amounts. Disrupting Pure Ether often puts a Magic Spirit in pain. Disruptions from Raw Ether are more mild, usually just fatiguing the spirit.
  • Most robots have no souls and cannot feel pain, rendering Ether Energy attacks useless.