"I'm no longer that young daredevil anymore, I have conquered my fears of injuries".

-- Eden to Squall when he asks her if she still is scared of getting hurt.


Eden is a purple female hedgehog who stands at 5'5 and weighs about 109 pounds. She usually wears a pair of black jeans and wears a black shirt with medium-sized sleeves. She also wears a slightly too small for her leather jacket over her shirt. For gloves, she wears fingerless gloves and they have grips on the fingers and palms. She doesn't wear shoes that often, for heat or lack of heat doesn't bother her body temperature, but whenever she does, they're red shoes with black stars that she painted on them herself.


Eden is normally quite nice, but due to some bad experiences she had in her childhood, she also is a bit of a rebel when it comes to following orders or being told to do something. Otherwise, she's quite nice and caring unless she gets into a fight, then she's more ruthless and willing to do what it takes to win. When she was younger, she had daredevil tendencies and often got injured, which makes her quite scared of injury and a bit of a coward in fear of injury.




Geokinesis- Eden's main kinesis. She is rather skilled in this power. Due to it being Earth that Eden manipulates with this, she could theoretically destroy Mobius with almost no effort. (By causing the planet's plates to split apart, she could literally rip Mobius to pieces)

Geo-Thermokinesis- Eden's secondary kinesis. She also has quite the skill over this ability too, as she can summon magma just by throwing a punch or use pre-existing magma to use powerful fire attacks.

Super Strength- This power wasn't originally supposed to be used by Eden. But after looking at how she punches the ground and lava flies out, she must hit like Knuckles. (Except she's a lot smarter than him)

Rocky Aspect- This is more of an ability than a power. But it allows Eden to make her body rocklike, making most weapons ineffective against her.

Temperature Resistance- Eden is capable of living in nearly any temperature. Extreme heat or cold don't really bother her, as she's fire-resistant enough to hold lava in her bare hands and is resistant enough to ice that she can break right out of freezing attacks and not even get a chill.

Gyrokinesis- Eden's third kinesis allows her to mess with Gravity and to even create her own gravity fields. These can range from lifting someone into the air to punch them back down to Eden using it to kill an opponent in various ways.



Landmaster (times 40)

Earthshaker (times 100)

Gaia Reborn (times 500)


Has planet-destroying power in her base form. (Granted, it is because of her kinesis rather than her own strength)

Resistant to any amount of heat and nearly any amount of cold.

While not having actual super speed or agility, Eden is faster and more agile than the average Mobian.

By tapping into her husband Squall's granted power, she obtains godlike power.


Fights recklessly and often uses anger-driven attacks rather than analytical ones.

Has an inferiority complex, she always feels like she isn't good enough. This causes self-doubt to her.

Despite being okay at logical decisions, her logic is sometimes flawed due to her self-doubt.

Often battles all-out from the start. While this will obliterate weaker foes, it will leave Eden tired and nearly defenseless to stronger foes.