Rookie's First Turn

"They say you brought Mobius to the brink of extinction".

"You must've been very desperate to earn your distinction".

"You've evaded Karma long enough, it's time for a bout".

"Let's see how powerful that fire is when I put it out"!

"You way of killing everyone truly displeases me".

"And no amount of repentence will ever appease me".

"You're a monster in the form of a hedgehog, you don't even understand emotion".

"If you weren't such an asshole, you'd show Gold more devotion"!

"It's sad how far a Hero can fall thanks to the actions of one".

"But it's high time someone made your actions come undone"!

Prizor's First Turn

"You can't extinguish what you didn't create, know your place".

"If you still wanna go, then I'll have no problem making your ass erased".

"You think you're angry"? "You have less anger than Joshua".

"And you think you compare to me"? "I have more wrath than Asura"!

"I've slain dozens of Mobians, you think you'll be any different"?

"I have no desire to ever repent".

"You aren't shit compared to what I've been through".

"I've slain an entire planet, how about you"?

"I've had the honor of holding the Rasphara Grandia".

"You're more of a fucking ripoff than Megalovania"!

Rookie's Second Turn

<becomes Angry>

"No desire or no point"? "Only you can tell".

"The only person who ever loved you is burning in Hell"!

"You speak of your actions like they're noble when they're complete opposites".

"You wouldn't even pass a Karmic synopsis".

"Let's take a look at your story, shall we"? "It could be fun".

"You just ripped off God of War, but skipped number 1"!

"Your anger clouds your judgement and that's your fatal flaw".

"So quit whining about Gold and stop your bawling"!

"You just wanna bring her back, but it won't change shit".

"Everyone still remembers when Vuxo kicked your ass with only 1 hit"!

Prizor's Second Turn

<takes off all 15 power rings>

"I attack while you decay, let's see you try to take another blow".

"But a hopeless fool like you wouldn't even have a chance if I was slow".

"I killed Death and Order, you'll taste no victory".

"If you thought you had a chance in this, then it was Deceit"!

"You name every God and they're dead".

"I'll give you a free paint job, but the only color is red"!

"You think you're entitled to win"? "You can't even hold a chalice".

"You think upholding the Good gives you a chance"? "Bitch, I've already broken the balance"!

"I think I know what your problem is, you need a little TLC".

"And fuck off asshole, your biggest role was in MY GAME AS FUCKING DLC"!

Rookie's Third Turn

<becomes Rage>

"You didn't kill every God on Mobius, you arrogant prick".

"Your intelligence must match that of a damn brick's"!

"You can't hear criticism through your massive ego". "Either that or you're deaf".

"How does it feel to be responsible for your girlfriend's death"!?

"You want your own world and you'll kill us all to get it"? "Why must you persist"?

"When you realize that perfect in this world, just doesn't exist"?

"You're setting yourself up for failure, you can't expect to kill us all".

"It should be known that every hero and villain eventually fall".

"Why slaughter the Innocent when there's only 1 who deserves your wrath"?

"Or are you so damn stupid you can't even perform basic math"!?

Prizor's Third Turn


"You underestimate my determination to revive and rejuvenate her life".

"But do not despair, you will soon feel the Reaper's Scythe".

"I'll destroy everything we've accomplished and won't give a single damn".

"The ideas of Innocence and Guilt are man-made, I care not for either of them".

"All life is equal to itself in the very end, I'll judge everything as it was meant to be".

"Before the touch of Man polluted it and made what was once beautiful, diseased".

"None are exempt and none will pass". "The time for Judgement has come to pass".

"The only way to fix this damned world is to return it to what it was in the past".

"All who stand in my way are victims of their own delusions".

"This world being alright before I came is Life's greatest illusion".