Hectic's First Turn

"Hello there asshole, can I help you with something"?

"You can hardly talk, your voice is the equivalent to nothing"!

"You had 12 levels of armor, and now you have 25"?

"What a paranoid bitch, you must be afraid to die".

"I'm undefeated, check my track record because you're being dissed".

"Be happy I ended this now, before I got pissed".

Ashura's First Turn

"Don't speak about nothing, that's how much talent you have".

"At least I didn't kill a man to find out he's my dad"!

"You aren't a threat to me Hectic, you'll be another head on a rack".

"You speak about disses, but you can't spell diss track".

"I never show fear while your teeth always rattle".

"You're scared Hectic, go hide in a shadow"!

Hectic's Second Turn

<turns enlightened>

"I have nothing to fear from a talking can".

"You earned an achievement, you're more robotic than I am"!

"You have a robotic heart, and robotic lungs that don't work".

"The sound of you breathing takes Darth Vader's record of worst"!

"You're a failed experiment, and a flawed one as the leader of your gang".

"You don't have a d***, you can't even bang"!

Ashura's Second Turn

"My artificial enhancements aren't needed to give me advise".

"But I still wonder how a pussy like you survives"!

"You fell off a roof, well boo-fucking hoo"!

"Having your body burnt away by acid would kill a bitch like you"!

"You lack power, but have plenty of aggression".

"Give up now or I'll destroy you and everything you stand on in rapid succession"!

Hectic's Third Turn

<Turns Celestial God>

"Heroes never give up, we'll always try".

"We fight evil from birth until the day we die"!

"You aren't scary and the green & black design is highly overrated".

"Your creator should redesign you, maybe you'll get compensated".

"You lead a faction, that died off faster than Quicksilver in OMB"!

"You should go back in time to stop yourself from getting your ass beat"!

Ashura's Third Turn

"I warned you asshole, yet you persisted in your heckling".

"Prepare to be judged, welcome to your Day of Reckoning"!

"You're a classic injured asswipe who got cybernetics because he was in a little pain".

"I'll have migraines for the rest of my life". "BUT YOU DON'T HEAR ME COMPLAIN"!

"Your an idiot who gets screwed at life by fucking noobs"!

"I lost both of mine, but I still have more balls than you"!

Hectic's Punchline

<gets in Ashura's face>

"Correction fool, I still have both of mine".

"I'd tell you to kiss my ass, but you'd have to wait in line"!

Ashura's Punchline

<gets in Hectic's face>

"Shut the Hell up and listen, you little fuckface cunt"!

"We can settle this right now, I'll kick your ass any day that you want"!

Hectic's Reply

<gets in Ashura's face again>

"While I'll thank you for the offer, there's no point in which to bother".

"I've already payed a visit to your mother"!

Ashura's Reply

<punches Hectic in the jaw and knocks him back to base>

"You aren't a quarter of who you think you are, you have no damn legacy"!

"I guess your defeat, was just Destined To Be"!