"Music is my Life, Sound is my strength! I won't Let anything bring me to my knees including you! I will Kick your ass Bison for what you've done to my own body and it won't be one and done, I will be fighting until you fall! All of your madness ends here and today!" - Dub
Dub is a 19 year old Young Man who loves Music, mainly EDM and Electronic Music. Dub was an Experiment for S.I.N 2 years after Bison took back his position as the leader of Shadoloo (Post SFIV), Bison wanted to do something that he has never done before, Experiment on someone by giving them Powers based on different Vibrations that exist.

Dub was the first one to be Captured and experimented on but, as Dub was preparing to be implanted with a Chip that connects to his brain so that bison can control him. He was rescued by Chun-Li. Later Dub wakes up in a hospital bed, wandering what happened. Chun-Li smiles in relief telling him that he was used as an experiment and used as a Shadoloo member. Dub Thanks Chun for Rescuing him and wants off the bed, but chun told him that he need to recover. Dub Thinks about it and accepts it just in case he isn't Okay yet.

2 Months past and Dub has recovered, He learns 2 Different Fighting Styles which he mashed into one fighting style of his own, One Being his Variation of Shotokan and Freestyle Karate. He uses Sound Waves and Music to fight. Even His "Mutoken" (Which is a soundwave based Hadoken)


Dub is shown to be quite a nice guy to others whom's not an Shadoloo Member. If they are however, He will turn into a Cocky and Prideful fighter, He will even Take his fights seriously, Bison is one of those people he will fight for real.


  • Tokuten
  • Mutoken
  • Shino-Sono Fist
  • Bassline Shockwave
  • Rhythm Blast
  • Shinku Motoken (Super Move)
  • Metsu Shino-Sono Fist (Super #2)