This is the Crystal Arena.

And it works as an arena where 2 (or maybe sometimes more) participants will battle it out.

There can be simple exhibitons or grandiose tournements, it depends on how may participants there are and if I feel like making brackets at the time.

(I will listen to the opinions of others though, feel free to request a tourney or an exhibition)

The battles are fought in roleplay style, meaning that users control their characters' every action. Think of this like a roleplay variant of OMB, except there's no research and doesn't need to end in death.

And for a little note, I myself will not be participating in these. I will be watching over the fights however, as a referee if I need to be. That said, I may join in if I get in the mood for battling, but I will not join otherwise.

NOTE: These battles are all uncanon UNLESS permission from all users involved is given for a particular match or tourney to be made canon. (EG: Say Vul and Rosa are set to fight, both Ztar and Luna would have to give permission for the fight to be canon)

Current Event(s)


(Most likely going to be an exhibition)

The Rules

Now, every arena has some rules and this one is no exception.

So, here are the rules: (For both Exhibition and Tourneys)

Exhibition/General Rules

  1. No auto-hitting. (Unless time is stopped for the other participant via Chaos Control or another technique of the same design)
  2. Transformations ARE allowed. (Notice: It is up to the user on whether or not they choose to be a douche with their forms)
  3. The fights will end in one of 3 ways. 1, one of the fighters are killed or beaten to a pulp. 2, one of the participating users decides to have their character give up. and 3, if the fight goes on too long, (say for like 2 or 3 days) then I will declare the fight a draw and neither participant shall claim the win nor the loss. (Note: The third way only applies for tournaments, exhibitions have no time limit)
  4. My calling of a draw CAN be overturned IF the community wishes for the battle to continue. (I'll listen to reason, don't worry)
  5. The participants are allowed to use any weapon, item, armor, or power they possess.
  6. If an user breaks one of these rules, they will receive 2 warnings before being banned from the arena for an amount of time that varies with the severity. (Minor is 1 day, Moderate is 3 days, and Major is 5 days) (Hopefully, I won't have to do this to anyone though)
  7. The fights in a tournament will be decided at random. (I'll simply pick 2 names from a list while blind-folded)
  8. Be a good sport. Shake your opponent's hand, show some common courtesy, don't sneak attack your opponent before the match, etc.
  9. Do not god-mod. God-modding is not allowed under any circumstance.
  10. Crystals will occasionally appear on the field of battle. When picked up by a combatant, they grant temporary power-ups like increased strength, speed, defense, magic power and even combinations of 2, 3, or maybe even all 4 if you're lucky enough. (I'll add these in myself in the middle of a battle) Also, they are not distinguishable by color or shape, they all look the same.
  11. Have fun with this! (This isn't enforced, but would be appreciated and will make it more pleasant for everyone)

Tournament-Specific Rules

(Rule Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11 still apply here)

In addition to those, there are a few more rules.

12. There is a 10 minute preparation period before each match. This time can be used to train, study, or relax at the discretion of the user.

13. The fights are broken down into rounds, each round for a fight is about 5 minutes. There can be up to 10 rounds for any given fight. If all 10 rounds are passed and there is still no winner, then the 2 fighters will enter the tournament-exclusive SUDDEN DEATH round.

14. The way that the SUDDEN DEATH round works is that each character is given 1 crystal for each attribute. One for HP, one for MP, one for attack power, and one for defense. (So 4 in total) The characters will both start with 5000 HP and 3000 MP in addition to having 300 ATC and 300 DEF. The round has no time limit and the first to either run out of HP and become incapacitated or to give up and flee is the loser.

15. There are only 2 ways to enter SUDDEN DEATH. 1, all 10 rounds are passed without a winner and 2, if cheating is suspected from either the spectators or referee, then a vote can be made to have the SUDDEN DEATH round.

And that's all of the rules!


Just add your character, along with the user, below! :D

  1. Asher The Fennec Fox (Noahc2015)
  2. Frisch Celerent (Aethervallum)
  3. The Random Savage God (User: Joshua the Hedgehog)
  4.  ???
  5.  ???

(If you wish to add a character, just replace the ???'s with their name)