Please Note: I have returned for a reason, the reason is I don't care whose who anymore and also decided to reboot the core guardians in the form of a "Clean Slate" Starting Over from bare minimal and rebuilding from the ground up, there will be MAJOR changes to the Group and will have their own side-series, Ion WILL still be involved as the leader, but i want to actually explain how Ion became the leader in the form of Fan-Fics and Role-Plays.

The Core Guardians have returned, but something seems off, where is the rest of the original members, well they have been wiped from reality and Ion's altered Reality also changed the timeline as well, Ion forgot his previous life and the all powerful leader, bu,t remembers that he is still powerful.

He will seek New Members, Teach them new tricks and tactics, and give them the ground rules. This is Ion's new History, and his NEW adventures are just getting started.


5201 RDX (Sliver's Timeline Far Future Mobius, Connected to both Trick's Archie and Archie Sonic's Realities)

In Darkness, We've Awoken (Prelude to Rebirth)

The Menacing Dark Core, New Guardians of the Light Core

(Under Development, Please Hold tight) 

5202 RDX

(Under Development, Please Hold Tight)