Blade is a 17 year old male hedgehog and he is a gray color. He wields a sword along with some other weapons. He wears a leather jacket over some platinum armor. Blade stands at 5'8 and weighs about 103 pounds.


Blade is quite quiet and laid-back. He usually doesn't care for many things and he likes to be left alone from anyone, even his family. He is generally nice, but he does have moments where he'll get pissed off for little things that really don't matter.


Born as the only son of Ty and his deceased wife Freya, Blade had a rough childhood since his mother died when he was 3 years old and his father raised him alone. Blade soon enrolled in the same school that his father did. Although he was tormented with his father's legacy always being the topic of conversation when he was in school, he still graduated from training and entered the Class F level of the training. He refined his skills with his sword as he grew up and he soon advanced into Class FF, FFF, D, DD, DDD, C, CC, CCC, B, BB, BBB, and A.

Upon graduating his Class A studies, he dropped out of school, determined that he could become better than his dad without the AA or AAA-level training that his dad had gone through. Blade would then go on a journey in which he would meet many friends and he would battle many enemies as well. But that's a story for another time. However, he eventually returns to his school and takes on Class AA and AAA training before departing once again.

Blade eventually went on a journey, where he left Mobius with his own squad to deal with a situation on another planet. He is currently still there, awaiting news from his Father as for when he should return to Mobius.


Super Strength (His strength is legendary, as he can lift an entire universe in his base form if the need is great enough)

Super Speed (His speed is also legendary, as his walking speed alone is 25,000 times faster than light if Blade decides to use it)

Magic (After nearly a decade of studying it, he learned how to use magic from his Aunt Xia)

His magical abilities are as follows:

Protect- Raises Blade's defense

Shell- Raises Blade's magic defense

Haste- Raises Blade's speed

Brave- Raises Blade's strength

Deprotect- Lowers a foe's defense

Deshell- Lowers a foe's magic defense

Slow- Lowers a foe's speed

Debrave-Lowers a foe's strength

Defaith-Lowers a foe's magic power

Alterna- Capable of sending a foe into the void, an effective 1 hit kill.

Infernokinesis (After receiving training from his Aunt Dawn, Blade learned how to manipulate Hellfire)

Electrokinesis (After training with his Uncle Ashura, Blade learned how to channel electricity into attacks)


Reaper Styles (Inherited from Ty being his Father)

Spiritual Unity (Inherited from Freya being his Mother)

(Spiritual Unity allows Blade to access most of the abilities of his family)



Anger (Not really a transformation, but his power multiplies by 1000)

(Note: Blade's Anger Form can lead to him entering a Dark Form)

Hyper (Blade's only known transformation, it multiplies his stats by 5000)

(Hyper form is also how he unlocks his Final Last Stands)


He battles with some weapons, namely his sword and a few ranged weapons.

His sword, Durandal, is quite powerful. (It's also unbreakable BTW)

Durandal looks kinda like a katana, broadsword, and rapier forged into one. With white diamonds imbued into it's black blade, which is made of a mixture of metals that only Ty and Freya know. (Since Freya's dead, only Ty knows now)

It has a long, thick, curved blade that ends in a devilishly sharp point. (The thickness is a broadsword, the length is a katana as well as the curved blade, and the sharp point is like a rapier)

It was hand-crafted by Ty and Freya before given to Blade as a gift to remember his mother.

His mother's spirit lives inside of the sword and she does protect Blade from mortal harm.

The sword is also capable of increasing in power up to 10 times before capping off for a week. After that said week, it can be powered up another 10 times. (Making the true limit of the weapon virtually limitless)

As for his other weapons:

His chakram is a dangerous ranged weapon that returns upon being thrown and is unbreakable. And it's also bladed, allowing it to impale opponents to walls and such. It is 4 feet in circumference and made of pure titanium.

His bombs are damaging indeed, as he can thrown them with either a 3 second fuse or remote detonation. The blast radius of his weakest bombs is 15 feet. His strongest bombs, the Ultra Bombs, detonate with enough force to shatter entire countries if Blade was to use them.

He also carries a gauntlet known as the Bloody Nail that allows him to syphon life energy or magic energy from those he touches with it. He also tends to use it in combination with his sword. The Bloody Nail is capable of even slowing down or possibly even stopping healing factors.

After killing Edalb in their final battle, Blade took Edalb's katana as his own and named it Zika, his mother Freya's maiden name. Since then, Blade has been studying it's composition to get an idea of how advanced the realm it came from was. While Zika is weaker than Durandal, it is much faster, allowing Blade to land even more blows in just as much time. Blade has yet to discern what the weapon's enchantment is yet, but he's working on it.

Blademaster's Stances

Being a blademaster, Blade has access to multiple stances that allow him to use powerful attacks known as Last Stands.

Blade uses 3 main stances, Power, Speed, and Skill.

Using these 3 in conjunction, he can beat nearly any opponent.

They behave in a triangular relationship:

Power beats Speed, but losses to Skill

Skill beats Power, but losses to Speed

and Speed beats Skill, but losses to Power

Blade can also combine 2 stances together to create a hybrid stance that uses both stances to deal with intense situations and can double Blade's capacity to inflict damage. They also allow Blade to use any Stand from either of the 2 stances he combines.

Power + Speed = Berserk Stance

Power + Skill = Legion Stance

Speed + Skill = Assassin Stance

And last, Blade is capable of combing all 3 stances into the best stance there is. A stance that allows the flawless use of all 3 stances in conjunction. This stance along with Blade's Hyper Form is how he is able to use his Ultima Stands.

Power + Speed + Skill = Ultima Stance

Last Stands

Blade's Last Stands are extremely powerful and they allow him to perform exceptional feats of strength, speed, and skill.

Power Style Last Stands:

(I'll add this later)

Speed Style Last Stands:

(I'll add this later)

Skill Style Last Stands:

(I'll add this later)

Blade's Final Stands are even more powerful, but require Blade to be in his Hyper form in order for them to be used.

Power Style Final Stands:

(I'll add this later)

Speed Style Final Stands:

(I'll add this later)

Skill Style Final Stands:

(I'll add this later)

After reaching the climax of his strength, Blade learned how to achieve the strongest type of Stands. These stands are called Ultima Stands and they are much more powerful than Final Stands. The strongest style in this class is the Ultima Style, which is a combination of Power, Speed, and Skill in one style.

Ultima Power Style:

(I'll add this later)

Ultima Speed Style:

(I'll add this later)

Ultima Skill Style:

(I'll add this later)

Ultima Style:

(I'll add this later)

Armory + Inventory

Ancestrial Jacket

A leather jacket that is reinforced with silver and titanium. The silver repels magical and kinetic attacks. The titanium is very tough and blocks all but the strongest physical attacks. It grows in strength with Blade's hyper form. After training with his Aunt Dawn, his jacket was given the ability to grow chains that could defend him from projectiles. The chains are fast enough to block bullets from assault rifles and even mini-guns.

Magic Platinum Armor

This armor houses the souls of Blade's ancestors, they will protect him from mortal harm and the armor itself is highly durable, being able to tank blows from Gods and Elder Gods. It also increases in power with Blade's hyper form. After training with his Uncle Ashura, his armor was enhanced with the self-restoring properties that Ashura's own armor possesses.

Jet Boots MK. X

These boots allow Blade to fly and can increase in speed based on Blade's own life-force. The better shape Blade's in with these, the faster they are. Ashura enhanced these to be able to go even faster with a nitro burst that allows Blade to travel nearly 20 quadrillion times faster than light.

Blade is able to carry up to 10 of the following 2 items:

Healing Herbs- These herbs are what Blade uses to heal himself whenever his magic is in a pinch.

Magic Potions- These potions are used to restore Blade's magic power.

Cube of Chaos- A small cube that opens at the top. It houses Blade's nets and other gadgets that he sometimes uses.

CoC's Contents:

Anti-Chaos Net- Capable of stopping any entrokinetic's chaos powers in their tracks. It's even strong enough to hold Gods captive.

Telepathic Migraine Helmet- Capable of giving any telepath migraines, vastly reducing the use of their powers by targeting their mind.

EMP Grenades- Grenades that explode with an electro-magnetic pulse and will turn off any machinery in the area for 20 minutes at the very least.

(I'll add more later)


Blade's extreme combination of strength and speed allows him to overpower most foes with ease.

Blade's extensive research allows him to know weakness of most fighters.

Blade's stances are able to beat any foe if Blade uses them right.

Blade's knowledge of pressure points allow him to bring down nearly anyone in a matter of seconds.

Blade's an excellent strategist.

Blade is equipped for nearly any battle at nearly any time he needs to be.


Blade's non-caring attitude can get him into some trouble.


"Yeah yeah, shut up".

--Blade to an evil opponent who tries to talk trash.

"You'd better watch your ass, I am NOT my father".

--Blade when he faces an opponent that his dad faced before.

"It takes someone of exceptional strength, or stupidity, to make me go this far in order to win".

--Blade to an opponent who forces him to enter his Hyper form.

"My father was distinguished for his strength, my mother was distinguished for her wisdom, what's that leave for me to be distinguished in"? "Speed"? "No, I'd rather use both to strike down every evil on this damn planet".

--Blade when he makes his peace to his school upon graduation.


  1. Blade was originally gonna have forms. These forms however, would have been a bit too OP even for me due to large power increases in an opponent who already has quite the advantage over others.
  2. Those said forms, followed by their multiplier, were supposed to be: Super, 15, Dark, 110, Hyper, 95, Chaos, 25,000, Slasher, 250,000, Godslayer, 50,000,000, and Climax, 750,000,000.


Ty The Hedgehog- Father

Freya The Hedgehog- Mother (Deceased)

???- Sister (Unknown Whereabouts)

Belial The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Uncle

Xia The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Aunt

Dawn The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Aunt

Ashura The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Uncle (Injured in the Demonic War by Blade's time)

Kara The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Aunt

???- Patriarchal Uncle

???- Patriarchal Uncle

???- Patriarchal Aunt

Johnny The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Uncle (Married to Xia by Blade's time)

Gold The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Cousin (She's the cousin of Belial, Xia, Ty, Dawn, Ashura, and Kara)

Prizor The Hedgehog- Patriarchal Cousin (He's married to Gold by Blade's time) (I've made it official, lol)

???- Matriarchal Uncle

???- Matriarchal Uncle (Missing In Action, his status is Presumed Dead)

???- Matriarchal Aunt

???- Girlfriend/Fiance (Only a rumor right now, might explain it later)