"Tell me Deathbringer, what did my Master tell you that made you so displeased that you had to kill him to change your Destiny"? "Was it the fact that he knew I would come for you afterwards"? "Or was it because he wouldn't give you your precious wife back"?

--Angel to Vuxo when she confronts him.


Angel is a white female hedgehog who has 2 angelic wings on her back. Her height varies based on how she chooses to appear to Mortals. She is a true angel, being 90% angelic and only 10% Mobian. She typically wears white armor and carries her white spear on her back as she travels the world.


Angel is quite different depending on who she is speaking to. A hero or anti-hero will get a much better reception from her than an anti-villain or villain would. She'll address respectful people with respect and will treat disrespectful people the same way they treat her.

In short, she acts the way the other character acts towards her. However, it is advised to be on her good side since she is very powerful, even among angelic standards. Angel is brutally honest and straight to the point and has no problem pointing out every flaw in one's thinking. She may seem annoying for this, but it's more or less for her to help the individual grow as a person.


Angel originally guarded a village named Crescenti before it was destroyed in the Ancient War by the hostile demons that would later cause the Demonic War. She then would wander the world, working for her Master. However, after her Master's death at the hand of Vuxo, she fled to the Mortal Realm and suffered an injury that caused her to lose her memory of such.

She soon met Rudy, and the events of Mobius Chronicles commenced. After the events of Mobius Chronicles, she returned to Heaven and soon took over as it's new mistress. She is what you would call, the Queen of Heaven. She rules alone, and judges all who seek passage to the realm of the dead. It also is known that she prefers to not battle, but can if she needs to.

Angel isn't even her real name, but rather her name she calls herself. Her real name has been lost to time since she hit her head and lost her memory and the only other who knew it was her Master, who is dead by this time. (Although there are rumors that Vuxo has a good idea on what it is) She currently is looking for Vuxo, not to battle, but for the answer to why he killed her Master.

Powers & Weapons

Photokinesis- Like any angel, Angel can bend rays of light and focus them to deal serious damage.

Shape Shifting- Angel can shape shift herself into nearly anyone she's seen. However, she cannot copy their powers and will still only have her own powers.

Angelic Spear- Angel's personal spear, it was created for the sole purpose of battle and the sheer power inside of it is enough to deter nearly any challenger from fighting Angel. This weapon is unbreakable and could be considered OP for the fact that it has an Instant Death enchantment that stays in effect unless Angel blocks the enchantment during battle. (So a single attack could kill anyone if she allows it)

Thanatokinesis- After Angel became the new Mistress of Heaven, she gained control over Life and Death alike. She uses Death's own energy to unleash devastating attacks on her opponents.

Biokinesis- After Angel became the new Mistress of Heaven, she gained control over Life and Death alike. She uses Life's own energy to alter life itself. This allows her to do things like create new lifeforms and destroy pre-existing ones.



Angelic (Times 75)

God (Times 2000)


With her insane powers over Life and Death, Angel could kill nearly anyone she needs to.

Being basically the New God, she has insane knowledge and knows many things she won't tell. It also makes her nearly impossible to kill as well.

Angel is so powerful, even the demons of Hell fear her when she's pissed. (Except Zezko, since he's basically Mister Don't Give 2 Shits)

Angel's Angelic Spear is unbreakable and is so damn strong, it can shatter a galaxy if Angel slams it into the ground in her base form while starting to get pissed off. Plus it's instant kill ability is very OP, the only saving grace for her opponent is that Angel doesn't like to kill.


Angel is often inconclusive in her decisions. She takes forever to think on even a small thing.

Angel lacks motivation to kill, she refuses to do so unless there's a damn good reason for it.

Angel also lacks a long-range attack aside from her kinetic abilities, which can drain her rather fast.